Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

This post is for Jeanna. I LOVE YOU!!! ;)A few weeks ago, Jeanna was hosting a contest on her blog. She asked readers to look at a photo that she posted and name at least thirty candies from when we were kids. Do you remember any of those classic nostalgic candies from the 60's, 70's and even 80's? I remember them! There's nothing like old time candy to remind you of your childhood!

To my surprise, I actually won. Today, my parcel arrived! Going to the post office, I felt like a kid in a candy shop! I love getting stuff in the mail! It was lunch time, so I decided to tear it up and get to the post office. Upon arrival at the post office, I jumped out of the truck and dashed up the stairs. I felt as though I my feet couldn't carry me fast enough! Almost tripping over my laces, I made it to the door. A box from the U.S. sat on the counter waiting for me.

Woo hooo! I almost burst out into song (but I refrained, lest people discover that I really am kooky). Trying to tame the urge to sing "I'll take you to the candy shop, I'll let you lick the lollypop" is not an easy thing to do!

At home, I barely had time to take off my jacket and shoes before ripping open that box!


Jeanna, you are the best! This is what I saw when I opened up the box.Wait! That wasn't it! Beneath the layer of multi-flavoured popcorn, lay other goodies waiting to be discovered!The show stoppers were definitely these hilarious Udderfingers, Cow Pies, Cow Pie Minis, and MooChews!
Hubby and I took the liberty of sampling the Cow Pie Minis. Ohhhh my goodness! For obvious reasons, we chuckled at the idea of eating chocolate named "Cow Pies". We live on a farm...enough said! ;) These delightful little treats were full of gooey sweetness. They reminded Hubby of Turtles with their rich chocolate, creamy caramel and fresh pecans. Mmmm Mmmm Good! I love the packaging too. It says "Home of Homer Holstein"! LOL! If you live on a farm, you can appreciate how funny and cute this is :)

I told Hubby that these are treats and we are not to finish them in one go. This doesn't exactly fit into our healthy living lifestyle, but that's okay!



Shannon said...

Congratulations! Awesome box of goodies! Mmmm... Bit o' honey. Enjoy your loot!

C said...

Wow! That really surprised me! LOL! I just posted this and all of a sudden, I saw your comment! I'm rationing the chocolate and goodies. We're only allowed one a day. LOL!

jan said...

When I found out that chocolate, especially my favorite dark chocolate, had all kinds of health benefits, life became even more beautiful!!!

J at said...

Mmmm. Bit o' honey! Love those. Fun fact, they used to be made by the Ward Candy Company. I remember that, because Ward is my maiden name! I think they were bought by Nestle or someone though. Boo.

mrinz said...

Congratulations - mmm chooclate. What a dream prize. - but it has been my downfall - I am a tad overweight!

hotmommy said...

one word. jealous. lol! :o)

Jeanna said...

Hey kiddo, what a sweet post, har, har. One of the chocolate bars is from a chocolate maker a few miles away (Gail Ambrosius, real name), and another was selected by a Student Pharmacy hippie, so you know it must be healthy.
I think you won the current contest too. Ready for another post card? Flamingos on Bascom Hill perhaps?

Amber said...

I think I've only heard of a few of those candies before. I want to receive a package like that! :)

C said...

:) "life became even more beautiful"...I love that! I've also read that dark chocolate/pure cacao has all kinds of health benefits. Wish it were the same for milk chocolate! LOL! Lucky for you that dark chocolate is your fave!!

That's really a neat bit of info! I've got an uncle who works for Nestle and I used to LOVE Nestle Crunch. We didn't get it in Canada for the longest time, so we used to stock up on Nestle Crunch bars whenever we went to the States! LOL!

C said...

What kind of candy/chocolate is local to NZ? I'm curious to know :)

LOL! Awwww! Don't be! You know I'd share some with you if we were still living close to each other! ;)

C said...

Thanks again! You totally made my day! BTW, those postcards are fantastic!!! I love the cattle crossing one! Oh, and the Statue if Liberty one looks like it's from that scene in Planet of the Apes!!! Love it!

Thanks for popping by and commenting! :) Do you have a blog I can check out too? Please come by and visit again soon!

Sandy C. said...

Please excuse me as I wipe the drool from my keyboard....

Oh man, that all looks heavenly!!!!

Congrats on all the chocolately goodness and yummies!

japanmanpete said...

Shall I send you some Okonomiyaki crisps and Colon chocolate biscuits? What else are you missing from Japan?

Of course, you will have to send me some Crown Royal in return!


louann said...

Oh Crissy! Look at all those goodies!!

Chocolate IS happy food =)

C said...

You are so cute! Hey, I'm off to your blog to see how your night out with your Hubby went! Curious to see which dress you chose! They are both beautiful and you do look stunning in both!

Deal. However, I don't know if I can send Crown Royal to you in the post. I'll have to look into that.
There are so many things from Japan that I miss.

Hi! How are you? Yes, chocolate is happy food! LOL! We've been good though. I'm rationing it.
Oh! I usually workout in the morning when I wake up and before breakfast, but the other night I decided to workout before bedtime. BIG mistake! LOL! I couldn't fall asleep! I had sooooooooooo much energy after working out, that I was up until 2AM. Poor Hubby. I disturbed his sleep when I crawled into bed.
*Note to self* Never work out right before bedtime! LOL!

Deb said...

oh, how fun! that was a great contest to win...congrats. again, jealousy overcomes me. :)

Fruitful Vine said...

Send some my way! Don't go too fast in eating them. Savor the flavors. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am feeling much better. Have a great weekend.

Uncivil said...

Way to go C
Wow!!!!!You've won two of her contest!!!!!
Those Cow Pies look and sound yummy.
Jeanna is a doll ain't she.

C said...

LOL! Don't be jealous :) I'm thinking of hosting a contest soon. I can't guarantee that the prize will be as good as the one I won at Jeanna's blog, but I'll think of something good!

Glad you're feeling better! I checked out your blog via some comments you left on Green is her New Blog!

C said...

Jimbo, yes indeed! Jeanna is one awesome gal! ;)

I think you would have won the second contest if you participated in it. Shucking oysters and then eating them while driving would rank #1 I think!

Oh, and you are right. McNuggets are definitely more dashboard driving friendly than anything else.

lisa marie said...

Yay! Looks like a great box! And in my tired state I cannot remember if I told you how wonderful I think your art is and that you should come out of retirement and start up again. :)

BeachMama said...

Oh Yummy. Congrats on the win and enjoy your chocolate :)

C said...

Lisa Marie:
Thank you! I think I may just try to find my paints and paint brushes...
;) Funny how sometimes you just need a little push or a few words of encouragement to pick up and continue doing something you gave up.

Unfortunately for me, I am trying to not eat anything decadent/sugary. I've been telling Hubby that a bit of chocolate once in a while is fine :) We've sampled a few of the items in the box, and they are sooooooooo goooooooooood! LOL!

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