Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Remember When…

We used to go to the corner store and buy those sweet red berry gummy candies (I think they’re called Swedish Berries, but I have no idea why!) for a penny each! The sign said 1 cent per candy…and that is exactly how much it cost! No taxes!

During the gas war in Montreal in the 1990s, there was a time when gas was only 39 cents/L. (Then it rose to 79 cents/L before I moved and then later, 90+ cents/L) I can’t remember the last time it cost me $20 to fill up my car! Now it’s more like $65!!

We used to play outside until the sun set.

We used to not mind playing in the rain.

Saturday mornings had really good cartoons on TV.

Little House on the Prairie, Webster, Full House, Growing Pains, The Love Boat, Different Strokes, the Facts of Life, Family Ties and The Wonder Years used to be the only shows we were allowed to watch.

I cried when ET had to return to his planet and leave Elliot and Gerty.

My brother and I begged our Dad to buy us a skateboard each.

I wore Airwalks and Converse high tops just because everyone else wore them.

I lived for all those 1980s-1990s Glam Rock boys: Poison, Warrant, Mr. Big, etc.

It cost less than a buck to take the bus.

Stamps (local ones) were 35 cents.

It didn’t cost $13.50 to watch a movie in the cinema!

I first started wearing make-up. Navy blue eyeliner and fire engine red lipstick just seem so wrong now! Oh, and those thick brows and teased bangs!! Does anyone remember ever having a “crimper”?

Tight jeans tapered and pinned with safety pins were in.

I first wore a training bra.

I used to hang out with friends at the mall.

We used to go bowling for fun.

Drive-in movies still existed. I loved going to drive-ins! I’d never manage to be able to stay awake for the double feature though!

I used to be a die-hard Guns ‘N Roses fan and wanted to marry Axl Rose! (as if!)

Music videos were popular.

We didn’t use computers and we didn’t have the Internet.

We used to have sleep overs and stay up all night.

We used to have school dances.

We’d have boy-girl parties and play truth or dare.

We thought kissing was gross.

We’d get excited when one of our friends would tell us about their first “Frenching” experience. “Ewww! You used your tongue???” “He had HIS tongue in YOUR mouth??”

We used to pass around notes to friends in class.
We had secret admirers or were secret admirers.

I first got my driver’s license.

My friends and I would go cruising on the streets of downtown Montreal.

We thought it was ‘grown up’ to go out with friends for coffee.

We’d go for midnight runs to McD’s just because.

We wouldn’t want to see the summer end.

We’d go shopping for back-to-school stuff.

We couldn’t wait to see our friends in school again in September.

I remember when we were young and life was so carefree...


Jill said...

I remember it all too...especially crimpers and safety pinned jeans (surprised the hair and clothes caught my attention??)

Very sweet.

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! Had a feeling you'd remember the crimped hair and pinned jeans :)

I was just feeling a little nostalgic yesterday...September's almost here and my nieces are going back to school. It reminded me of what things were like when I was their age. I kind of miss being a kid sometimes! LOL

ahappilymarriedmommy said...

Heehee! Ah yes I remember all of those to! Thanks for the walk down memory lane! Crimpers! Ha!

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