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#NoRoadSalt This Winter for This Family! @EcoTraction Review & Giveaway

Nobody likes an icy and slippery driveway, walkway, pavement or set of steps in the Winter.  I remember a few years ago, when Little One was a newborn, Hubby was walking from the van to the house and slipped on a patch of ice. Everything happened in slow motion right before my eyes. I saw Hubby's feet go out from right under him (his feet did that super fast shuffle that you only see cartoon characters do on TV when they slip on a banana peel). I saw Little One's car seat carrier fly up in the air and out of Hubby's arms and land on the ice, overturned.

Of course, instead of asking if Hubby was okay, I instinctively yelled, "OH, MY GOSH! THE BABY!!! IS THE BABY OKAY?!?!?!"

To be honest, the baby was the only thing I was worried about. Sure, Hubby had a hard fall and injured himself, and I think I may have startled the baby more than anything else.

In all fairness, Hubby wasn't the only one who slipped on ice while carrying the baby. Two winters ago, I was trying to get from the van to the house while clutching onto the baby, my purse, my diaper bag, and two grocery bags. You know, doing the "crazy mama juggle". It was so icy, that I slipped and landed on my behind! I held Little One tightly and dropped everything else. I ended up with a sprained ankle and a bruised ego (okay, and a bruised bum too).

After those incidents, I made sure we always de-iced our walkway.

Now, the problem with road salt is it gets in between our dog's paws and hurts him. It's also messy, not good for the environment, plants, animals, etc. Plus, it always seems to get dragged into the house with everyone's boots (or when the dog comes in)! I can't stand the damage salt does to everything. For example: the salt used to melt the ice in the Winter always ruins my boots, shoes, the bottom of my pants, and it gets all over my van! I can't stand that white salt stain. It's so impossible to get out!

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try out a new and innovative product called EcoTraction.

What is EcoTraction?

It's the smarter alternative to road salt. Made from naturally-occurring volcanic mineral, EcoTraction is eco-friendly, kid-friendly, and pet-friendly.

Simply sprinkle EcoTraction on ice and snow for instant traction and grip! This is also perfect to give to my Mother-in-law and my parents.  I worry about them in the Winter with slipping and falling. Serious damage can be done.

We only had one day recently when it snowed and we had a bit of ice. It didn't last too long, but I made sure to bust out the EcoTraction to see how it would fare. It did a great job, but I am (don't be mad at me!) looking forward to the next snow/ice so I can try EcoTraction out a bit more!

The fact that EcoTraction granules can be swept into the lawn and garden in the Spring after the snow melts and be able to help our lawn grow and thrive is a a big selling point for me. That and the fact that it's safe for our child and pets to be around!

There's an interesting tidbit about EcoTraction that I'd like to share with  you. I am a die hard Dragons' Den fan, so this bit of trivia is of particular interest to me. When EcoTraction founder, Mark Watson's dog died from licking harmful road salts, he developed an all-natural, eco-friendly substance (since there was a lack of options for alternatives). When he presented the product to Dragons' Den for investment, all five dragons went in on the deal! How cool is that? Can I tell you  how much I love Brett Wilson? LOVE!

For other EcoTraction videos, check out them out on YouTube. You can also connect with EcoTraction Twitter and on Facebook.

Exciting Announcement!
Did you know that EcoTraction is a PTPA Award Winner? It's been Parent Tested, Parent Approved and has earned the PTPA Seal of Approval! Knowing that parents like myself have tested and approved and that PTPA endorses this product gives me confidence in this product.

Where to Buy:
You can purchase EcoTraction at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Shoppers Drug Mart, Home Hardware, and other retailers. To find a retailer near you, visit store locations/retailers here.

Would  you like to try EcoTraction yourself? One lucky Life on Manitoulin reader will win an EcoTraction Prize Pack that contains:

  • 1 jug of EcoCompo MSRP $14.95
  • 1 jug of EcoTraction MSRP $11.95
  • 2 boxes of EcoAirO MSRP $ 7.95/each
Total ARV: $42.80

To enter: Simply enter the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and ends on December 5, 2012.

Tomorrow, feel free to head over to Powered by Mom and Outside the Box to check out more information about EcoTraction and to enter another giveaway!

Disclosure - I was provided with an EcoTraction package containing a variety of EcoTraction products to facilitate this honest review.  All of the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own.


Danielle said...

I saw EcoTraction on Dragon's Den. I'm so happy to see the company's success! I love that there is finally a safe alternative to salt for my garden path. Thanks for sharing this product with us!

Skees said...

I love Eco-traction. Anything that is environmentally friendly wins tons of support in my house.

Multi-Testing Mommy said...

I agree it is so scary when someone falls with a baby in their arms! My hubby fell and he broke his ankle, but my daughter was unharmed.

Thank you for sharing such a great, green product with your readers!

flowerchild said...

I just fell on my deck yesterday morning with my 2 year old daughter in my arms. No one got hurt but it gave me a scare

Monica said...

I love environmentally friendly EcoTraction!

Amanda Renditure said...

I would love to try eco traction, we have pugs that have gotten sick from out past salting options and in recent haven't been using it even tho we should, cant risk their death or another 1400,00 vet bill.

Vesper Meikle said...

Never come across this before but would love to try it

meikleblog at gmail dot com

Val said...

This would be great in the Winter up here!

Glogirl said...

I would go to my local Home Hardware to purchase this product.

Angela M said...

I would purchase it at Canadian Tire.

Amy C said...

I can buy it at SHOPPER'S DRUG MART.

Rebby said...

Canadian Tire!

Journeys of The Zoo said...

So glad to hear that everyone (little one, smile) was okay! Ice is so dangerous, especially when you can't see it.

I would get mine from Canadian Tire.

Besos, Sarah
Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo
journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

Tina L. said...

I would get mine from Home Depot

Anu Chopra said...

I would go to my closest Canadian Tire!

bwright said...

I would go to Home Hardware here in Gore Bay. Hopefully they have it. I would love to use this on my deck. Every time I use salt, it takes the stain off, and we have to re-stain every year.

Fan R. said...


2012july said...

I'd get EcoTraction at Shoppers Drugmart in Dartmouth.

eleanor said...

I would go to the closest Home Depot or Canadian Tire

MissT said...

Canadian Tire

carschick2000 said...

Shoppers drug mart

ksceviour said...

Shoppers Drug Mart

(Karla Sceviour on rafflecopter)

Val said...

Home Hardware

Alessandrina said...

I could get it at Shopper's Drug Mart. Handy, since I live very close by.
Would love to try out this product.

Rafflecopter name: Dreena

Erika E said...

I would buy it at Canadian Tire.

Sue2Sueper said...

I would be heading to Shoppers Drug Mart

Jennifer said...

Shoppers Drug Mart

Erin said...

I'd buy it from Home Depot, just down the street

Jonnie (JB) said...

Shoppers Drug Mart

Paula Huie said...

I would buy it at shoppers at the corner!

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

I would check at Canadian Tire for this product.

freestuffforme said...

I would go to Canadian Tire to get ecoTraction.

Adina H.

pamalot said...

my local canadian tire

Martina said...

Home Depot

AlwaysARedhead said...

Fabulous idea, I refuse to put salt down, it is so bad for the environment.

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