Monday, April 23, 2007

in my car

While I was driving, I noticed that my car looked like a disaster inside. My mom noted that ever since I had kids (not my own...yet!), my car has been messy! Actually, she said, "You know you have kids when your car looks like a tornado hit it (inside)". My vehicle wasn't always like this. There was a day (once upon a time) when it used to sparkle and there were no bubble gum wrappers or lost socks stuck between the seats. Last summer, I had a very bulky 6ft-long inflatable alligator in the back of the SUV. It was there all summer, since I took our nieces and my students to the beach almost every day.

In my vehicle, I have:

* 3 water bottles; 2 full and 1 empty. One of the kids crumpled up the empty one and it's now poking out from under the backseat.
* a bunch of old newspapers and flyers for Freshmart, Valu-Mart, Foodland and Price Choppers
* 2 beach towels
* my cell phone charger
* 2 tins of Warp Energy Mints. One actually has candy in it, and the other has quarters, loonies and toonies in case I need change. You never know if you'll have an emergency situation while driving. No, I don't use the coins for emergency phone calls. I have a cell phone for that. I use the coins in case of more serious when I'm at the drive-thru at Tim Horton's and don't have any small bills in my wallet! LOL!
* a gigantic roll of paper towel. For some reason, when I have all the kids in tow, I always need paper towels...and lots of it!
* about a dozen plastic bags. One of my nieces gets car sick. I also keep plastic bags on hand in case I take Chance for a ride. A responsible dog owner always picks up after the dog when taking him on a walk ;)
* an air freshener in the shape of a beach sandal. I think it's the "Ocean Breeze" scented one. It kind of gives me a headache and I sometimes think it smells a bit overpowering, but it's better than stinky kiddy running shoes! One of my students always has the habit of taking his shoes off in the car. *sigh*
* an emergency kit, which my clever, thoughtful husband put together for me. He got me this rubbermaid storage tote and filled it with all the implements I may need in event of an emergency. He even got me a first aid kit.
* 10 randomly selected CDs for my listening pleasure:

-Filippa Giordano Yes. I like opera! If you hear Filippa's voice, you'll know why I love her music.

-The Very Best of Crowded House You've gotta love Aussies!

-Bic Runga Given to me in Japan by a friend from New Zealand. This CD is special to me.

-Smashing Pumpkins- Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Don't even ask!

-American Pie- the soundtrack Totally random!

-Jackson 5 Sometimes I just need me some good 'ol Motown!

-Duke Ellington (Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington)

-Jey Flores (Reggaeton Flava) She's my little cousin

- a CD I got from a group a band from El Salvador. They were playing the guitar, drums, flute, scraper and singing in the streets of Old Montreal one summer. The name on the CD has worn off, so I don't recall their name. Lovely music!

-a mixed CD I made for my husband with cheesy love songs from the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s.

I think I'm going to clean my car this week. What's in your car???


hotmommy said...

in my car-
carseat, snacks, juice, water, toys, children's books, CDs (mostly kid stuff), Dora the Explorer everything, stickers, maps, sunglasses, lots of tissue!

Ms. Mamma said...

I HAVE to ask about the SP CD. I loved that, but Siamese Dream has to be one of the best records, eva!

My car is actually clean. We have the water bottle or two, a tin for dinero like you and cd's galore.

t said...

Quite the interesting collection of music there! I love how you go from Smashing Pumpkins to Opera! Cool cool.

Uncivil said...

What a menagerie of music!

Minivan>Dog Hair on the dash,Leashes,extra collars in case I forget to put theirs on before we leave, dog hair on the seats,water bowl,bottled water,more dog hair,doggie poop bags, towels and rags for wiping Abigails slobbery mouth and both of their feet if it's wet outside. Jumper cables, Tire repair kit and then the list goes on and on.

I keep my truck doggie friendly too!

Uncivil said...

Oh I forget.....It's their minivan. I just get to drive it!LOL!!!!

mist1 said...

My car is repulsive. I leave the roof open so, it's covered in pollen.

In the trunk, I have a wedding dress, a wig, a box of motor oil, a binder of emails from a stalker, a roll of toilet paper, running shoes, index cards, sandals, a boogie board, socks (stiffened, blech), a lamp and a power bill that I should have sent in two years ago.

That's just the trunk.

I let other people drive me everywhere.

caninecologne said...

it's pretty damn dirty thanks to me and my daughter.

in my care are:
a booster seat, several water bottles, my phone charger, my cd compilations that i burned myself (70's, 80's, latin, blaxploitation, james bond themes, heavy metal, hair ballads), + cd's of The Iron Maidens, Girls Rock! compilation, The Police - Ghost in the Machine, Zenyatta Mondatta & also Synchroncity, Boston 1st 2 releases, XTC's Skylarking and Barry Manilow's greatest hits (I kid you not).

What else, a dirty penny, lots of pens that don't work, hand sanitizer, a roll of tape, crayons, a Star Wars coloring book, my trusty Thomas Brother's guidebook, a tissue box (I too have a paper towel roll in my trunk), a strawberry air freshener (new to cover up the smell!)

Karen MEG said...

So funny Chrissy!
My minivan (yup, I admit it) is a freakin' mess! But I come by it honestly, my mom worked out of her car and she always had a few old apple cores, banana peels, shoes, and tons of crap in her car - Ian used to wash it for her (a German thing) and scored big brownie points but was thoroughly disgusted everytime.

As for me, here's a short list:
-goldfish crackers, a couple of Dora figures, lollipops for Giselle emergencies, backseat organizer for Liam which holds cars, transformers, power rangers, maps, a Tim's rollup cup I haven't redeemed for free coffee yet, tile samples, Duran Duran's greatest hits (getting old, I know, I'll have to sample your music), lipstick, Armorall wipes (wedged under the seat, unused), gym shoes, cereal bar wrappers, Price Chopper basket. Oh, and BTW, Ian just cleaned it last week for me!

When my brother took over my previous car he had it cleaned (I wanted to do it before, but he insisted). The fellow who vacuumed it said he'd never seen so many Cheerios in his life, most were in the trunk! I told my brother to just wait until he has a couple of kids!!

Karen MEG said...

PS, forgot the 2 strollers taking up 1/2 the van!

Chrissy121875 said...

Hot Mommy:
That's so cute! Dora everything! I love that. Dora seems to be really big with all the little girls now. Our friends' 4 yr old daughter speaks Spanish now! Too cute!

Tee hee! I agree! I like Siamese Dream better :) That is definitely one of the best records! As for the SP CD...I was a huge fan when I was younger and I went to a SP concert with some friends once. I guess SP just reminds me of my younger days and all the crazy, messed up stunts my friends and I used to pull. I looked like the 'good' girl...LOL! You know how much stuff you can get away with when you look like the 'good' one? LOL! Oh, and when you're the 'good' one, your friends' parents love you! I wasn't really that bad. I just wasn't as angelic as people thought I was.
Wow! I'm impressed that your car is clean and you've got a cute little partner in crime who rides with you! Wanna come over and help me clean my car?? LOL!

I know! LOL! I pretty much listen to all musical genres. I listen to opera when I'm cooking, jazz or classical when I'm taking a bath, alternative, R&B, reggaeton, rock, etc...when I'm driving, cleaning or whatever.

Chrissy121875 said...

DOH! I forgot to mention all my doggie stuff too! Like you, I load the car with all my pup's stuff. I've got leashes, water for him, food/water dishes, his blankie, toys, treats...He's one pampered pooch!

HAHAHA! You are hilarious! I have a question though...Why the wedding dress in the trunk??? Oh, and why the wig?!?!?!?
Mmmmmm...stiffened socks! Nice! LOL!

Chrissy121875 said...

You have got the coolest taste in music!!! I love that! Oh, I also love the Star Wars coloring book! Is TC a fan too? Is it mainly you who is the Star Wars fan or is Bert a fan too? (I just love that C3P0 ornament on your Christmas tree!)

I also have a dirty penny in my car! I found it the other day and it's kind of gross looking! LOL!

HAHA! Ian is so sweet! The things men do for their MILs! :) Sweet!
I love that your van is like a home on wheels or a home away from home! You've got everything (but the kitchen sink!) in there! I think it's so important to be prepared and have all those things on hand for the kids. That's excellent! ;)
PS. I love Duran Duran! The big hair days and the glam rock dudes. Now, that was my first love! Seriously!

Anonymous said...

wow, our vehicles sound so similar. I am a teacher and so I have a crudload of just teacher junk. I also have spare shirts and sports paraphernalia. Oh yeh and books and lots of reciepts. I always swear I am going to live neater but I am a chronic messer.
What Manatoulin Island do you live on? We have two in Michigan, but I don't think anyone live there. I'm dying to know. Please respond.

Curiosity.Killer said...

Good selection of CDs, Chrissy. I've listened to all of them, exept your cousins CD... she looks adorable!

As for the car thing -- I used to have a TON of crap in my trunk. Blanket (for emergency), flashlight (for emergency), new boxes of tissues (for necessary hygiene), towel papers (hygiene again), a dozen bottle of fresh water (store bought), chips/crackers (emergency ration).

At one point, I even had changes of clothes for work.

Chrissy121875 said...

Hi! Thanks for popping by! Please drop by more often ;) WOW! I had no idea there was more than one Manitoulin Island in the world!!! TWO in Michigan? Cool! I actually live on the Manitoulin Island that is right in the middle of Lake Huron (one of the Great Lakes). We're in Ontario, Canada...about 6 hrs from Toronto by car. We get a lot of tourists from Michigan because it's not too far. You should come visit the island sometime ;)

PS. I always tell myself that I'll try to keep my car a bit neater, but it never seems to work. It'll be clean for a week, and then after the nieces and students get in it, it's a disaster. Ah well!

Oh yeah...I forgot I had a case of 12 water bottles in my trunk too! My husband seems to want to keep my vehicle well equipped. He's so sweet! LOL! His truck is equipped with anything one might ever need in event of an emergency. He wants me to be equally prepared. I guess it's his firefighter/first responder thing in him ;)

PS. You did hear my cousin my wedding!!! She was the one who performed our song for our first dance and she also did two more later on in the night :) She's got a CD out...oh, and check out her website too ;) LOL! Tee hee...a promo for mi familia! What can I say? ;)

caninecologne said...

the star wars coloring book is my daughter's!

you thought it was mine? :)

i know i'm a geek, but...

japanmanpete said...

You are a very interesting person- interesting choices in music too (interesting in a good way, that is)!

Curiosity.Killer said...

Yeah, I totally remember your hubby saving my ass on your island! He's totally the good boy scout. LOL

Of course I remember your cousin singing at your wedding. She was great!

sharkey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sharkey said...

My car is a mess. I've got CD's, shoes, brochures, parking and other assorted tickets, gas receipts, pens, water, rubbing alcohol, shave, charger kit, toys, spare clothes - change of clothes for work, a suit, flashlight, tissue, candies, rags, paper documents, air freshener spray, coins (lots of 'em). Oh boy. I've gotta do a complete inventory. Ha!

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