Friday, November 02, 2012

Help with Hair Woes for Big Events! @LavishDream

There once was a time when my hair was shiny, straight, and healthy.  I remember being ten years old and walking into the health store where we bought our vitamins, and the lady working there commented on how shiny my jet black hair was!

That didn't last long.

High school came around and I dyed, bleached, permed, crimped, and pretty much tortured my hair! Then there was a period in my teens to early twenties when I was anaemic and had to get regular B-12 shots from the doctor. My hair became stringy, fine, and thin. The only time my hair was great again was during my brief pregnancy, but after giving birth, it was stringy, fine, thin, and mousy again.

Can I tell you how envious I am of friends, family (and even strangers!) who have thick locks and gorgeous manes?

At the ShesConnected Conference in Toronto, I wanted to look my best.  Ummm...running around with ambassador duties was  not easy on my hair! I woke up early in the morning to blow dry and style my hair, only to have it looking like a matted, sweaty mess only minutes after reaching the conference hall!
With the Candian Beef Team

I have a little secret that I think only Sober Julie, my roommate for the conference knew about! For much of the conference and for the parties and dinners at the end of each day, I was wearing Lavish Dream extensions!

This was my first time wearing them to a BIG social event.  To be honest, they just blended in! They're easy to put on and are fun for changing up one's look. You can go dramatic with cool hairdos (long ponytails, updos, etc) or subtle with just wearing them with your hair down.

I didn't put all the wefts in all the time. Sometimes I just used a few and other times I used all to create more fullness and more body.
 Nugglemama and AskMamaMOE et moi at the Benjamin-Moore 50 Shades of Grey Party!
With Whispered Inspirations and Donna Marie Antoniadis, Co-Founder & COO of ShesConnected Multimedia Corp.

When I put my hair up, it looked and felt very natural. Because my hair isn't too long, it was nice to have a little change.

I even wore them for our 80s Party! ThisLilPiglet and I don't always dress like this...just so you know! ;)
I thought I'd have time to take some videos of me doing up my hair, but with all the ambassador duties that weekend, there just wasn't any time at all. Next post! I promise!

Curious about Lavish Dream? Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook. You can also check them out here at

Photos for this post courtesy mapleleafmommy, mommyoutsidethebox,, SoberJulie, Little Miss Kate. Visit their fantastic blogs!

Disclosure - As a Lavish Dream blogger, I have received products from Lavish Dream.  Though affiliated with Lavish Dream, all the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own.


Tamara said...

WOW! GREAT PICS!!! I had no idea! I did notice sometimes your hair looked longer one day and not the other! Looks great! I need to try these to boost my look too. Love a little difference every now and then!

Fan R. said...

I like your stockings at 80s Party, where did you get them, I feel like you are my school friend!

Sober Julie said...

hahah what a great post, they were amazing. I swear if my head wasn't shaved I'd be getting some myself!!!!

Christine McN said...

They are pretty cool for a little change in hair appearance! They're fun! A friend has been using them and I had noooo idea! They match her exact shade of blonde so well! Ha! I was always envious of her hair! Had no clue!

Christine McN said...

Fan R:
Tee hee! Oh! Those goofy things! I got them at Ardene's or Claire' of the two. Actually, I think it was Claire's. It was so much fun to dress up in 80s attire again! Ahhhhh...I love the 80s! LOL!

Christine McN said...

LOL! Love ya, lady! Love your shaved head! You totally rock the shaved head look! Very Annie Lennox!!! ;)

MrDisco said...

neat pics!

Brandi Yee said...

Love the pics!! And how awesome that you were able to use Lavish Dream hair for it!! SO natural! :)

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