Sunday, January 04, 2009

55 Already!

That's right. Little One is 55 already! 55 days old, that is! She's also just a little over 5 lbs! Pretty incredible since she was only 2 lbs, 3 oz at birth!

Little One is very alert and active. She loves listening to Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. She is entranced by her mobile and intrigued by her reflection in her mirror. She loves her bath and when I read to her, she watches me attentively. She is a very sweet baby and doesn't cry much. When she does, she self-soothes within a few seconds. She only cries when she is disturbed (when taking her temperature or when the nurses take blood from her tiny foot).

I also have some other news. I'm thinking of taking a break from the blog and the blog world. I'll miss it, but it's also been a source of stress. I've had a few comments and e-mails about my last post (as well as other posts) that have just added to the stress I already have with everything that is going on with the baby being in the hospital. I don't have the time or energy to deal with all the negativity.

I am having a very hard time dealing with everything regarding the baby (and the baby being in the hospital) on my own here. I've been very fortunate to be staying with my aunt and uncle, who have been so helpful in so many ways. This said, I'm far away from my husband and my home and I just want my baby to be able to come home with us soon. It's been a long two months and I am getting tired. Every mother I have spoken to has said that having a baby is an emotional time. That is true...and having a baby very preterm AND being in the hospital for two months is even more emotional.

Thanks again, everyone. I'll be in touch with some of you outside of the blog world.


hotmommy said...

oh chris! please dont close down the blog! i have been coming here to check up all the updates and little one is doing so great-

i really hope you don't stop blogging. hang in there sista-friend! your doing a fantastic job and i can say that i don't know how you do it. i'd have collapsed already by now. you amaze me. is it ok if we drop by the hospital sometime this week? mornings ok? or are afternoons better?

keep up the great work. you are stronger than you think

Uncivil said...

Hang in there C.
We're sorry for jumping on your miss-guided friend. All is forgiven.

Don't give up the blog. Just delete or edit that last post if it stresses you? Heck....delete my uncivil comments while you're at it!

When I saw "55 already" made me think of the little young waitress that tried to give me the "Senior Citizens Discount" the other day!!!!!
I said "How old do you have have to be to get that?" She said "55"!
I said "thanks...I'm 51"!!!!

Hugs to the little one!

Hubby said...

Keep up the blogging. You have met so many great people in the blog world. You are a blogger, and would miss the interaction it brings you. Yes you are going through a trying time in your life. Remember that with out the mean people you would not apreciate the wonderful people in your life.

T said...

I commented on your other post, Chris. DO NOT shut down the blog!!!

Not to be selfish, but we will miss the updates. I love your blog.

See you this week, ok? Text me when you get a chance. Or e-mail or call. Whatever! Is there anything you need or want us to bring you? I know it's hard without "Hubby" with you. If there is anything we can do to help, let us know. We can be here when he cannot. We love you.

J at said...

Chrissy, do whatever you need to do, OK? If you need to shut down the blog for awhile, go for it. We'll miss you, but your priority has to be taking care of yourself and Little One. The blog is pretty far down on the list. Only if it gives you joy and an outlet for your worries and hopes should you be posting.

Selfishly, I hope that with a few more days of distance behind you, you'll feel differently, not so raw and hurt, and just delete the comments that hurt, and post away. But again, not if that's not how you feel.

Little one is over 5 lbs now???? That's AMAZING! I'm so happy for you, and her, and your husband! She'll be ready to go home in the next few weeks, I'm sure! Oh, C, this has been unbelievably hard for you, and you've showed your true colors through it all...brave and strong and present for your baby, pure mama-bear, wanting to do whatever had to be done, despite your own very real and normal and healthy fears and worries. I'm so impressed by you. I know it's going to be SO much easier when you're dealing with the everyday joys and stresses of a new baby at home, rather than the rare and difficult stresses of a pre-term baby in a fight for her life. Happily, she's won that fight, and is now just working at being strong enough to fight it away from the hospital.


Jeanna said...

Well of course you are and you should eliminate all that is not necessary.
Don't feel obligated to post, do so when and if you can and want to.
When I think of the help my cousin had when she had her preemie and all you are doing right now it boggles the mind.
You've a good man in John and a wonderful family. You're rich in ways most people can only dream of.
Hang in there, take a good long break, take care of yourself and f#*@ the blog, it's there to communicate and connect. You don't owe any one in the blogosphere a damn thing.
Love to you and your lovely family. Kisses to the little one (and furry ones too).
Not for nuthin', but I really enjoyed your tale of strangers on a train. Criss Cross, baby, you are a good story teller.

D'Rae said...

Oh Honey, just do what you need to do. Just know that I am praying for and your family. You will be able to take the little baby home soon. Love you girl!

Veronica said...


If you want to write, I will be here reading religiously, however, if it's making you more stressed it can't be a good thing, right?

Let's hope little one gets discharged soon. Any idea what you are waiting on?

caninecologne said...

hi c - do what you need to do to simplify your life and de-stress yourself. your first priority is to your baby and family. i'll miss your posts though. however, once you're feeling up to it again, i'm sure all of your friends out here in cyberland would love to hear from you. but again, if you need to stop blogging, by all means, do so.

btw, sorry about my last post comment. i was po'd (and even got the gender wrong) and used more p than nrofanity than necessary.

take care and i'll email you soon with pics.

Rebecca said...

Me again... :)

Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time... My sister gave birth to a baby at 31 weeks, some-odd days... and her baby was in the hospital for five weeks... it was HARD...

So hang in there as best you can. I'm glad your daughter is doing well (from what I can tell from the three posts I've read about her).


Rosie : ) said...

I'm so happy to hear that your gorgeous girl is growing up even more! Jamie and I were just looking at her pictures and ooing & aaaing over how gorgeous she is. :) Every time you tell us how weel she's doing, I'm imagining the day where we meet her gets closer ~ that is exciting!

Hubby must be going nuts without you too. I wish it was summer time and we could travel to see him/help him too. We think about you both alot and the kids look at your precious one's pictures often. They feel like they know her already!

Calfkeeper said...

So glad to read about baby doing so well. She is gorgeous! You are doing such an awesome job with her and with coping through this whole ordeal.

I am sorry I haven't been able to be on here to comment more often. And I'm sorry you have had "issues" to deal with. I will miss reading about baby, but you need to take care of YOU first.

By all means, take a break, care for that little one. And try not to let others' snide comments rankle.

Love, Missouri Rebecca

Cherry said...

I count us all lucky to have been able to follow your story and to have gotten as many updates as we have. You truly amaze me C! I feel lucky and motivated to have "met" you.

I get full nights of sleep and for the most part spend my days making sure the dent in the couch doesn't fluff up and fill in, and yet I'm not posting because it just seems like too much. And here you are pumping ALL THE TIME, and commuting to be with your little love bundle and doing it ALONE and away from the comforts of your home and husband.

You do what you need to do. Take a break. Stop completely. Just remember my email addy because I'll email you even if you can't email back. You know... unless it gets to be like I'm stalking you then please just say the word. ;-)

HUGS to you, LO and hubby! (and another one to you for good measure)

Autumn's Mom said...

Love you friend. You're gonna make it. You guys are going to be home before you know it. And I hope by then, you'll come back refreshed :)

Keep in touch. xoxo

humpsNbump said...

As much as I will miss your posts, I know that the last few months have been very stressful. Do whatever you need to to take care of yourself and your little family. We will always be there for you whenever you need anything.

Email, twitter or call me anytime.

Lots of love,
humps (aka Jenine)

jan said...

Selfishly I have learned so much about premature babies and enjoy reading your blog and admiring your courage. I will miss you but do what is best for you and little one.

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