Thursday, April 05, 2007


Aren't these little guys absolutely precious? The last one is not even a day old. There's something just so magical about Spring. New life, new beginnings, and lots of cute little babies everywhere!

P.S. Jane, these pics are for you :)


hubby said...

We have 7 of them now- with another 39 to go! LOL!

sentimental me said...

Yes, they are very cute but not little...they are HUGE babies! Farm life must be exciting. So you were a city girl all your life until you moved to where you are now. What a contrast. You should post a blog on what made you decide to make such a change in your life style. I'm sure your story would be quite interesting.

Ms. Mamma said...

Nice photos! How sweet. I'm glad I don't eat 'em.

Chrissy121875 said...

Hubby: Awww! Sweet! They're so cute when they're newly born!

Sentimental: You're right! Some of them weight almost as much as my mom does when they're born! My mom's a tiny little thing...she weighed 75 lbs when she and my dad got married!!!

Good idea :) I'll post something on the blog someday about what prompted me to leave my city life and end up in rural Ontario!

Ms.Mamma: Ohhhhhhh...Ms. Mamma!!! That's why I have such a hard time with farming life! I was vegetarian for a good portion of my adult life until I became very anemic. Sometimes it still amazes me that I married a farmer, since I was a hardcore animal rights and environmental activist in college. I still feel so sad and depressed when the cattle get shipped down south. Hubby raises them and then sells them, so we get to see them from birth to when they're 'teenagers'. To this day, I still get sick (like barfy sick) if I go to the grocery store and see dismembered carcasses in the meat/freezer section.

I do love many aspects of life on the farm with Hubby. I love growing our own produce and making everything from scratch. I love that Hubby has some acres hardwood forest on the property, I love learning about nature, science, chemistry, biology and life on the farm, and I love the animals and being around them and seeing them interact. I struggle all the time with the not wanting to eat meat part...

I can just hear my dear friend, Stephen saying, "Tsk! Tsk!" since we both began our vegetarian lifestyle more than a decade ago...and now look at me :(

I know I'm weird, because I do actually feel physically ill when I think of what I'm consuming. I think of all those beautiful animals that gave up their lives for people to eat.

Hmmm...way back then, it was a luxury to actually find something I was able to eat at a restaurant that wasn't just a salad or fries! LOL! I lived off of tofu and Yves Veggie Cuisine products and now there are soooo many options out there and soooo many restaurants and specialty shops for vegans and vegetarians. With the internet, there's an endless supply of vegetarian resources and recipes too! I know if I were still vegetarian, I probably wouldn't eat any of the processed, ready-made vegetarian products found in stores. I know Yves Veggie products are handy and easy, but now that I'm older, I'm not big into anything processed and with lots of additives, fillers, and preservatives. Pretty much anything I can't pronounce like dimagnesium phosphate,pyridoxine hydrochloride or dipotassium phosphate , I don't like eating. It would have to be fresh and homemade.

Gahhh! Sorry, Heidi! What a long comment just to say that I agree with you on your feelings of not wanting to eat meat!!

Chrissy121875 said...

Grrr...Sentimental, that should read "some of them weigh and not "some of them weight! BTW, do you have a blog yet??? ;)

t said...


Anonymous said...

Chris, remember when we used to watch that episode of the Simpsons over and over? The one where Lisa becomes a vegetarian...the cute little lamb saying "Liiiiiiiisaaaaa...Don't eeeeeeeeeeat meeeeeeee". That's the same look i see on those little calves!

Jill said...

Aww. Too sweet.

Chrissy, I too was veggie for years. I eat meat now, but I cannot really think about it LOL.

cara said...

AW how sweet! I didn't realize you had a farm! LoL The calves are really cute.

japanmanpete said...

For once, I am speechless! I knew you lived in the 'country' but I didn't know you lived on a farm! That must be a great change from your former life in the city! Oh wait! I guess I am not that speechless afterall!

Have you heard from Miss Moneypenny lately?

Miss Moneypenny said...

sweet little faces!!

I was a vegetarian for a long, long time too - over 10 years of being a hardcore vegetarian. It's not so much that I have a problem with the idea of eating meat, I guess it's the whole factory farming thing that I always had trouble with. I seldom eat meat now, but when I do, I want to make sure it is raised humanely. I try to make the best choices I can - I don't buy meat from the grocery store - I try to support small-scale, local farms by buying from the farmers' market or from local butcher shops/health food stores that can tell me where the meat comes from. I've recently discovered game meat - I had elk a couple of months ago, it was amazingly good, and I want to try bison next. There are also a couple of emu and ostrich farms close to here I wanted to visit this summer too.

Miss Moneypenny said...

whoops - hi Pete, here I am!

How are things with you?

when are we getting together for Banoffee Pie? ;-)

japanmanpete said...

She's back! Welcome back to the lovely Miss Moneypenny. Banoffee pie any day!

Tracey said...

Oh, they're just darling! City Boy wants us to raise our own beef...I'm thinking a highland; love those shaggy coats and long horns!

Chrissy121875 said...

I know! They're adorable :)

Why didn't you use your real name? LOL! I college we watched that episode a zillion times. I used to always feel like Lisa Simpson did...

I remember you were vegetarian too. You don't eat much meat now though (I think), right? I don't eat a lot of it and I am picky with what I do eat :(

LOL! Yes, we have a farm!

How odd! I'd have thought you'd have known we had a farm. You've been reading my blog for how long??? LOL! :)

miss moneypenny:
Looks like your return has brought Pete back as well! He was slacking in his comments until you popped up again! :) Let's all have banoffee pie!!! (seriously...when you come over, can you make some??? I'll have all the ingredients ready! LOL!)

Ohhhh...the shaggy coats and the long horns!! Such good looking animals. They really give that nice, rustic, country feel, eh? :) We've got Charolais/Hereford cattle.

Chrissy121875 said...

Tracey: Ooooops! Hubby just informed me that we have Red Angus as well.

Ms. Mamma said...

Chrissy- I love your comment. Your thought about respecting the animal is there.

Chrissy121875 said...

Ms. Mamma: Hubby just lost two calves yesterday. It was really sad :( It makes me think that when my puppy passes away (whether it is from old age or illness), I don't know if my heart is strong enough to go through the whole loving something so much and then having to be without it. It would tear me apart. I know that sounds super melodramatic, but that's how I feel. I guess if a person has pets, they know how other pet owners feel. My pup is like my first baby :) He's been through so much with me over the past few years and he's a member of the family. I dread the day I have to say goodbye. Incidentally, he's not really a pup anymore...He's 4 yrs old right now, but he sure acts like a puppy :)

Speaking of the issues I have with eating meat...Have you ever read Margaret Atwood's "The Edible Woman"? The way the main character in the novel feels about eating vegetables is sometimes how I feel about eating meat! I know...totally messed up! LOL! :) Okay, maybe I'm not that bad! Not like her, at least!

t said...

Christine! We had this discussion way back in 1999! You don't mean the metaphoric stuff right? You just meant not being able to eat meat because you associate it with the actual living, breathing animal and you envision it and feel sad about it, right? You didn't mean it the way Marian did in the story...that she was being devoured metaphorically by her fiance, Peter and associated that with food. Right?

Hah hah! I think this is my longest and most intelligent comment on your blog yet!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! I grew up on a sheep and dairy farm and of course had horses as well- and the saying is soooo true - You can take the girl from the farm but can never ever take the farm from the girl!(or something like that).
Whenever I am out driving in the country I always notice the animals in the paddocks, the amount of feed they have, whether they should be moved, fences that need fixing..etc.etc.

Uncivil said...

Hi Crissy

Wow......You live on an Island that is big enough to raise cattle? What a neat place to live!

Just dropped in to check your blog out. Very interesting post about Nanking too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Chrissy121875 said...

I really don't know. I'm just weird. I just envision the living animal and when I see the meat on my plate, I lose all appetite. I just torture myself this way. It's horrible. I'm okay some days, but other days I just can't eat meat.

I know the feeling! :) Oh, I am awaiting news on the twins!!! I'll check your blog periodically to see if you've got any updates on there!

Thank you :) I found your blog via a comment you left on Ms.Mamma's blog. Your doggies are really cute!

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