Friday, February 17, 2006

Four months and counting...

Well, exactly four months to go until we say our "I do's". I'm excited about being married to J. Four months today we'll already be married. Crazy stuff!

Anyway, my wonderful Tita Fely ("tita" means "aunt" in tagalog, as "tia" does in Spanish) has been corresponding with me via e-mail, helping me deal with pre-wedding stress. She's been a great source of relief and comfort. I love her. Oh, she did mention in her last e-mail that I should tell my mom to offer eggs to Santa Clara on the day of the wedding. The more devout Catholic filipinos say it guarantees that it won't rain. Ever neat.

You know, I was brought up Roman Catholic and it has been a HUGE part of my life. However, in college and university, I began questioning what had been instilled in me. Surely, I found that in Judaism, Buddhism, and other religious denominations all had bits and pieces that relfected beliefs I held close to my heart. I found loop holes and contradictions within my own religion, which forced me to look even closer at what exactly I believed in. Anyway, I'm not going to make this entry about religion. I just wanted to mention the eggs for Santa Clara. Did I tell you how very superstitious my mom's family is??? I love it. There's something so refreshing in listening to my grandmother's tales and the rules of conduct from the old world. John's United (United Church of Canada), which should be interesting. I hope my grandmother doesn't take it too hard!

Okay, back to our upcoming wedding. My aunt mentioned that it would help to have a check list- it would alleviate a lot of stress and help me get things done. We actually do have a wedding fact, we've got several! The one we're using most is the one on What a useful tool! We've been following through and going according to the list, which is awesome because it tells you exactly what to do and when to do them.

My poor fiance is probably going nuts with all my stressing out. Bless his heart. I love him sooooooo much. He loves me despite my neurotic tendencies!! I'm telling you, I stress about a lot of things. I try to go with the flow...I really do and sometimes I'm successful. I just have this horrible need to want things to go perfectly all the time. This is something I attribute to my mom. She is the most organized woman I know. She is a perfectionist. I need to be more organized. Anyway, the smallest little things recently just set off these tiny panic attacks with me. My darling husband-to-be just hugs me and tells me "breeeeeeeeeeeeathe...relaaaaaaaaax...everything is going to be okay". I hope he's right!!! I'm not ALWAYS this uptight, really! I like to think I'm a somewhat laid back, easy going person. It's just that I really want this wedding to go off without a hitch. Everything NEEDS to be perfect because this day only comes once in a lifetime (well...maybe not for everyone, but you know what I mean).

Then there's my mother-in-law-to-be. What an amazing woman! She can just about do everything and anything! I need to take lessons from her too! She is an amazing cook- and EVERYTHING she cooks is homemade! No store bought, prepackaged, instant, frozen anything in her house! She can whip up a nutritious, hearty, delicious meal AND a dessert in no time. This woman is amazing. She can knit, quilt, make clothing, run a cattle farm, take care of the grandchildren, and attend choir practice every week. WOW! How do I ever compete with that?? Can I?? With the motel, my ESL study holiday program, and a new marriage...kind of overwhelming. John always says, "One day at a time". *gulp*


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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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