Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Yin and Yang

Whenever we are presented with major obstacles and challenges in our lives, we eventually are graced with positive experiences and situations. I know that in our case, whenever I feel things cannot possibly get any worse, something always happens that lifts us out of whatever hardships we were experiencing. My Dad always told me, "You can't appreciate the good, if you don't experience the bad". It's so true.

We've had quite a number of challenges and setbacks lately, but we've also had a lot of great news. Exciting highlights of our recent weeks have been:

I've been invited to attend the She's Connected Conference in Toronto!
I am beyond thrilled!
ShesConnected Conference 2011 - I'm Going!

The She's Connected Conference is a social media event that connects brands and Top 200 Influential Digital Women. Some of the brands include: Ford, Toshiba, Nokia, Purdy's Chocolates, Molson 67, Janes, Life Choices, etc.

I get to learn from top brands and top experts, network, and best of all, meet up IRL with all my favourite Tweeps!

I received a Mom Central Canada Blog Grant!
I really was not expecting this! When I wrote my application, I realized how many hundreds and hundreds of other bloggers applied for this grant. I never win anything this, so I submitted and then forgot about it. When I got that exciting e-mail from Mom Central Canada saying that I had received a grant, I was in total disbelief. It is a great honour to receive something like this from Mom Central Canada.

Mom Central Canada has set aside $10,000 to support their blogging community. I shared an idea for a post that I thought would help other moms, and I was selected.

Thank you so much to Mom Central Canada for recognizing the compelling story ideas busy Canadian moms have on how to make our lives (and our families' lives) better.

Little One won the Cutest Baby/Kid of the Summer contest on PhotoCaptiva's blog/Facebook page!
Again, a pleasant surprise! All the children who were entered in the contest were ALL adorable! I was surprised Little One actually won! She ended up winning a full photo shoot with CD (with digital photos on the CD).

I've got some exciting giveaways and reviews coming up!
They're from companies and brands I love (and I  know many of you do as well)! I'll tell you more about that later!

Little One is now soother-less and potty training is still in the works!
I conveniently "forgot" to bring her soother on our eleven hour road trip to Montreal and she has been without her soother for seven days now!

We've had a tough go these past few weeks, but I do believe there's always a silver lining to every cloud.


Chantal said...

congrats chris! you deserve all this. you work hard and do so much. that adorable little bundle of yours is getting so big now ! great pic of her..

C said...

Thank you for your kind words! :)

orkids said...

Congrats on all your successes! Enjoy!

Natalie @Nat_Rea said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out! We can't wait to read your post. Congrats on getting rid of the soother! Took me 4 years with the first one and 2 with the second one! Oy :)
Natalie from Mom Central Canada

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