Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Saddest Day EVER!

We did it.  we took the plunge and registered Little One for Junior Kindergarten.  Most of you already know of my feelings of reservation about sending my 3 year old to ALL DAY Junior Kindergarten.  The long days, long bus rides...It just breaks my heart.

I guess I've also felt cheated out of my time with her.  When I wasn't able to have that special bonding time with her at home when she was a newborn (because she spent the first 70 days of life in the NICU), I told myself I would spend as much of her formative years with her.  I didn't want her to be raised by a babysitter or nanny...or anyone else.  I wanted to be with her.  We were able to arrange for me to do this and I know for some families, this is not possible.

After all, kids are only little once.  The time between infancy and school age is so short.  It's a drop in the bucket compared to what's in store for them the rest of their lives.  Seriously, if you think of it, Little One will be spending most of her life in school.  After which, the rest of her life will be spent working.

I just want her to enjoy being a kid.

I feel once they go to school, they're open to so many outside influences (like swear words and poor habits, for example).  I know I need to just step back, take a deep breath, and let go.

It's just so hard.  What's even harder for me is seeing how much she enjoyed herself tonight.  She LOVES her school, the teacher, and her friends. Yep! My baby is all grown up.

Oh, boy.  This parenting business is definitely not for the faint of heart : )


PositivelyPamperedPatty said...

oh it goes too fast. I have my youngest home with me, she turned 5 in October so she missed the year and will start this coming September. I am cherishing all the days we get to spend together.

I was going to sign her up for preschool but she was not having it, she in her own little words wants to stay with me forever.

Lately though she is looking forward to school, I just made an appointment to register her! It will be really hard, my youngest of four is starting kindergarten and my oldest starting high school.

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

I know the feeling. It sounds like you have a really good school for her to go to with a small class size, which is reassuring.

My youngest daughter is in her last leg of SK. It is a shock for me to think I have now completed six years of kindergarten (3 kids) and I will never have a kid in kindergarten ever again. That one is hard too.

Good luck, mama. The tears will be flowing on the first day of school.

Lena! said...

Sigh, I'm registering my little guy for kindergarten next week, and I'm already stressing over it - for the same reasons you're hurting about it too. Hugs :)

Cherry said...

It really does go too fast!
I got all emotional last night when we put Elizabeth in 2T pajamas, then she put her shoes on by herself (yes with the jammies) and then discovered the wonders of a flashlight. I only see her a few hours a day (and get kicked in the back by her all night) so I just dont see how this is happening so fast!
Squeeze your growing little munchkin!

J at said...

Hang in there and enjoy your winter, spring, and summer...she starts in the fall right?

It goes far too quickly. My baby is getting ready to learn to drive. ACK!

Ninja Mommers said...

I am not excited for Little Man to go to school. YES, I want him to learn. YES, I Want him to learn to function without his mommy. YES, I want all the positive things in the world for him... But I AM scared.

Did you know Canada said...

I'm excited for her and for YOU, you are going to love hearing about her day, get crazy crafts coming home, hear how proud she is of that day's accomplishment, it's going to be great!

Mommy Red said...

Awww that is adorable. They do all grow up so fast. My little lady is already 4 months old and it feels like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the Hospital!!
Just think about it, now you will get to help her with homework and she will bring home all kinds of crafts and tell you everything she learnt in class!

~*Cee*~ said...

It's hard to believe that our girls are only 3.5 months apart. LittleOne will be in SK by the time Smook goes in. And you know, I bet she'll thrive! I think the fact that she's excited and "ready" says everything. You've done a great job preparing her and will continue to do so over the next 7 months...and then before you know it, it's here and super exciting!!
Snuggle her up. You'll cry lots...we all will!
Hugs Mama!

Whispered Inspirations said...

Omigosh. I remember this day all too well. My oldest had no problem going to school and wanted to go. It was much harder on me then her. Now, it's enjoying other milestones and watching them achieve and seeing their pride in doing so. It's okay mama!

Sober Julie said...

It's so tough when they first go to school but soon enough you'll get used to it. Hugs my darling

Kimberly said...

This breaks my heart.
I have the same fears.
Chunky had been my shadow for three years. There will be cool teachers and friends and then there will just be sad. We register him next week. Hold me.

Jennifer C. Valerie said...

Keep on breathing. Life with children I've heard is a process of letting go. The little ones we are blessed with are not for ourselves but for us to nurture, train and let go to bless the world.

Palm Springs Savant said...

OK- SCARY. I remember when he was born what the.....

wow well hang in there and be strong :-)

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