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Food Safety, Talking Thermometers, @CanadianBeef, a Roast Recipe & a Giveaway! #loveCDNbeef

Cooking roasts can be a little daunting for some.  After all, they are huge, thick slabs of meat. You want to make sure to cook it properly. The same can be said for a thick cut of steak. Though my husband likes his meat on the slightly rare side, I'm more of an "I like my meat 'done' done" kind of girl.

Canadian Beef makes cooking roasts as easy as 1-2-3!

You can view a step by step video on oven roasting and even learn how to make the perfect gravy!  I love this site because it's such a wealth of information. There are so many amazing recipes, step by step "how to" videos, tips, and info on all things beef.

I can often be found with my Tablet perched on my island in the kitchen and scouring the Canadian Beef site for new recipes. Any questions I have when it comes to beef, I visit the Canadian Beef site!

My husband loves a good steak, but will tell you that one of his favourites is actually roast. Why? Well, he is a frugal beef farmer and a roast is one of the most economical cuts! Think about it. A roast can feed an entire family and you'll likely have leftovers for the next day.

Roasts are easier to prepare and cook than one may think. Because I'm usually really pressed for time, I often cook my roasts in my slow cooker.  This said, I really do love a good oven roast. Another beautiful thing about a roast is that you really don't need to fuss much over it. They practically cook themselves. I  have a great Dutch oven that I use to sear and cook my roasts in if I don't use the slow cooker.

One of my main concerns (especially since we have a little one now) is food safety. Not that it wasn't a priority before. I'm just much more mindful of it now.  This is why I am so excited to have received a cooler tote from Canadian Beef, an apron, and a Talking Remote Meat Thermometer. You can transport your meat from the grocery store or market to your home in your cooler tote, and make sure your meat is cooked perfectly with your Talking Remote Meat Thermometer!

So cool! The thermometer actually TALKS! It tells you when your meat is cooked! Seriously! It speaks when your meat has reached the right temp. I absolutely love it! No more worrying that meat is not cooked through properly...EVER!

Check it out here! Isn't this the coolest?

{Chrissy's Sunday Roast}

1 c. Balsamic vinegar
6 cloves garlic, minced
freshly ground black pepper
fresh herbs of your choice (I actually used dried because that's what I had on hand) For this recipe, I used dried thyme, rosemary, mustard, a touch of cayenne and cumin, and a pinch of cinnamon) Sounds odd, but so tasty with the balsamic!
1 large onion, sliced
a little oil to sear
a little water

Marinate roast in balsamic vinegar with spices, onions and garlic overnight or at least 30 minutes (in fridge).  Remove from fridge. In Dutch oven, heat oil and sear meat. Cover and let cook. **Here is where the tricky part can be. Many recipes tell you how many minutes per pound to cook or what internal temperature you need to get to to make sure your meat is cooked. With the Talking Remote Thermometer, it tells you when you meat is ready! I usually cook my roast (if cooking in the oven at 350 degrees) for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Before I got my talking meat thermometer, I used to put my roast in for longer.  Talk about really wanting to make sure everything was cooked thoroughly!!

The roast was cooked to perfection (as you can see in the video posted above). The meat was so tender!
For a side, I decided to cook up some squash from our garden (these are our last two from the garden) and onions, garlic, and okra.  This happens to be one of my 4 year old's favourite dishes!

Butternut squash and okra sauteed with onions and garlic.
See? I wasn't joking when I told you that my 4 year old loves okra!

Et voila!

You thought that talking remote thermometer was pretty cool, right? Well, you can win one! The good people at Canadian Beef are giving one away! To enter, fill out the contest form here. With the talking remote thermometer, you will know when your roast is cooked to perfection...because it tells you! Estimated value: $120.00.  Go on! Head over to and enter their contest now! Good luck!

Disclosure: I am a Canadian Beef Ambassador and have been compensated for this post. However, all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way by my association with the program.


Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Sunday night is roast night here. I grew up that way and it is a wonderful tradition to continue. I then have left overs for either sandwiches for school lunch, or use it in a stew the next day.

Randa @ The Bewitchin' Kitchen said...

Roasts are delicious. I agree with Country Mouse, City Mouse. The best is on Sundays.

Just Us Girls said...

Those pictures are making me hungry!! :)

I love making roasts, especially around this time of the year. I usually make them in the crock-pot, it's so easy to just let it sit all day and forget about it. But on times where I'm cooking the roast and not in the crock-pot, that talking Thermometer would definitely come in handy!

Brandi Yee said...

This is the perfect time of year to make roasts! YUM! And that thermometer looks SOOO handy! Mine recently died and I need a new's driving me crazy not having one right now lol.

Mama Ash said...

That is crazy! A talking thermometer?
Love your roast recipe. xo

Christine McN said...

Totally with you ladies! Sunday night roast night! :)

Christine McN said...

I love the Sunday night roast night tradition.

Shayna Murray said...

We did a lot of Sunday night roasts growing up too!

This looks delicious. I love cooking with balsamic and always put a shot of it in my gravy!

We may need to do a Canadian Beef traveling road show ;)

Christine McN said...

Canadian Beef traveling road show!! I love that!

Margarita Ibbott said...

Tweeted, Pinned, Posted & G+... for you my friend!

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