Friday, May 20, 2011

Applause TOYS!

I remember the feeling of excitement that rushed through my veins whenever I set foot inside Toys 'R Us when I was a kid. I know. Pretty sad. All the colours, tactile sensations, visual stimulation...guaranteed to grab a kid's attention!

Now that I'm a mom, I have been doing my research on items for Little One. If she does have toys, I want them to be safe (non-toxic paints, high quality, etc), environmentally friendly, and educational. I don't know when I began researching  pregnancy, baby, and toddler products, but now that I'm a mom, I know I am more conscious about my purchases and I like to make informed decisions when choosing products. 

I don't know when or how I found out about ApplauseTOYS, but I am so glad to have found them! I actually have a feeling our paths crossed somehow on Twitter. It might have been at a Melissa & Doug Twitter Party, now that I think of it!

ApplauseTOYS is a Canadian store that carries a very impressive variety of educational toys that kids and parents alike enjoy and love. They carry many of the leading brands like Melissa & Doug, Alex, Boon, etc. ApplauseTOYS also carries a variety of shades of  Piggy Paint natural, eco-friendly nail polish for girls!

I've had the pleasure of communicating with ApplauseTOYS and must say that they are amazing to Tweet with. Also, their customer service is unparalleled!  They are super friendly, helpful, and efficient! We love ApplauseTOYS!

I am taking Little One for her first big trip at the end of this year. In preparation of her big trip, she is the proud new owner of...

Trunki Trixie!

Trunki is the one and only riding luggage for kids made by Melissa & Doug. It's sturdy, child-friendly, fun, and you can pull your tot around the airport on their Trunki if they get tired! How fun is that?

Little One has already been putting her favourite outfits and toys in her Trunki Trixie and she loves being pulled around on it! We've even customized/personalized Trixie by making her into a cat! Little One loves cats and specifically asked for "whikkerzzz"!
Yes, she also has the saddle bag that converts from comfy saddle for tot to sit on (along with a horn to make one's presence known!) to an over the shoulder bag that conveniently stores necessities like crayons, gadgets, and doodads! Little One keeps her flashlight in there at all times! Goofy kid! :)

Stop by ApplauseTOYS and check out all of the amazing products they carry.  I guarantee you'll have fun shopping (be it via their online store or their Muskoka store). If you're in Muskoka/Cottage Country, why not pop in and say hello? Tell them I sent you! Spread the ApplauseTOYS luv!


Anonymous said...

love it! i have been eying the blue trunki for my little boy! great review will check out the applause site! thanks for posting!

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