Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Things We Do for Our Kids @MeMyselfUsInc

It's always a mad house at the farm.  Little One's 4th birthday is November 11th, but Mommy will be busy at different social media events this week and had to scrap the big party. Yes, I cancelled the rental of the party room and heated salt water swimming pool.  I wasn't going to do anything for her birthday because things are so busy, but I felt that Mama guilt kick in and decided to have a very impromptu gathering of just family and her closest friends.

It was a great time spent with our loved ones. Just the perfect number of people. The personalities of the children in attendance meshed well. No fighting for toys or pushing and screaming. No crying fests. It was perfect.

Since I felt badly for not inviting Little One's entire Junior Kindergarten class and all her friends (as promised), I asked her if she had any special requests.  She requested that I make Hello Kitty cake pops for her and her guests.

MeMyself&Us sent us a fabulous variety of different baking kits to test out.  The Hello Kitty cake pops were  on Little One's list of MUST bake items.
They turned out pretty well. Everyone was impressed. Definitely far from professional looking though! Each Hello Kitty was unique Errrrm! Different? Not uniform?!

The process of making the cake pops was fun and easy. However, it would have gone a lot faster if Little One didn't "help" so much. We made a deal where she could add all the ingredients and mix everything up, She even helped form the kitty heads. The only catch was that she let Mama melt the melting wafers and decorate the Hello Kitty heads.

Why? You probably think I'm not a fun Mama and that I'm a little controlling in the kitchen.  The thing is, you really have to work super fast to get the cake pops finished! The cake balls have to be frozen and the chocolate still  hot.  They have to dry/solidify and then you decorate.

Don't worry, I do let her have fun in the kitchen. I totally let her knock herself out making MeMyself&Us animal cookies the other week. She also had a blast making these festive cake pops for her friend's birthday party!

The Halloween cake pops were cute too. Again, Mommy did the detailing, but Little One did assist in the making of the cake pops.

We had lots of fun with the MeMyself&Us Baking Kits. For more info on the kits, check out the website here. You can also connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Here's Little One dancing up a storm at her party.
Disclosure - We were given the above products to facilitate this honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own.


Aeryn Lynne said...

Those pops, particularly the Hello Kitty ones are all kinds of cute! And so is the fact that your daughter can make them! What a great way to get kids into baking. Though yeah, totally leave the wafers to mommy for another few years at least, lol. :)

Christine McN said...

Aeryn Lynne:
LOL! Ummm...Hubs thought I was kinda scary in the kitchen, freaking about the wafers and decorating. Yikes.

Sny Med said...

Happy 4th birthday to your daughter! Awesome how her birthday is on Rembrance Day! I absolutely love your Hello Kitty cake pops. I want to eat at your house, you have the greatest recipes!


Brandi Yee said...

How exciting that she'll be 4 soon!! Her birthday is only a few days away from mine hehe. LOVE the cake pops...I've never made them before but SOOO want to!

Christine McN said...

Awww! Thanks! Come over for a meal anytime!! Totally not kidding! ;)

Christine McN said...

Oh, too cool! When's your birthday? Got any big birthday plans? Wish we lived closer! I'd make you Hello Kitty cake pops! lol

MrDisco said...

Those are pretty cute. Make some Bacon Pops next time.

mamawee said...

Happy birthday to her! and those cake pops look great!

Just Us Girls said...

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY to your Little One!!!!

I love the look of your Hello Kitty Cake Pops, I bet they tasted fantastic! I've only made regular cakepops, I think I'm never on making different shape ones, but will have to try it, so I'm going to check out Me Myself and Us! :)

Annie Brown said...

Those are all kinds of adorable! I love them all hello kitty is my favourite though.

Kelly @ City Mom said...

I saw this pic on FB and I was impressed then...even more now! How sweet!

And yes I agree, the things we do for our kids...endless! ;)

Margarita - @DownshiftingPRO said...


Paula Schuck said...

I have never heard of me myself and US! Love the look of these - so adorable!!

Christine said...

I've seen these cake pops everywhere but yet to buy knowing they are a lot of work. May have to suck it up and make them... or not. Ugh!

Shashers Life said...

I saw these on FB the other day when you posted pics of it. I didn't know it was from a kit!! that's cool.

My 12 yr old DD is always trying to make them, from scratch, she has yet to achieve success. I think I'll grab her something like this. She'd love it!

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