Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Somebody Please Help Me!

How could somebody SO adorable be such a handful?

Little One is now 19 months old and is such a busy little girl. In fact, she's only got two speeds. Fast and faster.

She climbs on top of furniture, her toys, and anything she can step on. Hubby found her standing on the dining room table. She climbed onto a chair and hoisted herself up onto the table, where she proceeded to strut her stuff as though she were walking the catwalk. *sigh*

Because she's cutting more teeth, she started screaming today and nothing seems to soothe her. I must be a horrible parent, because the screaming just grates on me. I cannot stand the screaming. Perhaps it's because until now, we've been spoiled by Little One. She's generally a very good baby and very easy to take care of. She usually entertains herself, but also loves interacting with everyone. She loves her Mommy and Daddy, but doesn't mind hanging out with her toys and books for a bit.

Until now. I feel awful because I know the screaming is from teething. I just can't stand it though. She went for an entire hour and a half of non-stop crying. Oh, the tears! Poor thing.

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Crystal said...

you're not a horrible parent for being irritated by a screaming teething child, your NORMAL!
I feel your pain. My little one cut 4 top teeth over the weekend and we had a little drive/chat at
1:30 am on Saturday night.
Good luck!

Jackie said...

um, one thing, my teeth are 1/8th shorter due to clenching since my kids have been born.... lots of things make me clench, crying one of the worst.
it's all good, remember, 'this too shall end'

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

I guess we're both horrible parents - only we're totally not. Screaming gets on my nerves too.

C said...

Awww! Thank you for saying that :) I swear, there are times when I feel like the most awful Mom out there because crying just irritates me. Luckily, Little One isn't the type of baby that cries a lot or whines a lot. Thank goodness! :) I feel awful for saying this, but I have a very low tolerance for that and it just drives me nuts :(

C said...

Ahhh! THANK YOU! :) You always seem to know the perfect thing to say :)

C said...

I was actually telling Hubby the other day that if some of the things I think in my head were to ever go public, people might be sending me heaps of hate mail! LOL! For example: I once told Hubby that I love babies and that screaming, whining, temper tantrum throwing kids ANNOY me. How awful is that? :( AWFUL. I just don't have the patience and when the screams hit a certain decibel (like audible only to dogs!), I get headaches and can't deal. Urgh. I need to have more patience. I know.

hotmommy said...

i know your not the cry it out type but did you let her cry it out? when nothing seems to work , even the hugs and comforting and they still cry we let ours cry it out. good luck on that chris..

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