Wednesday, August 09, 2006


one gray, slightly messy-looking female feline. She answers by the name 'Nala' and has a very pleasant disposition. She is about 14 years old and hails from Florida. She now resides on Manitoulin Island.

Oh, dear, dear Nala. Please return to us. You've been away for one week and four days. This is the longest you've ever left home before. You left us a while ago but for only four days. We thought we'd lost you, but you came back in the night. We worry that you've ventured out and will never return. The forests are not friendly for kitties like you. Many creatures lurk in the darkness at night and you have gone without food or water for nearly two weeks.

You were a bit apprehensive when I first moved into your home, but settled in quite nicely and kept me company at night when you shared our bed. You were happy because I cleaned your litter-box on a twice-daily basis (quite different from J, eh?) and you snuggled with me while I read in the evenings. You always woke me up with your sweet meowing and my Korean students were positive that you could speak Korean (your meows sound like 'hello' in Korean).

J's mom told me that when animals are ready to die, they often go off on their own. Did you know your time was coming? Is that why you left? Or were you just working on your hunting skills and just love being away for a while?

I hope you return soon, but I have a feeling you're in kitty heaven now. I really hope I'm wrong though.

Oh boy, I totally suck at being a farmer's wife! I'm not too good at losing animals or dealing with death...


m. s. c. thompson said...


congrats on just getting married! Must be fun.

Cool blog!

Thanks also for visiting today! We adore our Canadian readers.

Take care,

movie critic for

Chrissy121875 said...

Thanks! You've got a cool blog! I enjoy reading your reviews.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your cat. I hope she comes back soon.

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