Friday, January 27, 2012

Total Paranoia & Addicted to #PresidentsChoice

Hubby: So, you mean we wasted over $1000 on getting a new water purifying system installed in the house?

Me: No. We didn't waste money. You drink the tap water. I trust our tap water. I do! I know it's perfectly good for us to drink! I just feel even better if it's filtered even more.

Hubby wasn't too happy when I came home from the Superstore with a PC universal water filter system/jug and a pack of 5 filters. I had been on him about getting a new water filtration system in our house with UV filter, etc, etc, etc. We ended up getting the works done last year. Living on a farm, I wanted to spare no costs when it came to our drinking water. I was so happy and felt so secure in knowing that our drinking water was absolutely, positively safe to drink.

Then I bought a PC universal water filter system and filters! They were on sale and I had been wanting to get a [insert name of popular drinking water filtration pitchers] for a long time. A pack of 5 filters for $7.84 (on special) was a much greater deal than the "other" leading brand. I went with the PC brand. The price was much better and I love and trust PC products.

I do realize this whole thing with our drinking water is a bit excessive and is entirely psychological on my part, but I cannot help it. Hey, and if this makes me drink more water, then that's a good thing! Right? Yes, I have noticed that I've been drinking A LOT more water since I purchased it. I've been drinking more than a pitcher of water a day!

Maybe because she sees me drinking (and loving) the water from the new pitcher, Little One has been drinking more water too.

It looks so pretty too, no? Check out those sleek contours! It's aesthetically appealing, right?

Because I am a President's Choice fan, check out just one of my tea shelves in my "tea pantry"!

Among my favourites are the PC Chocolatey Mint Black Tea, PC Chai Tea, PC Green Tea, PC Rooibos Tea, PC Mulled Apple Herbal Tea, and PC Organics Jasmine Herbal Tea.

See? I told you I was addicted!

President's Choice really is worth switching supermarkets for!

Disclosure - This is not a paid/sponsored post. This time I'm just sharing how much a absolutely LOVE President's Choice products! All the opinions on this blog are  honest and my own.


Shari G said...

That is a beautiful pitcher! We bought a water cool with the refillable water bottles so I feel I drink more water. My boys do too b/c they can see me drinking it. It helps them get into it as well.

Kelly @ City Mom said...

I love love PC too! All of their products are amazing and they never disapoint! You know you do have good reason to be concerned about water! There are lots of nasty things that make it into the water from our taps! Good buy I say! ;)

Julia said...

I love PC products too! I will have to try their teas, the Gourmet coffee blend is simply fabulous. I don't like any other coffee now. It's spoiled me. LOL

Cherry said...

I have one of those other brandname pitchers and the filters are sooooooo expensive. But we drink a lot of water in this house so it worth it. I have a few water engineer friends who scare me into having at least the pitcher although they all have fancy systems installed.
No PC down here but might have to try some of there stuff the next time I'm up north :)

Multi-Testing Mommy said...

I love PC products! I do 99% of my shopping at the Real Canadian Superstore!

We have "water issues" in our house too - unfortunately the filters you bought won't help ours, but we are constantly battling about what to do!

Right now we get our drinking water at a store where you fill your own bottles - we have 3 glass bottles for our water cooler - but I want to fix our house so that we don't have to go somewhere for good water!

Whispered Inspirations said...

I love PC! When I'm not using gDiapers for Meems, I use their green diapers. Perfect for travel & night time. That is a nice pitcher. I use the same pitcher option, never knew PC made them! Thanks for sharing!

Sober Julie said...

Gorgeous pitcher, I love PC, their blue menu is fab

C said...

That is awesome, Shari! We don't drink pop (not often, anyway)and we have cut out juice (too much sugar). It's either water, milk, tea or coffee in our house now. We occasionally have pop and juice if we're out or if we're at a party. I just want our whole family to drink more water! So far, so good!

Katrina Brady said...

Definitely a cool pitcher! No doubt water is the best beverage for you, so drink away. If this encourages you, it's better in the long run!

C said...

Eeeeek! Just thinking of all that gross stuff gives me the goosebumps.

C said...

Ooooh! Yes! The Gourmet Coffee blend! Mmmm! I looooove coffee. I don't know if I told you this, but coffee actually has an adverse effect on me. It knocks me out cold. The only time I can enjoy a good cup of coffee,espresso, or cappuccino is if I need to go to bed! Weird, eh?

C said...

The next time you're "up north", you need to come visit ME!!! :)

C said...

Yeah. Water issues suck. We had a wet spring last year and it made our water really yucky. I mean totally not drinkable or even good to bathe Little One in! We had to go to my parents to shower! I was so depressed. You never realize how valuable water is until you don't have any! We take it for granted so much in our society.

Anyway, we got a brand spanking new water system. UV filtered and everything. It cost us almost $3000 with everything added up. It's totally drinkable, but I guess in the back of my head, I'm still paranoid. So...I filter my filtered water. LOL!

C said...

Ohhh! The diapers! I have never used them, but a friend of mine swears by them for her babies. I once made a diaper cake with PC Green diapers, because I knew the expectant mom used them for her baby before the one she just had.

Tarasview said...

mmmm nothing wrong with good water and good tea!

Positively Pampered Patty said...

Love PC products. If it makes you drink more water which is so good for you, then there is no problem.

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