Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mick Jagger for Supper

When I was teaching in Japan, one of my students once told me that her favourite thing to eat was Mick Jagger. Later on, I discovered that her favourite dish was actually called "Nikujaga". It just sounded a lot like "Mick Jagger"!

One of my Japanese friends is visiting us on the Island for a few days. She used to be a student of mine at one of the language schools I taught at when I was in Toronto. She reminded me last night that I taught her ten years ago! I cannot believe that we have known each other for ten years! That makes me sound ancient! I was twenty-five years old when I taught her!

Since things around here have been pretty crazy these past few weeks, my friend has taken it upon herself to make our suppers for us. Having Japanese food made by my Japanese friend makes me really miss Japan!
Tonight she made miso soup and Nikujaga. I had to laugh because whenever I hear the word "nikujaga", I think of Mick Jagger! Love him, by the way!

Look at these beauties from my gardens!
These gorgeous tomatoes above turn a lovely yellow when they're ripe. They are also very sweet! They go great in tomato salads or fresh salsas. I picked the veggies in the photo below just this morning.
I added a salad to our supper menu, since we had all these veggies from our garden.
C's Everything But The Kitchen Sink Salad
1 zucchini cut into bite sizes
1 cucumber, peeled and diced
Several Roma tomatoes, diced
Several sweet yellow tomatoes, diced
1 onion, chopped
1 green pepper, diced

The Yummiest Dressing Ever
Homemade maple syrup from our farm
Lemon juice
(My friend, Mrs. Bear made this simple dressing and I've been addicted to it ever since)

I basically used whatever I picked from the garden today. Add all ingredients into a bowl. Add dressing. Make sure veggies are well coated. Enjoy! Super healthy, filling, and tasty!

For dessert:
Apple Granitas
Since we have tons, and tons, and TONS of apples on our farm, I used my homemade apple sauce recipe, froze apple sauce, scraped frozen apple sauce with fork tines and served. Tasty frozen treat that is healthier for you than ice cream!
Step 1: Wash and quarter apples.

Step 2: Cook apples (make sure they're not too mushy though!)

Step 3: Press through fruit press, colander, strainer, or whatever you've got (My Korean student learned how to make apple sauce in the above photo. Here she's using some good 'ol fashioned elbow grease to press the apples through to make the sauce)

Step 4:  Add in sugar of choice and other ingredients if you like. You can totally omit this step. I like to have no sugar in my apple sauce. Some people add cinnamon. This is entirely up to  you. This stage is the apple sauce stage.

Step 5: Freeze apple sauce
 Step 6: Scrape with fork and add into serving dishes

Step 7: Garnish, serve, and enjoy!
 Like my lovely stainless steel cups I got from

Okay, I just had to add a cute pic of Little One as she was helping me pick tomatoes from the garden.


Frau Guten Tag said...

I love reading about food. Especially ethnic foods. And I cant wait to try that dressing although my maple syrup isnt as good Im sure.

J at said...

So what's the proportion of syrup to lemon? 1:1?

Your post made me think of this song, which is on the radio ALL the time lately...Moves Like Jagger:

caninecologne said...

great recipes c!

ha ha, i love it, "NIKUJAGU" = Mick Jagger!

i remember one of my friend's mom (she was japanese) would call mcdonald's "MaCaDoNoRu"

C said...

That dressing has become my new fave! It's so light and refreshing! I'm trying to stay away from creamy dressings. I love me a good Caesar Salad and Hubs loves his ranch dressing, but we're trying to say goodbye to the creamy dressings!

C said...

To be honest, my friend's recipe had no exact proportions for maple syrup to lemon. I saw that she used the juice of one lemon (she brought two, but I only saw her use one) and then she added the maple syrup. I asked for EXACT measurements, and she told me there were none and just "go by taste"! That's what I did when I made it.

Anyway, it's an easy, delicious, healthy salad dressing! I'm sure you can tweak it and modify it to your liking! You're such a pro in the kitchen...I wanna come over for supper! ;)

C said...

Hahaha! We were just talking about MA KU DOE NA RU DO (as my Japanese students would say when I was teaching in Japan)!

Eve said...

Mick Jagger for supper! I love it!

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