Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Update

I know you guys are probably so tired of reading baby posts, but...
Here's another one!

I had yesterday free, so my Mom and I went off-Island to do some shopping and run errands.
I just went nuts buying baby stuff! I just couldn't help it! There are so many cute things out there for babies! My husband told me not to go crazy on the baby stuff yet, but how could I not? I seriously doubt that I'll have a baby shower on the Island. All of my really good friends here have recently moved to 'the city'. My friends and family live hours away. Toronto is a 5 to 6 hour drive and Montreal is a 9 to 10 hour drive. Since the baby will be born in the winter, I doubt anyone will want to drive to the Island then. I'll also be too big to travel by car for that many hours when I'm in my last trimester. My Mom even told me that it's too bad I live so far away from everyone. She suggested that I move to the city again, but my new life is here on the Island and I absolutely HATED living in the city. I love living on the Island. It's such a wonderful, beautiful place to live. The only thing is I occasionally get a bit homesick when I think of my friends and family. I kind of felt a bit bummed yesterday when Mom pointed out how much "Junior" is going to miss by being so far away from the family. She said that no one would come visit because we live so far and that it's a real shame that the baby won't get to know my side of the family.

I shouldn't say that ALL my friends are off-Island, because I do have some really good friends here. I am also thankful that Hubby's family is on the Island. At least we do have some family here. I'm so happy that Hubby's sister and our nieces are here too.

I don't know. Maybe I'm being overly emotional right now (and I blame it on hormones! LOL!) It's just not the same though. I still miss my friends and family from back home.

Anyway, back to the shopping spree (before I start getting depressed about not living close to my family). I can't very well not have anything for the baby before he or she arrives! I figured I'd slowly stock up on baby items since the end of January will be here before we know it.

"Junior" has a few items of clothing bought by friends of ours and a few outfits from some of my students. Hubby also bought "Junior" those cute John Deere outfits I blogged about earlier.
Here are just a few items I bought for the baby yesterday:
I got a few onesies, a few sleepers, some burping pads, some adorable little socks, wash towels, receiving blankets, and a few other little things.

Oh! To make my day an even brighter one, my Peanut Shell arrived in the mail!!! I am so excited!
Audrey kept raving about the Peanut Shell, so I just had to check it out! Glam Granola mentioned the Baby Hawk Mei Tai too, so that is also something to look into.The Peanut Shell is a pouch-style baby sling. The first time I saw a sling like this was when Hubby and I were en route to the Dominican Republic last March. There was a Canadian couple we met at the airport in Toronto who were also headed to the Dominican. The woman had her baby in the sling. The baby was only two or three months old. So tiny! The woman raved about her sling and the baby looked so comfortable and snug!

It really does look like a comfortable and convenient way to carry your child...and your hands are free so you can go about doing other things while carrying your baby!

The package that The Peanut Shell comes in states that the sling can be worn five different ways and can carry a baby or a toddler up to 36 lbs. There are no hooks, buckles, metal rings or adjustments to be made either.

I actually tested the Peanut Shell last night and put our kitten, Spike in there. She was a bit apprehensive and I didn't post any photos, lest you think I was nuts to put a kitten in my Peanut Shell! ;)

**Update on the beets: Instead of pickling the beets or making a Russian Potato Salad with beets, I think I'm going to end up making Borscht. I'm in the mood for soup anyway.**


Anonymous said...

Miss you too Chris. Sorry you're feeling homesick. I guess it must be hard for you to be so far from everyone especially since you're such a social person and you've always had so many friends around all the time. Why don't you come visit us in the T dot? Come for a few days. I sure John will cope without you for a weekend or so. It may chase away your blues :0)

J said...

Oh honey, I know just what you mean. I lived in Philly when Maya was born, with my mom and brother in Alaska, dad and sisters in Oregon, and Ted's family in California. It sucked. And you know what? Living far from my family STILL sucks, even though we're closer now. But I wish we had that easy daily type of lifestyle, where we could pop over for a quick visit or something like that. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

It is sad about living far away from family especially at this joyous time. (at least they are close enough to drive!) But think how much YOU love living on the island...your kids are going to LOVE it too and have such a great childhood. That's what is most important.

Have fun baby shopping. It's addicting!!

Anonymous said...

PS Love the peanut shell. I think these types of slings are so much more comfy than the old fashion baby bjorn.

Jeanna said...

Holy cow, leave some for the other babies.
I thought you loved living in the city?

Cherry said...

Awww! no shower? Every mama to be should have a shower! I'm sure you'll be showered even if the mail carrier has to be the one showering you :-)

Uncivil said...

Wow! I did a post on peanuts today and come here and see that you got a "Peanut Shell" today?
It takes a village to raise a child, and in your have a world wide web of friends and family!!!!!

louann said...

Oh C, I can just feel the adrenalin rush you must have felt seeing all those cute baby stuff! I would have done the same. Onesies are a HUGE help. And that peanut shell looks so cute.

If I lived near you, I would love to plan a baby shower for you =) I never had one for any of my children.

Unknown said...

Awww! Thanks, T :) Yeah, I guess it's just "one of those days". One of my friends from high school who is expecting her second baby a month before we're expecting told me, "You're weepy now? Just wait until after the baby!" She told me that she was pretty emotional and weepy after her first was born.

I don't know if I'll get to Toronto soon, but I hope so. I'll be in Montreal in three weeks. Hopefully that will help a bit with the homesickness.

Unknown said...

Thanks, J :) I guess you really do know the feeling. The weird thing is that when I lived in the same city as my friends and family, we didn't get to see each other as often as I thought we would because of our crazy, busy, hectic lifestyles. We all had our own lives and though we lived minutes from each other, we sometimes went for a month or so without seeing each other.

When I moved to the country, the visits seemed like "quality" visits. My cousin would come for a week or so a few times a year and my friends would come for long weekends.

I guess I just feel a bit bummed that I'd like to share this special time with my loved ones, yet they're so far away. I miss out on all the family parties and events. It would be nice (like you said) to just pop over for a quick visit. I do hope it gets easier for me. For the most part, I love it here...until I think of my friends and family.

Unknown said...

Autumn's Mom:
You are so right. I have to keep reminding myself of how much I LOVE living on the island. It's a wonderful place to raise kids. It's a clean, safe, healthy place to raise kids. People are really friendly and helpful here. There's lots of fresh air and outdoor activities (so I know my kids won't be inside all the time).

Thank you for reminding me to think of the good things :)

P.S. I think the Peanut Shell is awesome! Can't wait to try it out when Junior arrives! I don't think our feline baby enjoys me toting her around in it! ;)

Unknown said...

Well, I've got this love/hate relationship with the city. As much as I love it for all its excitement, retail therapy, the arts, fine dining, etc...I also hated living there because I felt like I wasn't "living". My life was pretty much
-wake up @ 5:30 AM
-walk dog for 30 min
-6 AM shower
-7 AM walk to bus stop, take bus, arrive at subway station, take subway to work
-8 AM arrive @ work, prepare last minute details for lessons, go over lesson plans, make whatever photocopies required, etc.
-9AM - 4 PM teach
-Get things ready for next day's lessons, do write-ups, hand in paperwork
-5PM leave work, take subway, bus, walk
-6 PM Take dog for walk
-Go to gym (if time permitted)
-Do housework, have supper
-Go to bed so I could do the same thing the next day

I guess I just felt I didn't have much time to enjoy myself as much as I wanted to with my daily routine being...well...such a routine! My commutes to and from work were long and I'd be so exhausted by the end of the day. I used to save the weekends for going out with my friends, but the weekends are always so short and the weekends were the only times I could get "what had to be done" done. You know, like banking, groceries, and things I couldn't do during the week because the week days and nights were full.

Plus, I HATE traffic, crowds, and long commutes! LOL! I really can't stand packed subway cars and buses.

Wow! That was quite the rant, wasn't it?! LOL! Other than that, I do love the city. I miss it, but I don't. Does that make sense?

You've read The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot, right? There was that feeling of not physically going anywhere, and "I have measured out my life with coffee spoons" (line 51)was something I felt too. The daily routine of every day life seemed so stifling to me. Kind of like I was whithering away.

Life where I live now is really exciting with new things happening every day. When I have ESL students here, every day is an adventure. Life on the farm is always busy too.

Wow! Sorry for the LONG explanation! I guess I answered your question though! ;) XOXO

Tracy said...

I LOVE your peanut shell!

If I could join you for a bowl of borscht, I would. I live away from family, too, and it is hard sometimes. But we still have visits, and I love the life I have with Hubs in California. :)


p.s. so fun that you got to buy some new stuff for junior. that baby is already so loved!

Unknown said...

You're right :) I woke up this morning and thought that it must have been just one of those emotional outbursts. I think this is like the third or fourth one I've had this pregnancy. I don't know...I'll be totally fine and then the next minute, I'll be in tears!!! It's a bit disconcerting to say the least!

Unknown said...

Oh, wow! I'm going to have to check out that peanut post you wrote! ;)

"It takes a village to raise a child, and in your have a world wide web of friends and family!!!!!" Thanks for that, Jimbo! You really did put a smile on my face :) You're right.

At least even though I live far from my friends and family, they can still keep up to date with the baby via the blog (e-mail, Facebook, etc).

Unknown said...

Awww, thanks! You are so sweet! :) My Mom is leaving for the Philippines in three weeks. I wish I were going too! Then you and I could do some catching up! Oh, and the Philippines has the most adorable baby clothes too!

Maybe next time :) I promised my Lola that we'd go visit her again. I really do love the Philippines!

Unknown said...

Thank you for that comment. You reminded me of how much I do love my life here and we do visit family a few times a year and some friends and family come to the Island to visit us every year. I think I was missing the idea of family being readily available and the popping by whenever we wanted.

*sigh* I'll survive, I guess! ;) XOXO

Uncivil said...

I saw on J's blog where you mentioned craving Rasin Bran lately!
Me Too?????am I pregnant or what?

Sreisaat said...

Hi Chrissy!
I got envious of you while reading this post. For a time now, we are trying to get pregnant... but no success as of yet. Oh well :)

I hope you are not feeling the blues anymore... Take care!

Jeanna said...

I hear you C. I think the best way to live in the city is to have so much money you don't have to work or be lucky enough to work within walking distance. Then a dog walker or doggie day care.
I love the line, no I don't know the poem, I didn't take a shine to poetry in school and too lazy in real life. I only liked Stephen Crane and Patti Smith. And MAD Magazine of course.
Well you still live a crazy life, though.
Gotta go, time for football.
Oh yeah, the boys wanted to buy a little Brett Favre (Packers, not Jets) jersey for your little bundle of joy, but I vetoed it.
I'm not a fan. The kid deserves something better.

Jeanna said...

P.S. Now I want Raisin Brand.

Unknown said...

You know what? You always know how to cheer me up! LOL!

As for the Raisin Bran...At least it would keep you 'regular'! LOL! TMI...I know!

Unknown said...

It's been a while! How are you?

I'm sure you guys will have some good news soon :) Keep me posted, k?

Unknown said...

Haha! Funny, a bunch of us were just having a lengthy Favre conversation! Every time the name Brett Favre comes up, I always think of you! LOL!

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

Oh... what a wonderful shopping spree! Babies and adorable little onesies and socks and hats and blankets and wraps go together like peanut butter and jelly! Junior will be just perfect on your perfect island. He or she will feel all the love in the world, from both near and far. Your love of your home has already been internalized by Junior... and he or she will have it no other way! You will also find that people WILL visit, because your happiness will guide them to you and to your family. When Junior does arrive, your "family" will be the 3 of you... and this will be perfection!!

merinz said...

I never ever get sick of baby posts!

I discovered the John Deere shop last week and they really do ha e lots of interesting goodies. I bought some lovely boys toys for the twins for Christmas.

Sorry that you are missing your friends. I used to pack the kids up in the car and head out of town regularly to go back home and catch up with the family and friends.

Uncivil said...

Between Rasin bran, Citrucel, and boiled peanuts.......I'm regular baby!!!!!REGULAR!!!!!

Jeanna said...

Then think of me saying the following:
"I don't care."
"He's an #@!$%*^."
"#$@% Brett Favre."

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this comment :) It actually REALLY brightened up my day and put things into perspective for me. Thank you for always knowing the right things to say :) XOXO

Unknown said...

Aren't John Deere boys' toys cute? My husband wants to get the baby a few John Deere tractors for kids. I said we don't even know if we're having a boy or a girl and we won't find out until the baby is born. I guess girls can play with toy tractors too though! LOL!

Unknown said...

HAHAHA!!! :) Hey, I didn't know peanuts work for 'regularity' too! Hmmm...I learn something new from you every day!

Unknown said...

Actually, that's EXACTLY what I think every time I think of you thinking of Favre! LOL! The funny part is I can actually hear you saying those things and I can visualize the expression on your face as you say it! LOL! ;)

Jeanna said...

Then you can picture Phil 3 telling me that he's the greatest quarterback to play the game and demanding I name anyone better (Dan Marino, John Elway, Joe Montana) and me saying "Anyone." and so it continues.

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