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A Little BlackBerry Love @BlackBerry #10BestOfBBQ10 #BBElite

My love for BlackBerry began many years ago.  First it was the Curve.  Then I fell head over heels for the Bold 9900.  Then there was the Z10 and now the Q10.  One thing remains constant though - My love for BlackBerry is undeniable.

A Little BlackBerry Love

When I was invited by TELUS to take part in the #10BestOfBBQ10 campaign, I could rhyme off a million reasons why I love the Q10.

Favourite BB Q10 features:

QWERTY Keyboard
It's the classic BlackBerry keyboard BlackBerry users love, only re-engineered for the most effortless typing experience. I love the predictive text with the Z10, but really missed the physical keyboard that I associated with BlackBerry.  Since my work in Social Media (as a Community Manager as well as in Digital Marketing) requires me to be on my smartphone for a good portion of the day, I need to be able to type documents, reply to emails, create posts, and without making mistakes. For this reason I require a physical keyboard.  That's just me though.  I type faster and more accurately with the QWERTY keyboard.  As much as I was getting accustomed to touch typing and predictive text, I'm still more comfortable (and more efficient) with the QWERTY keyboard.

The Hub
For me, being able to peek into all my messages and conversations effortlessly and with ease is a huge bonus for me.  I can just take a quick glance and see what needs to be addressed immediately and what can be left until later.  This is one of my favourite BB Q10 (and Z10) features. It's brilliant! I don't have to stop what I'm doing or close windows or files to take a glance at messages. Tweets, mentions, FB wall posts, emails and more are all available to view with but a single swipe.

Remember App
Though my daughter is now four years old, I still blame my poor memory on "Momnesia".  In all seriousness, Remember is my best friend. As someone who is constantly online and whose job requires her to be on social media and super organized, the BlackBerry Q10 Remember App is by far one of my best friends. I rely on Remember. It allows me to create, organize, and track all my projects and at my fingertips! It  keeps all related information for my projects, planning, and interests all together and organized in one convenient place.  It also syncs memos and tasks from Cloud and Evernote for me.  Another thing I love is that (I am totally going to be a real geek here right now) I can colour coordinate my folders and have a different colour for each different project or task!  Due dates, deadlines and timelines can be kept track of as well.  This is an amazing and helpful feature if you have deadlines and projects that are time sensitive. The Remember App makes my #10BestOfBBQ10 list because it's a lifesaver for work and just keeping my life "together" and organized. 

Docs To Go
I can stay productive without a laptop now.  I used to lug my laptop or tablet to conferences, but never ended up pulling them out of my bag! It's just so handy to use my smartphone and now with Docs to Go, I can update spreadsheets, edit press releases all from my Q10.  Latest versions of Microsoft Office sync with Cloud providers and technology that maintains 100% of the original document formatting when making edits on the go.  This is perfect for working on the go!

Story Maker
Create great quality videos with Story Maker.  I've used this feature many times already. On a recent trip to Niagara Falls, I created a fun video of our experience using photos taken with my phone and easily uploading them with music. The result was a beautiful video that was so simple and quick to put together!

TimeShift Mode
Taking photos of little ones, pets, or groups is often a challenge to get everyone looking great!  Often with little children, they move too quickly, don't sit still, etc. With Time Shift, you can focus on a specific person on the photo and go back in time to a shot where the person's eyes are open, smile is perfect, etc. You can have a photo of your family where everyone is posing perfectly!  It's pretty much like creating a moment in time that never existed! Ha! I love it! It's pretty surreal!

BBM Video
BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) has always been one of my favourite BB features.  Now with BBM Video, we can chat AND see the person we are talking to (provided they also have a Q10 or Z10). This proved to be one of our favourite features when Little One was in the hospital and we were 9 hours away from Hubby. Our Little One was homesick and crying in the hospital, but when she got to see and chat with Daddy via BBM Video, it totally made her day!

Voice to Text
I won't lie.  There are times I am busy doing something like typing or cooking and need to text. Voice to text comes in so handy when you need to text/write something but don't have your hands available!

Print To Go
Wirelessly print a variety of files from your BlackBerry device that is associated with your BlackBerry ID! Yet another handy feature for those who do much of their work on their BlackBerry and on the go!

Connect to Dropbox
You can use the built-in file manager to browse and open all of your Dropbox files right on your BB10 device. Files (including music, movies, documents, photos) are accessible right on your phone and can be transferred back and forth. 

There are so many other features I love about the BlackBerry Q10, but I'll just leave you with my Top 10.

More exciting BlackBerry info:

As a BlackBerry Elite, I am also privy to a wealth of information when it comes to BlackBerry (new apps, features, events, updates, news, etc).

Did you know that BlackBerry was honoured for the third time in a row as the Coolest Brand Overall at the Sunday Time Generation Next Awards? BlackBerry also took home the top prize in the Coolest Cellphone category, while BBM was awarded the Coolest Cellphone App! 

With the launch of the Q10, new apps are being added each week.  Make sure to check out the many new apps for BlackBerry World. A few developer favourites are Stickers for BBM, FaceMix for BlackBerry 10, and Photo Crush!

Have you checked out the Q10 or Z10 yet? If yes, what do you think? What's your favourite feature?


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