Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I said I wouldn't, but I did

Years ago, I made a promise that I would never stop loving you. I turned to you when I was blue. I shared my giddy high school days with you. Together, you and I went on many a road trip. Our summers were seemingly endless and so carefree. Oh, to be young and full of life...and to share all the excitement with you!

Your beautiful blue eyes and exquisite blond hair just mesmerized me. I'd close my eyes and listen to your voice and let myself be carried away by your music.

I said I'd always love you. What was I thinking?

Bret, oh, Bret! How did you go from this
to this?
What's this about Rock of Love? I loved you when you were singing with Poison. You were the epitome of least in the mind of many lovestruck teenage girls. High school boys wanted to be like you. They even dressed like you!

I said I wouldn't succumb to the temptation of viewing Rock of Love, but I did! You know I'm a glam rock/glam metal girl, but even I have moved on. Though I still love and cherish the music of the glam rock and glam metal days, I have washed away my heavy eyeliner and I've tamed my unruly mane. I've put aside my rocker duds and have left my days of being a total groupie behind.

I still love your music, Bret. However, your continuous desire to party hardy, drink copious amounts of alcohol and keep the company of many women leave a lot to be desired.

It's not you. Really. It's me. I know you are a rocker at heart and that you will always be one. I will cherish the days when I'd play your cassette tapes over and over. Every Rose has its Thorn, Something to Believe in, Ride the Wind, Unskinny Bop, and Your Mama don't Dance will always remind me of my teen years.


Ms. Mamma said...

OMG, Chrissy! Maybe I should bust out my hidden post on my Shaun Cassidy collection... XO

BeachMama said...

LOL!! I am laughing myself silly at this one. I forgot what he used to look like and didn't even think to look it up. Every week when the show comes on Hubby and I tend to catch a few minutes before turning off the tube. It is just so crazy that these women are throwing themselves at him and he has become so... what is the word... gross? To be admitting that he is a tramp is hilarious.

t said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!! That was such a funny post Chris! Yeah I was in love with him too. Jon Bon Jovi is way hotter though

C said...

Hola, amiga! Que tal?
I don't know what possessed me to write this post! Perhaps it's because the commercial for Rock of Love was on earlier.

Can't believe I was in luuuuuuuuuv with Bret Michaels!

Shaun Cassidy, you say? Hmmmm...Do tell! ;)

LOL! It was kinda goofy, wasn't it? I can be really silly when I want to be :)
Oh, and GROSS is right!!! He's 45 and admitting that he's a tramp! All those women throwing themselves at him IS gross! Yikes. The whole premise of the show is crazy. Then again, it must have some appeal if people tune in to watch...and that there's a Rock of Love 2!!

You know it's true! ;)

Rachie-Babe said...

Ah yes. . .he was soo pretty. What happened?

C said...

LOL! Pretty...that's for sure! ;) Sebastian Bach was another pretty boy! What about Jani Lane? He was pretty too! Do you remember those guys?

Danielle said...

Thats so funny that you posted this. I watched his tv show yesterday and once before and can't believe the lengths that these girls would go to to be with a has been. He was hot in poison and was a great singer but now he doesn't seem to be such a catch and you know what ever girl he picks at the end will be tossed aside soon after the show.

japanmanpete said...

That's bloody brilliant, mate! I had a thing for Samantha Fox.


C said...

That is so true! I was surfing the net and saw that there's Rock of Love AND Rock of Love 2! Obviously, the girl chosen in the first Rock of Love wasn't "the one" for Bret.

Some reality shows are entertaining, but some are really, REALLY ridiculous.

Hey!!! Thanks for the e-mail and photos of your trip! Looks like we're online at the same time. Samantha Fox, eh? A lot of the guys I grew up with had a huge crush on her too.

hotmommy said...

hah hah hah hah! omgawd you are hillarious! if i recall correctly you also had a huge crush on axl rose!

i hope your feeling better. the girl is sick today and i think her brother may be catching whatever it is she has- sure hope i don't catch it. if mommy is sick then that would toatlly suck !

Deb said...

hahahaha! that's great. we all have those "what was I thinking" crushes. i absolutley loved every member of new kids on the block...except maybe the one that resembled a monkey, we can leave him out. :P

but blonde hair and blue eyes are pretty irresistable.

Sandy C. said...

ROFL!!! I love this post :) I'm guilty of watching a few episodes of Rock of Love, and geez....that show definitely makes him less desirable.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO!!! That was freakin' funny! Cracked me up! But doesn't he look the same as he did twenty years ago?

Don Mills Diva said...

It's sad isn't it. Years ago I would have fought you for him. Now? Not so much.

Karen MEG said...

Chrissy, you just killed me with this one!!! You are one multi-faceted hot chickie there ... who knew there was this glam/rock underpining there LOL!

I don't know what it is, the whole bad boy rock god thing. Some girls just can't see the forest for the OLD trees now can they.

Unfortunately he can't hide his 45 year old pudginess behind all that hair (nothing against 45 year olds of course, or I would be so killed in this household LOL!).

C said...

Hot Mommy:
Yes, I had a thing for Axl Rose. There was a time when I even thought Slash was hot...even if we rarely saw what his face looked like behind all that hair. Even when Axl donned his white bicycle shorts and plaid shirt he looked hot. If he were to do that now...not so much!

I hear ya! LOL! That would be Danny Wood, right? ;) Too funny :)

C said...

I know! :) As much as I feel for Bret, this show really doesn't paint a pretty portrait of an aging rocker dude. I can't imagine being in my 30's or 40's and fighting over a guy. Crazy.

He sort of looks the same as he did when Poison was at their height of popularity. I wonder if he does the Botox thing?
In all seriousness, I love Bret. I just think the show is pretty silly.

C said...

Don Mills Diva:
LOL! Incredible how there were so many rock stars and actors we used to have crushes over years ago.
You would have probably won if we fought over him. I'm a total wuss.

Tee hee! Well, I've got to keep you guys on your toes sometimes ;) I heard that it's the quiet/innocent looking ones you have to watch out for! So true! You won't believe some of the things that...uhhh...nevermind! ;) Don't want to get myself in trouble here! LOL!

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