Sunday, August 20, 2006

silly little truths

If only my darling husband knew these things before he married me! :) lol

1. I have a terribly weak tummy (ie: my instant gag reflex sux). I dry heave and barf really easily if I'm anywhere near any kind of scent that is offensive (or even visualize something gross). While visiting Miyajima Island in Japan, my friend and I spotted a man skinning deer. The sight of the pelts hanging and just the thought of the skinning process made me ralph all over the place. Gross.

2. Once (years ago) when I was in a cafe, I asked the waitress for soy milk instead of cow's milk because I was vegan. She told me to grind my own soy beans!!! LOL Mind you, this was at a time when not too many restaurants and cafes catered to vegetarians.

3. I am sometimes absentminded. My students say I'm like a goldfish (small brains therefore short memory spans). The other day, I was washing dishes and cut myself with a very sharp knife. Two seconds after I cleaned and bandaged myself up, I did it again.

3. I once went skinny dipping in the Sea of Japan with a whole bunch of other teachers (from the UK, Aus, NZ, and the US) and some Japanese the middle of a typhoon! Oh, to be young and stupid :)

4. When I was teaching overseas, a group of Japanese housewives took me to a traditional Japanese restaurant for a meal and I couldn't bring myself to stomach swallowing 'uni' (sea urchin). I didn't want to be rude, so I tried to suck it up, and ended up vomitting into my lap. Embarrassing! (That's one of the only things I can't eat. I absolutely LOVE Japanese food!!)

5. I hate swimming in places where I can't see the bottom. This is why I love swimming here on Manitoulin - the water is so clear! The reason I hate swimming where I can't see is because I don't like swimming with critters and slimy things. LOL

6. I was not as angelic as a teenager/young adult as most people think I was. Those of you who know me and who grew up with me can attest to this. :) University wasn't only about studying and trying to save the world :)

7. I can sometimes be a total spazz! This morning I was hanging the laundry to dry on the clothesline, picking apples, weeding the garden, then when I came in to do the dishes, my darling hubby and my two students were all sitting down watching TV. I just about flipped out and started going nuts-o about doing all the work. They didn't hear me though. Apparently the movie was more entertaining.

8. I like to blog...even if I don't always have anything blog-worthy to write about! :)

9. I'm a little on the artsy side. Unfortunately my creativity always pops up at the oddest 2 in the morning! I do my best sketching, writing, painting, etc really early in the morning.

10. I'm a nerd. I like to read. I like doing research. I like learning new things.

Heidi and True...this post is for you :)


tammy said...

Hahaha! Your too funny Chris!

t said...

LOL! You're a hoot! like the idea of writing down a few truths. Really cute.

ahappilymarriedmommy said...

I once stuck my tongue on a frozen light post (was just curious!) after telling my kids not to do it! It was the dumbest thing I ever did. Boy, did it ever smart! LOL

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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