Thursday, April 19, 2007

Home of the "THROWED rolls"

I don't know how we got to talking about it, but Girlie Monkey and I ended up chatting about this restaurant I'd been to in Missouri where the waiters threw the dinner rolls to you and you had to catch them! GM immediately knew the place I was talking about and told me its name was Lambert's Cafe.

A few years ago, I went to visit some friends of mine in the States. I visited a friend in Branson, MO, then another friend (whom I taught with in Japan) in Kansas City, Kansas, and my final stop was Philadelphia, PA to spend American Thanksgiving with another friend of mine from our days in Japan.

While in Missouri, we did the whole tourist thing. We visited Silver Dollar City, the original Little House on the Prairie cabin site, Celebration City, one of the breweries (even if I don't even like beer!) and one of the caves in the Ozarks. The trip was a memorable one. I really enjoyed visiting Missouri. It's an interesting place with all sorts of things to do and places to see. Silver Dollar City reminded me of a smaller scale (and family friendly) Las Vegas with all the flashing neon lights and the many shows you can see.

One of the other places we went to was Lambert's in the Ozarks. My friend kept telling me that there's this really cool restaurant where they throw the dinner rolls to you...or at you, in my case! I thought it sounded amusing, so we dined there. The line up was long! Apparently, just going to Lambert's was a 'must see' attraction for all tourists! I still don't remember what I ate that night. I think it was good though! All I can remember is the atmosphere, the fun, the energy, and the fact that the waiters threw rolls to you and you had to catch them, and they also served fried potatoes, fried okra and black eyed peas out of buckets or pots and spooned them onto a paper towel on your table. It was quite the experience.

Not too long ago, I saw something on FoodTV or the FoodNetwork about Lambert's. I was telling my hubby that I went there and thought it was a really fun place, the food was good, and the waiters throw your dinner rolls to you! If you're ever in Missouri, you'll have to dine at Lambert's!


mist1 said...

My mom loves that place.

I thought Little House was a Minnesota thing.

Chrissy121875 said...

Mist, I think you're right. We were at the the Laura Ingalls Wilder-Rose Wilder Lane Home and Museum in Mansfield, Missouri where Laura Ingalls Wilder later moved to and wrote her books (I think).

I can picture you and your mom dining at Lambert's...only I see you throwing the rolls back at the servers! LOL ;)

pinks & blues girls said...


That sounds like so much fun! I love places like that, where it's more than just food. Good atmosphere is something you can't put a price on. And why not have a little fun with your food sometimes!

And, just wanted to anser your question on my blog - yes, my house is about 230 years old, so those are (or, were!) the original chimneys!

I love living in a house with so much history and lore!

- Sharon, Pinks & Blues Girls

Doggy Mama said...

Haha! Sounds like my kind of place! When I was a waitress, there were plenty of times that I wanted to throw food at the patrons... sadly, I didn't work at Lambert's! ;)

Chrissy121875 said...

Wow! How wonderful! I love century homes (well, in your case, yours is two centuries)!! There's so much history in those homes. A friend of mine bought a home that was built 1904 and it's got so much character! At times I feel a bit creeped out with all the creaking of the floors. I think I watched too many horror movies as a kid! I can't stay alone in my friend's house since I have an over-active imagination! :) However, when I'm in the house with other people, I just love it. There's something so special about an old home :)

HAHA! I love that! I'm sure it took some strength to refrain from actually throwing food at patrons! Some people are just so rude and demanding. I think it's so important to be kind and polite to the people serving you your food. Not only because it's the proper thing to do...but I just wouldn't want to slight anyone who is in charge of handling my food! LOL! I've heard horror stories! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hahahah! Never mess with anyone in charge of handling your food! I love that! And you are so right! I don't want the added 'special' ingredient in my meal thanks!

Diesel said...

Um, shouldn't it be "thrown rolls"? Although maybe that would sound too much like they're talking about toilet paper.

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! I agree! I have heard of some pretty nasty stories too! Always be nice to your servers, waiters, waitresses, etc!

Tee hee! Yes! When I heard it was home of the "throwed" rolls, I was like, "Urgh...isn't is supposed to be THROWN???" But that's just the English teacher in me! :) I'm glad you noticed it too! LOL! Surprisingly, I know some people who didn't think anything of it when they saw the sign!

Girlie Monkey said...

I actually never noticed they had a "catch phrase" before. I guess "throwed" is a hill billy slang word ;-)

By the way, just wanted to make a slight correction: when you talk about Silver Dollar City being a mini Las Vegas with a bunch of shows, you actually mean Branson because Silver Dollar City is only the amusement park (Old West Theme) outside of Branson...

Chrissy121875 said...

Girlie Monkey:
Thank you for clarifying that one! Yep, that's right :) Branson is a neat place! It's actually quite surreal. I wasn't expecting anything like that when my friend invited me to visit Missouri!

Oh, and the trip to Philly was fun too! We also drove to Atlantic City to hit the casinos. I thought it was so cool how all the street names were the same names as the ones on Monopoly (the game)! Neat!

Lotus said...

That sounds like a fun place! We have a place similar in San Diego, called Corvette Diner. The waitresses mock you, crack gum and are generally smart alecky.

When they bring your drinks, they throw a handful of straws "at" the table and after eating, they walk by the table and throw handfuls of Bazooka Joe gun at the table, at the diners, on the ground...

Anonymous said...

hey do you know what happened to jill's blog? i think you used to comment there

Anonymous said...

Not blogging anymore anonymous. Sometimes it is just more trouble than it is worth.

Jill said...

Oops, that last anonymous was me, Jill. I am still reading all my favorite blogs!

Chrissy, I have this feeling I'll never hit Missouri, but if I do, I'll need me some thrown rolls!

Chrissy121875 said...

That diner in San Diego sounds fun! I bet it must be a blast to work there. Imagine getting paid to actually act smart alecky towards your patrons? ;)

She's not blogging anymore.

...and the anon Jill! ;) Glad to see you're still reading your fave blogs even if you're not blogging anymore. BTW, that place I blogged about (Lambert's) is a hoot. I've never been to a place like that before.

Chrissy121875 said...

Oooops! I meant "I had never been to a place like that before" and not "I've never been to a place like that before". student is right. I am anal when it comes to my own type-o's!!!

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