Monday, January 05, 2009

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Okay, apparently keeping away from the blog was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I thought I was going to close shop, but now I'm not so sure. Yes, at times it feels like a bit much to keep up with, but at the same time it has been very therapeutic.

Hubby told me today that he believes the blog has been good for me. It started off as a place for me to keep in touch with the loved ones I left behind in the city and all over the globe. It then took on a life of its own and became a place of sharing. I've shared funny moments, difficult experiences, happy times, etc.

Hubby also reminded me that I've not only been able to keep friends and family up to date, but I have met so many wonderful people along the way.

Recently, it's been a place where I've chronicled the journey we went on to bring Little One into the world and then her birth story, as well as the experience having a baby born very preterm. It hasn't been an easy journey, but Little One is a fighter and she is doing so well.

Hopefully Little One will be discharged from the hospital soon. Heaven knows that her Mama is emotionally, physically and mentally drained from the months that led to her birth and the two months of her being in the hospital's NICU/Level 2 Nursery. I guess I'm so anxious, exhausted and emotional because Little One has been in the hospital for 56 days (I have been away from home since OCTOBER!!!) and I know we are so close to the end. I just want to go home already. Soon. Hopefully soon.
I guess you guys are stuck with me for a little longer! :)


hotmommy said...

oh thank you for not quitting the blog. i know it is selfish of me, very selfish but since we dont' get to talk on the phon often it is greatt o be able to get my updates on the blog.

you have something very special here in this blog chrissy and just think of all the wonderful stories you will be able tos hare with little one when she gets older.

talk to you soon. did you get my text msg today?

Anonymous said...

I found your blog accidentally and I have been reading it for sometime. I have never commented before but I just wanted to tell you that I think you are an amazing person. What you have been going through these last few months is beyond what I can even imagine. I have enjoyed following your story and I think you have one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! Whatever you decide to do I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your blog. If you do decide to keep blogging, I will keep reading. Thank-you for sharing with us.

caninecologne said...

hi c- i feel a bit guilty and even selfish by admitting that i'm relieved that you plan to keep blogging. but don't feel obligated to blog often. do what you can handle especially since you're going through so much right now.

Veronica said...

Do what I did, let yourself take time off when you don't have the energy to post. That way blogging becomes enjoyable and something you want to do, rather than feeling like you have to post.

Ellie said...

Whew!!! I am so very glad that you decided to keep up your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Hay C, Selfish little me is glad that I'll be able to keep up with how you and Little One are doing... It's been a long time since we wrote fake notes to get off the bus at eachothers house to play after school. Lots has happened... two boys and a Little One later! Don;t let anyone bring you down, keep up the GREAT work, it take a very strong person to do what you've been doing! Keep in touch! Stephanie

T said...

I am so glad you decided to keep blogging Chris. Sometimes people get burnt out and I think this is what has been happening to you.

You truly amaze me going in early every day and leaving late every night to do your duty as a new mom. How you haven't collapsed from exhaustion by now has amazed me. One day that little girl of yours will hear these stories of what her mom went through for her and she will love you all the more for it.

you are going through some rough times with J not around for you and with everything that is going on with the baby being born so early. I am sorry I cannot be there for you as often as I would like but I do try to call and visit every once in a while. You are doing a great job and you and Little One are almost there. Soon she will be home with you guys! Hang in there! We love you.

T said...

Just to clarify in case any anonymous azzzzhole says anything; I didn't mean J not being there for you because I know he is and I know you talk to him every night but I meant not being there physically to help carry your load.

Did you get my text msg this morning? I know it was early but just thinking of you sweety!

J at said...

YAY! I'm glad you're feeling better about the blog, and have decided to continue. Any time you want a break, take it. :) Just warn us, so we don't think something's wrong.

WOW, look at Little One! She's looking almost full term now! Go, LO, Go! Keep this up and you'll be home in no time!

C said...

I have thought of closing down the blog before in times when I just wasn't in the mood to blog. I sometimes hit dry spells or just don't feel like blogging. This time it was for different reasons. This said, the blog has become a big part of my life (sounds so weird!) and it has been really helpful to be sharing these past few months.

I did get your text message! You and T text messaged me around the same time! Crazy girls!

BTW, word ver: "avion"! That's airplane in French! Too funny!

C said...

Thank you for reading and commenting. It's really nice hearing from you. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement.

I'll try to post more recent photos of Little One soon. She is 36 weeks corrected today and 5 lbs, 2 oz! I wonder how much she would have weighed if she were full-term?

C said...

Hello to one of my favourite people in the world. I'm going to try to keep blogging but you're right...I may need to take some breaks here and there.

At least even if I don't blog, you and I will still be in touch, amiga! XOXOX

Jane - Mom Generations said...

Hi C - I know I have been terrible about commenting and keeping in touch in general lately, but I have been keeping up with you and the little one here, on FB and through my mom, and I am so happy you're going to keep blogging. You are such a blessing everyone who reads your words and follows you!


Cherry said...

I LOVE your post title and the fact that my feed reader said you had POSTED! YAY!

Of course, you ignore my jubilation. You blog when you want to blog. Write when you want to write. And don't post if you don't want to post what you have written. It's your blog, it's not an obligation. We are lucky to have found you and to have had so many updates to follow and encourage you. But know we are here, even if you take a really LONG break.


C said...

Good idea about the taking time off sometimes. You are so right. I'd hate for blogging to begin to feel like a chore :(
How are you? Can't wait to hear news of your little one on the way! Any day now!! XO

Thank you so much for everything. I will try to be better at e-mailing and I do need to give you a call one of these days! The intention is there, but for some reason the time hasn't been :( We will chat soon, my friend! Love ya! XO

C said...

Thank you for keeping up with all the craziness here :) Boy, how times have changed since we were kids! I do still remember you forging parents' notes so we could take the bus to your house for lunch when we were in school! LOL! Rebels!

Those were the good 'ol days, eh? I do miss those times!

Mmmmkay, you are going to make me cry, girlfriend!!! I texted you back. Did you get my text? Any day this week is fine. The babe and I will be at the hospital all day :) Tee hee! Can't wait to see you.

C said...

I know! She is now 5 lbs, 3 oz! She gained an ounce in one day. The nurse suspects she actually gained more but she did a lot of work today. She nursed for 65 min at lunch and 35 min at supper. Ummmm...65 min of actual feeding and not just non-nutritive sucking! CRAZY! The nurse tried to pull her away after and Little One screamed like I had never heard her scream before! Just one loud scream and then she started sucking again. She's a little piggy, my little one!!! Too cute!

The nurse mentioned sometimes babies "cluster feed" and then other times they just aren't interested. She may also be going through a growth spurt. Either way, I love nursing her. She is so sweet. I just hope she doesn't nurse for 65 min all the time! LOL! I'll never get anything done :) That's fine too! Housework takes the backseat when it comes to the baby! LOL!

C said...

P.S. The nurse was surprised at how long LO was nursing. She said she had never seen a baby do that for so long (suck and actually feed for so long). It was funny. Then she had a bath and was ravenous after. The nurse laughed and said LO was a funny girlie because many babies are sleepy after their baths. LO gets really hungry and is very awake after her bath!

Starshine said...

How much does LO weigh now? Amazing how much she's progressed!

Audrey - Mom Generations said...

THANK GOD!! We were talking about you today and wishing and hoping and praying you wouldn't stop blogging. It would be horrible! We feel such a connection to you and (now) your whole beautiful family. I think you are one of the most real and remarkable people I have ever ever met - not to mention - ONLINE! You have a way with words and with life and such a refreshing take on everything. I feel blessed to know you. Keep them coming... my post today - that was because of people like you... you were on my mind when I wrote that... xoxo

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

C... when I read yesterday that you were thinking of closing your blog, my heart sunk. Your blog is the first one I read each day, and I've had the most wonderful journey with you, and Hubby, your miracle island, your students, your farming, your cooking... and of course, our Little One. See... I even call her "our" Little One... because she IS ours, too. Your are a great part of all our lives, and you are an amazing, inspirational, brilliant and beautiful woman, friend and Mommy. I cannot imagine you not being part of our lives... seeing Little One journey home to your slice of heaven and watch her grow. This is where blogging is such a wonder... that we will see this happen before our very eyes. Take little breaks when you need to, because you will be a very busy Mommy and wife when Little One comes home... but please please please let us share the wonder and the beauty and the miracle she is!

We love you... it seems impossible to love someone you've never met, but we bloggers know it's true!

caninecologne said...

hi c! thanks! : )

i just read your email - what a crazy dream! wish it were true though! ha ha

hope you get a chance to finally watch "Twilight". omfg, i saw it 5 times already. the artwork for the DVD cover is already out (saw it on some fansites)...i already told my husband that's what i want for valentine's day, or if it's not released by then, an early bday gift. two copies too. yeah, i'm bad.

your daughter is feeding like a champ!!! Yay!!! pretty soon, you two will be home. i'm sure you will be happy to be in the comfort of your home.

btw, my latest obsession - the Tudors (i just finished watching season 1 and season 2 just got released!!!). here's why in two words:



louann said...

Oh C i wish i could hug you right now. I hope you don't stop blogging. I have come to love you and your blog.

Know that everything will be OK soon.

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