Saturday, February 13, 2010

Inside the Mommy Brain

Just when you thought you were losing your mind, you realize...

Hey! I really am losing my mind!

Case in point:

Maddy's Mom and I were taking our girls swimming and on the drive to Stinkynola, we were discussing how crazy it is that she is due with her second baby in but a few months. She's more than halfway through her pregnancy and we spoke of how amazing it was that Little One was born at 28 weeks. We discussed all the things that could have gone wrong with Little One being born so soon. Maddy's Mom and I talked about finding out things about babies before they're even born.

Me: Oh! Doctors can find out if there's something wrong with a baby before it's even born?
MM: I guess through an ultrasound.
Me: Oh! They can tell those things from ultrasounds?
(We both break out into roaring laughter)
Me: Okay...DUH!!! That's why they do ultrasounds! To see if everything's okay with the baby!!!

Another example how my brain has turned to mush? Maddy's Mom, Maddy's Dad, Jack of All Trades, Jack of All Trades' sister, Hubby and I were playing a game of Balderdash and watching the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics. There were interviews conducted from a really cool looking hot tub.

Me: Hey! Is that hot tub made of ice!?!?!
(Laughter ensued. Everyone was killing themselves laughing)
I then realized that obviously it wasn't made of ice!
Hubby: Hun, what happens if you put hot water on ice?
(Okay, gotcha. The ice melts. Yadda, yadda, yadda)

The hot tub made of ice was a running joke throughout the evening.

Last Mommy Brain example for the evening:

In the midst of our Balderdash game, Maddy's Mom and I kept running back and forth between the dining room and Little One's room because Maddy and Little One kept going into Little One's room and we couldn't keep an eye on them in there.

Maddy's Mom: They keep going in there!
Me: I know! It's so annoying to have to keep going after them.
Maddy's Dad: Why don't you just close the door then?

Sounds like the most logical thing to do, right? For some reason, these things don't come as quickly to me these days. My brain is mush. It's not like I'm sleep deprived. Not too often, at least. Little One sleeps in her room and she sleeps from 9PM-9:30AM. Sometimes she doesn't sleep well and keeps us up. On those nights when she needs a little comforting, I have to admit that I bring her to our room (much to Hubby's dismay). Little One always ends up tossing and turning and Hubby's a light sleeper. What's worse is that she always ends up sleeping sideways so she can headbutt Hubby in the back and kick me in the ribs.

People tell me how lucky I am that Little One sleeps through the night and wakes up 'late'. I guess the having no downtime is what's making me exhausted and often "not with it". Really, I'm not as dumb as I sound these days! ;)

Sometimes it makes me cry when I think of how I graduated from university with a BA in Honours English and after having my daughter, even the simplest things sometimes don't make sense to me.

Like hot tubs made of ice.

Now for a little randomness...

Just because I love Joni Mitchell.


Jackie said...

ok, stop , i thought the hot tub was made of ice too=)))) Now I can't stop laughing.

C said...

REALLY!?!?!? Okay, I knew there was a reason why I love you!! LOL!!! Didn't it look like it was made of ice though!?! LOL!

Word ver = winho
Kind of reminds me of "wino"! Sort of like "Only a wino would think that a hot tub was made of ice"! ;)

caninecologne said...

hi c - when tc was really small, sometimes we would let her sleep in our bed. she would end up sideways! we called it the "H". her head would be jammed against my back (or Bert's) and her legs kicking our stomach or ribs. i remember waking up because i couldn't breathe and it was because her head migrated to my chest.

word ver:

C said...

Oh! TC used the sleep the same way LO does! LOL! Too funny! I don't know WHY LO *has to* sleep that way. For someone so little, she sure moves A LOT and takes up A LOT of bed space when she sleeps! LOL!

Luckily, she sleeps in her own bed (well, crib) 99% of the time! The times she does sleep in our bed, Hubby and I never get a good night's sleep :( She is freakishly strong too. Those kicks and jabs to the ribs are awful! LOL!

hotmommy said...

hope you had a happy valentines day! nice catching up on the phone with you. you really need to not take too much on- i worry about you, girl! your always so busy! take it easy! xx

Momisodes said...

They always go for the ribs!!! :) My daughter was and still is the same way. She's 4 and still ends up sideways in our bed.

And I hear you on the mommy brains. I truly believe the sleep deprivation of motherhood kills brains cells :)

C said...

Nice catching up with you too. Remember a few Valentine's Days when we were still single? You and I would go out for a bite to eat together or watch sappy girl movies! LOL! So much has changed since then. Miss ya!

P.S. Yes, life seems busier now than it did before. How did that happen? LOL!

C said...

That's true! :) The weird thing is that I get enough sleep (I think!). Little One sleeps from 9PM-9:30AM. I don't know why I'm still suffering from Momnesia then! LOL!

I remember telling the doctors and nurses about this and they all told me that it's normal after you have a baby for you to have Mommy brain. Weird! LOL!

Fruitful Vine2 said...

That was amusing. Mommy Brain. Thanks for the laughter this afternoon.

C said...

Fruitful Vine:
I'm going to have to write a new post about "Mommy Brain". My friend sent me an e-mail about a new study that claims that Mommy Brain is more a myth than reality! Hmph!!! LOL!

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