Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grandfathers and Granddaughters

There's something so special about the bond between grandparents and their grandchildren.  Little One is extremely attached to her Grampy.  It melts my heart to see just how much she loves him.  Her Grampy is her world.
 I sometimes think she prefers him over her own mother!  I'm not kidding!  She constantly asks if she could go over and spend the night.

It took me forever to let her have a sleepover at her grandparents' house.  Mostly it was because of attachment issues and separation anxiety...on my part!  Little One has absolutely no qualms about spending the night at her grandparents' and she definitely doesn't miss or look for us! To be honest, it makes me sad!  Other friends have kids who will NOT leave their sides.  I've got a kid who is fiercely independent and WANTS to go off on her own and spend the night at her grandparents' house. She's only three years old!

When I see my Dad and Little One together, I want to cry.  Their relationship is just so beautiful.  She is definitely a Grampy's girl!  I hope that years from now, their relationship is still as close.  She just loves him so very much.

Little One says, "Grampy is my best, best, best, BEST friend!"


Chantal said...

That is one seriously sweet post.

Kimberly said...

Isn't it amazing. It's like my Dad turned into an entirely different person.
My son constantly talks about hanging out with papa...when I pick him up he freaks out and tells me to go away!
Such a jerk...kidding. I love him. But they do have a special bond.
Lovely pictures.

Kathryn Lavallee said...

What a beautiful post! There really is a bond between grandparents and grandkids, isn't there? It makes my heart smile to see that. :)

Cherry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cherry said...

I'm so glad you live close to your parents so this kind of relationship can really flourish. My parents are about an hour away and yet we hardly see them, and Elizabeth gets to Skype with Eric's mom almost daily but she's grown bored of computer grandma, but man when Eric's mom is visiting, she's with grandma all day every day, and Eric enjoys the break.

Enjoy those days and nights when she goes to your parents. I gotta say, I'm jealous!

Christine said...

Thank you :-) It really melts my heart. Their relationship is so sweet.

Christine said...

I hear you. My daughter slept at her grandparents' for two nights in a row. She didn't want to come home! When she's with Grampy, I'm chopped liver. LOL!

Christine said...

Me too! Makes me want to cry! Words can't describe how beautiful it is to see how they are together :-)

Christine said...

It's only been the past few months that she's been spending time over there. When I teach, she stays with them. The sleeping over is new. I think I'm the one with separation anxiety and attachment issues! LOL!

Lee-Ann said...

Awww, that is so sweet. Makes me really miss my Dad. I wish my kids and him would have had a lot more time together. :(

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