Sunday, June 16, 2013

Celebrating Dad on Father's Day #PGMom

I remember when I was in elementary school, saving up my allowance and being excited to bike to our local Jean-Coutu (a pharmacy in Quebec) and "splurge" on a Father's Day gift and card for Dad.  Back then, a tie or some kind of item that had "Best Dad" or "Dad of the Year" were things I thought were amazing gift ideas for Dad!

Funny how Dad never complained about not wanting yet another tie, coffee mug or pair of socks.  The purchase that made me the proudest was when I got Dad a bottle of Old Spice.  It seemed like all the dads wore it and it was in my price range.  Plus, my grandfather always wore Old Spice.

To this day, whenever I smell Old Spice, I think of my grandfather.  It turns out, my Dad wasn't much of an aftershave or cologne guy.  He wasn't really into fragrances period.  My grandfather was though!  It makes me smile when I think of how good my grandfather always smelled! Old Spice makes me miss my grandfather.

I was reminded of Old Spice and the memories of my grandfather and of my childhood when my four year old got hold of one of our monthly PGMom packages. I detected the scent of Old Spice and came running down from my office.  Little One was sitting on the couch, putting Old Spice deodorant on. She was shocked to see me and smiled, "I'm putting deodorant on, Mama! Now I smell good!"

I immediately thought of my Dad laughing if he saw what Little One was doing.  I also knew that if my grandfather were still alive today and saw Little One putting on Old Spice, he would have a good laugh too.

On Father's Day, we celebrate the men in our lives.  Of course, the first man I'd like to celebrate is my Dad. To the man who sat with us as we did our homework (and helped me as I toiled over math problems), and made sure to always have time for us after work...Thank you.  To the man who built ice forts with us and took us skating and tobogganing...Thank you.  To the man who taught us how to tie our shoes and ride a bike...Thank you.  To the man who taught us so many important life lessons and continues to do so...Thank you.

When I see the special relationship my Dad has with my four year old daughter, it makes my heart fill with joy.  I'm so lucky to have my Dad around.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, and a special Father's Day wish for my Dad!

Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own.


caninecologne said...

What a nice tribute to your dad! He is really a cool guy! Love that "vintage" photo of him too! Happy Father's Day to your dad, and to John!

(sorry that previous comment was mine but i signed in under a diff't name)

J at said...

Happy Father's Day to your dad, and to John as well! I kind of think maybe my grandpa wore old spice, too, though he mainly smelled like cigarettes. :)

Christine McN said...

I've this photo of my Dad and me :) Wow! That was ages ago. Happy Father's Day to Bert and your Dad as well! Xoxo

Christine McN said...

J: For some reason, I think most men wore Old Spice back then ;) Haha! I used to think it was something only Grandpas used, but I actually really love the smell of Old Spice. It's also different now. Is it weird that I like it because it smells like a "Manly man fragrance"? Can't explain it, but I like it! ;)

caninecologne said...

Haha, my dad also wore Old Spice!

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