Monday, March 12, 2012

I've Joined the #FinishRevolution: How My Dishwasher Saved My Sanity

I used to love washing dishes. I honestly found it therapeutic. Washing dishes after a meal was relaxing for me. The water, the quiet time, and getting everything clean was something I looked forward to at the end of a meal.

I don't know what changed, but I found myself crying one night about how I was tired of doing the dishes every night.  It wasn't really about the dishes. It was more like I needed help around the house in general. I went on this huge, tearful rant about how unjust it was to be a woman.  Haha! Yes, Hubby jokes about where our 3 year old gets her theatrics from! We're expected to work out of the house, from the house, in the house, raise a family, do everything household related, take care of our husband and children, do all of the cooking, and all of the dishes, all the time!!!

I tend to get a bit over the top and melodramatic when I'm exhausted.  I know nothing is ever "always" or "never". I don't always do the dishes and it's not like Hubby never helps out. He does. That's beside the point though.

My poor husband sat there, expressionless as I continued my rant.

A lesson was learned that night.  Hubby acted quite promptly too. My darling husband, instead of offering to do the dishes occasionally, went out and bought me a dishwasher.

My farmer husband, who had been boycotting dishwashers ever since we got married (because we didn't need one!) finally caved.

Imagine how elated I was to get some help with household chores! It  may sound trivial, but anything that saves me a few extra minutes is a lifesaver! Okay, make that a sanity saver!

My dishwasher journey had just begun and almost ended as quickly as it started.  I noticed that we had caked on food stuck to our dishes. "Gross! This is actually more work for me because I have to rewash everything!"

Surely, having to pre-wash and rinse your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher defeats the point, right? Having to either pre-wash and rinse or wash and rinse again after using the dishwasher proved to be not only more effort, but it wasn't logical from a time, energy, or environmental stand point. We were not only using more energy, but more water as well!  If we were going to resort to that, then I might as well just wash everything by hand.

How could anyone be so inept at using a dishwasher?! Hubby notified me that our water didn't help much. We have extremely hard water and it stained everything...even out bathroom sink. Maybe our water was one of the reasons our dishes always had spots after they were washed? That's the story I'm sticking to.

Some of my friends told me to use Finish Jet Dry rinse agent and said that might do the trick. Sure enough, it did! I am not kidding when I say that my dishes have never been cleaner! When you host a lot of dinner parties and when you're constantly entertaining guests at home like I do, you want to make sure you've got a some clean up help (like a trusty dishwasher and a great cleaning agent)!
I  had also seen commercials on TV for Quantum Finish, and wanted to try those too. You can imagine how excited I was to discover that I have been selected to join some other fabulous bloggers as part of the #FinishRevolution! For the next few months, I'll be working with Mom Central Canada and Finish Canada as part of their Finish Revolution Campaign.

You can join the #FinishRevolution too! 
If you are on Facebook, then you are in luck!
Finish Canada is now on Facebook and starting today, they will be giving away 50,000 Free Quantum samples, while supplies last to Facebook users who “Like” the Finish page. The sample includes 3 units of Finish Quantum, plus a coupon for $2 off the retail price! Head on over to Facebook now and "Like" Finish Canada and Mom Central Facebook pages.
Well? What are waiting for? Join the #FinishRevolution and experience the difference and ease of dish washing with Finish products.
Don't forget to check back often for more Finish updates and exciting promotions! That's right! As part of the #FinishRevolution campaign, we get the scoop on all the amazing promos and will be able to share them with our readers!

There's more exciting news to come! Hang tight! The news will be announced soon!

Disclosure - I am part of the Finish Blogger Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are honest and my own.
NOTE: No husbands were injured in the creation of this blog post :)


Lynette said...

Enjoy washing dishes.. oh my goodness... I want to spend the lest amount of time possible doing those kind of things :) I suppose on the other side, it's quiet time when no one else wants to be around.

Deanna said...

Great post! We have very hard, irony water and the Finish quantum works the BEST. I also use the jet dry turbo dry and my dishes are spot free which is a miracle!

Kelly @ City Mom said...

Haha C I get it now! You know I would feel the same way! Every household needs a dishwasher...there's just so much to do in a day!! Great post!

merinz said...

Our dishwasher changed my life!

But before we got ours our children would dry the dishes every night.

The rule was they had to dry their age. ie the 9 year old dried 9 items, 6 year old dried 6 items etc Cutlery were worth 6 months so they had to dry twice as many. Pots - well we negotiated over their value.

By the way - I use Finish here in new Zealand.

Lee-Ann said...

I'm glad your hubby caved! I like to say that moving to a house with a dishwasher saved our marriage! Looking forward to connecting with you during the #FinishRevolution !

Carolynn Gomez said...

Loved reading your post, Christine. You're so gifted at making discussing dishwashing such a written treat. :p
I also use to find washing dishes therapeutic (well, still do sometimes) but I agree, it can get tiring and we need to be able to reduce the amount of time we do it - for our sanity and to allow us more time (cause God knows we need it!)
Great post - love the pics of your little one indulging in her pancakes! :)
Looking forward to working together!

Cindy said...

Great post!! Caked on food is the reason we switched to Finish as well!! Glad you could be part of the #FinishRevolution as well!

Farah said...

Great post I so need this in my life!
I just signed up for my free sample thanks!

Fab Frugal Mama said...

Ha ha - I love your "No husbands were injured in the creation of this blog post" comment! Glad that Finish helped with your hard water issues. I hate doing dishes, too - LONG LIVE THE DISHWASHER! :)

Mimi said...

I haven't been here since you redesigned! I love it! Welcome to the team!

Julia said...

Great post! I have done the tearful rants before too. It seems like we carry on, and carry on until we just need to vent our frustrations. Love you, love your post and so excited to be working with you as part of the #FinishRevolution!

Shari G said...

That is a good man you have there. I have had a few of those rants since we moved to our new house. I haven't fully felt at home and happy here yet, and everyone use to know where everything went at our old house. No one knows here but me, so instead of being helpful, no one helps me as much as before, and I am getting behind. So I think it is good to remind them every once in a while to help. Although there are probably a few better ways then the over dramatic crying, but that seems to be my go to method. I keep it in until I blow.

Cherry said...

Ok so we also have a Danby portable dishwasher and we HAVE to pre-wash EVERYTHING.
While I usually go for the as friendly to the earth as possible solutions for cleaners they just are not cutting it when it comes to the dishes. I haven't tried any other products and am really curious if it made a difference.

So far, which of the Finish products did you find worked best for your dishwasher?

If we didn't have to prewash, I think the hubs might actually put a dish into the dishwasher without it being this big chore he has to save up for a day or two (or a week- UGH).


Christine said...

Haha! Definitely no one wants to be around during dishes time! That might mean people might actually be expected to pitch in with the cleaning! LOL!

Same here! Our water is hard water too. This means everything (from sinks to toilet bowl and bathtub) need to be cleaned ALL the time to look like they're clean. Grrr.

Christine said...

You are right. I never thought that before. I thought I could live without a dishwasher, but it just makes life soooo much easier. Now I have more time to do other things.

That is so cool! I think it's interesting to see which products we have in common (in Canada and NZ) and which ones only found in Canada or only in NZ. Neat to know you get this where you live too!

Yes, looking forward to connecting on the #FinishRevolution campaign with you! I've checked out everyone's posts! Lots of great content!

Christine said...

Tee hee! Oh, you are too kind! Yet another reason I luv ya!

Thanks so much! Looking forward to getting to know you more via #FinishRevolution!

Yay! That's great! Hope you get the catered dinner by a Top Chef contestant! Wouldn't that be awesome?

Christine said...

Haha! It's true! No husbands were injured! ;) I think the thing I hate most isn't dishes, but vacuuming...or putting away laundry. Hmmm...Maybe cleaning the bathroom. They all get done regularly, of course. I also hate mess. It drives me crazy.

Christine said...

Thanks! A lot has changed! It looks quite different, yes?

I'm excited to be working on this with you too!!! :) Luv ya!

Oh, Shari!! Moving to a new place and into a new house is tough. It's GREAT, but tough. Soon, you'll find that everything will have their place...and so will you! xoxoox

I tend to only use natural products too,but the "green" one I was using just didn't cut it. I loved that it was eco-friendly, but it just didn't clean anything :( I switched to another brand, and it was better, but this one is by far the best at removing gunk off of the dishes. I use the JetDry and for the detergent, Finish Quantum Powerball capsules.

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