Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Today is NOT My Day

It's the new year.  We ushered in 2012 in bed with headaches, aches and pains, fevers, and coughs. All three of us were sick.  First it was Hubby, and then the next day, Little One and I felt ill.  Fortunately for us, it only lasted 24 hours.  The farm is not going to look after itself if we're sick.  Farmers don't have "sick days", holidays, days off, or "weekends".

I know I shouldn't grumble.  Hubby says we're "stewards of the land" and really loves farming, it's in his blood, and believes this is the right thing to do.  This said, I would love to be able to go on vacation as a family someday. With this being a one man operation (plus a city girl for a wife and a very busy toddler who help in any way we can, but almost always just get in the way), it looks unlikely. We are in desperate need of a vacation though.


While I was busy purging our house of unneeded things (a tradition I've adopted every New Year), the dog decided to purge my compost bin of all its contents...ALL OVER the kitchen floor!  I had eggshells, coffee grounds, and avocado pits all over my kitchen floor.

More mess to clean up. Yay.

I then decided to make several different batches of food to serve as supper for the remainder of the week.  I figured that if I did that, it would save me time during the rest of the week.  As I was cooking two different supper dishes at the same time, the phone rang.  Normally, if I had my hands tied, I'd let the voicemail pick up.  Of course, Hubby had to answer the phone and he had to hand it to me.  Yes...while I was in the midst of pots boiling and things going into the oven.

It was my friend SuperAmazingMommy.  We chatted as I cooked.  Of course, my amazing little toddler (who has been on a roll with the toilet training for the past almost three weeks) came running down the stairs.  She had her brand new bathing suit on.  Why does a three year old need to wear a bathing suit in the middle of the winter?  Why, in hopes that her mother will take her to the indoor pool 74 minutes away from the Island!

SuperAmazingMommy and I were discussing something that has been weighing on my mind these days - school.  I'm on the fence on whether to send Little One this year because she was a preemie.  Technically, she's three months behind most kids her age, but doesn't seem to display any signs of being delayed.  Still, the thought of my tiny little munchkin being in school all day, five days a week, and having to make a long commute on the bus (because we live in the sticks), makes me feel ill.  It seriously makes me anxiety-filled.  She is so tiny and still needs her afternoon naps.  Without them, she is on grumpy kid.

SuperAmazingMommy reminded me of what our Neonatal Specialist (who is also our pediatrician) said.  "There is no rush.  Too many parents do their children a tremendous disservice by rushing them." This goes for potty training as well.  I've been feeling the pressure from all ends on the potty training issue.  I forgot that Little One's Neonatal Specialist told is not to rush her and that she would potty train when she's ready.  She said not to even consider it until after she's three years old "corrected" (which would be in February).

Just as I said, "Well, [insert Little One's real name here] has been a toilet training superstar!  No diapers.  Peeing and pooping in the toilet and not the potty. No accidents at all", what should happen?

I heard a thundering gush like the sound of Niagara Falls coming from the stairs leading to the kitchen.

"MOMMY! I had an accident!"


J at said...

Days like that don't need to be repeated, do they? Ugh. Poor Chrissy. I wish you could have a family vacation, too.

As for school, I say wait. What's the rush? She's only 3. If it were a half day really close by, then it might be fun for her to get out and see other kids. If you had to work outside of the home and needed the daycare, then I'd do it. But for your specific circumstance, I say wait until next year. For every thing there is a season. This is her season of staying home and peeing on your floor. ;)

~*Cee*~ said...

I'm having one of those days right now :$

By the time Smook goes to school she will be 4yrs and 7 months. She'll be ready, corrected age or not. Heck - she thinks she's ready now. But you know what will tell you when both you and her are ready? Your dissipating anxiety.

She can only stay home with you and piddle on your floors for so long! As frustrating, mind-boggling and infuriating as it may"ll never get these days back!

And we're in the same phase. I feel ya, sistah! Hold tight, we'll make it through!

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

Why do husbands always answer the phone and hand it over when we are in the middle of things? LOL

Ellie said...

You can always home school...I started Robyn in kindergarten and never looked back!

C said...

I love you. I really do. You ALWAYS seem to have just the right things to say. You always know how to cheer me up too! :)

C said...

Big hugs, sista! You are so right. Little One will still be 3 by the time school rolls in. She gets lots of socializing time with other kids from Early Learning Playgroup and all our friends' kids in the community. SHE thinks she's ready for school. In fact, she keeps threatening me that she's going to go to school "right now!". LOL! Sheeesh! Our little preemies are such divas, eh? ;)

C said...

The Country Mouse:
That's one thing I keep asking myself! LOL! Never fails! ;)

C said...

Hello!!! I've missed you! Sorry for being such a delinquent friend! I am thinking of you...even if I've been so absent lately. Let's catch up soon! xoxo

OrangeHeroMama said...

wow. what a day...(((hugs)))friend!

Jennifer L said...

Now that was a busy day. Hubbys always feel the need to hand over the phone when we are busy.. but don't do it to them..

Maple Leaf Mommy said...

I say keep her home. I felt pressure to put my girl into JK, gave in and went with it, and have regretted it very much. Wish I had stuck to my guns. Go with your gut feeling. You know your kid. My little one also still needs her naps. Nap-free days are a terror. And for her school is only every other day, I can't imagine five in a row. It would be hell.

Oh and potty-training, ugh. Don't get me started. I don't have anything to say on the subject that doesn't involve four letter words.

Shasher's Life said...

oh boy, I know those days!!

My youngest two had ZERO interest in potty training and they were past their 3rd birthdays.

My Liam, looked at me one day when I asked him if he wanted to use the potty and he replied, "ummm today's not a good day" and continued on with his playing.

They'll do it when they're ready. And each kid is different, my first 2 were trained between 18 months and 24 months old. They were not the standard by which to train my next 2 that's for sure! lol

Hang in there.

Jackie said...

LOL, my 2012 started off BAD.. i accidentally turned all the arena lights off during a little tyke practice with 3-6 year olds on the ice. complete blackness!
if she really is wanting to go to school, sending her one or two times a week is also allowed.

J at said...

Speaking of naps, are there no naps at her school? Maya started school at 2ish, because we both worked, and school was 9-12, then lunch, then nap until 3ish. She stayed at that school until she was 6, and I think they napped until that last year, and even then, the kids who were tired could if they wanted to. No naps is a deal breaker.

PS, I love you too. Come to California. I'll give you an avocado tree.

Gingermommy said...

My little one will be starting school at 3 next September. I know she will do great. Even though we are stressed about it ..

2012, my blog has had a wonderful year so far. My real life, everything is going wrong. I guess it can only go up from here right lol

VE said...

Sick? I'm leaving right now and finding some anti-bacterial wipes...

C said...

Thanks for the hugs, friend! They were needed! LOL! xo

C said...

Jennifer L:
Yes, they DO! I always ask him WHY he has to do that when he knows I've got my hands tied doing a zillion things at once. LOL! Never fails. Somehow, I think this is something that will never be remedied. As long as there are a zillion things to do, he will always pass me the phone :)

C said...

LOL! Thank you so much for your comment. You REALLY made me feel better! :) As for the potty training, she seems to have it down to almost perfection now. LOL! I know she'll have a few slips and accidents along the way. I kept forgetting that her Neonatal team insisted I wait until after she turned 3 corrected. Really, what's the rush anyway? This said, thank goodness I don't have to deal with stinky diapers anymore. LOL!

C said...

Thanks so much for that. It always helps to hear experiences from other moms. Really, it does!

Mama Ash said...

Oh dear! What a day!
I know how you feel :)
We have gotten over the fear of going poo...Poor DS would be terrifed so I know how hard potty training can be.
I love that the toilet seat was on the horse!

Judy Martin said...

It's been a while since I've visited your blog.

Your little one has grown so much !

Glad to see that everything looks very normal with you and those you love.

C said...

Thank you for popping by and commenting! I have been thinking of you over the past few months and wondering how you've been! We'll have to meet up for tea sometime or I guess I'll see you on the Art Tour! ;)

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