Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Said the husband to the wife...

1. "Must we really have NINE pillows on our bed?"I have no idea how we acquired nine pillows on our bed. I love large, fluffy, soft pillows. I need three of them in order for me to sleep well. Weird, eh? Hubby, on the other hand, doesn't really use pillows. He'd be happy with his ratty, old, flat, pancake-like pillow.

Don't worry. Little One wasn't sleeping on our bed and I didn't leave her there like that. We were playing on the bed. She was listening to Raffi when this photo was taken. *sigh* I think I had "Baby Beluga", "Down by the Bay" and "The Wheels on the Bus" in my head for four days!

2. "I'm exhausted. I really cannot sleep with the baby in our room anymore."Yes, we still have her in our room at night. Don't judge. She sleeps in the mini nursery we've set up for her. Our room is in the loft and her room is on the main floor, down the hall. It's just easier to have her in our room at night. I know she sleeps through the night and I don't have to nurse her several times during the night anymore, but it gives me peace of mind.

If she's down the hall, I can't hear her. I still do breathing checks periodically when she sleeps or naps. I know it sounds paranoid, but when she was in the NICU, she had the tendency to stop breathing every now and then. She'd forget to breathe and the nurses, doctors or I would have to stimulate her to remind her to breathe. I know it's a preemie thing and she's probably old enough now, but it still worries me. I remember seeing the numbers on her monitors just drop, the lights at her bed space would flash, and the alarms would go off like crazy. It's a really, really scary thing. If you've ever experienced seeing your baby stop breathing, then you'd know how I feel.

We have a large master bedroom, and the mini nursery is at the other end of our room, so I don't know why Hubby can't sleep with Little One in the room. He says she makes a lot of noise when she sleeps. She breathes heavily, moans, and grumbles in her sleep. She's a baby! Babies make sleepy noises when they sleep!

Anyway, I decided that last night I would move Little One into her own bedroom. After all, she's got a beautiful room and should probably start sleeping in it. I told Hubby that I know he needs his sleep, so Little One and I were moving into her room. There's a bed in her room too. That's right! I was moving into her room too!

Hubby was in his chair, watching the news on TV with Little One passed out on his chest. What do you think happened when it was time for bed? Hubby started to head upstairs...with the baby!!!

Me: Where are you going?
Hubby: To bed.
Me: (shocked) Why are you taking the baby upstairs? I thought the baby was sleeping in her room tonight.
Hubby: (no answer)
Me: HA! After all your complaining? You're not ready to let her go, are you? (laughing)
Hubby: (laughing) I guess not.
I know what you're thinking. I've had everyone and their cousin's aunt's monkey tell me that I need to "train her" to sleep in her own room. It's not her. It's us! It's not like she can't sleep anywhere but our room. The girl can sleep anywhere! She'll sleep in the living room, in her room, in the car...anywhere! I don't think we'll keep her in our room much longer. Maybe just a few more nights!


Patti McK said...

This post made me laugh!! My hubby is the same way. Samantha sleeps in our room still on my side of the bed, of course! She could sleep anywhere but where does Mike wnat her to sleep?? In our room... I haven't been sleeping well lately, but not sure why. I wake up many times during the night and think I hear something, then have trouble getting back to sleep. I just need a vacation!!
Anyway, it sounds like Little One is definately Daddy's Little Girl... She's very lucky to have such loving and devoted parents. And as far as having her sleep in her own room, do it when you are ready, not when someone says she should be... Taylor slept WITH me until he was 4 years old!! I didn't make that mistake again with Samantha!! LOL. See you soon : )

hotmommy said...

yea, i agree with patti- do things when your ready and not when people tell you you should. she's yoru baby , you know her best and you know what's best for her. isn't it the funniest too when people who don't even have kids tell you what to do? that cracks me up.

with our fist we had her in our room with us for the longest time, it was what was right for us. our second co-slept with us and i know theres that no co-sleeping warning everyone tells you about. again whaever worksfor you. by the time we had our third , in our room for the first four months and then into the her own room.

cute post chris. its funny reading your posts because i can almost hear you telling the story- you write like you speak. miss yazzz!

Autumn's Mom said...

Tell your husband that I had a hard time sleeping with Autumn in our room because of her baby noise! She did for about 4 months until we moved and she had her own room, next to mine. What a sweetheart he is :)

Uncivil said...

What is it with women and pillows? My ex had a pillow fetish?
It was like some sort of ritual to stack all the fancy pillows from the bed in the corner before we could get in the bed?

word verif....pinvenis ???

robert said...

Pillows: there are five upon our bed. Seems as we are on a good way...when she's asleep I put most of the aside, mostly in order to find place for me. Which leads me to 'sleeping in the same room': did that until a couple of months ago with our son, for more than twelve months in total.
Heard many comments on that as well, but I guess it is the parent who knows ALWAYS what's know this kind of feeling inside, which makes one sleep at peace at night, hearing the breathing in, breathing out ...

japanmanpete said...

Mate! It has been some time since I last left you a message. Your little one is growing! She's a beauty, like her Mum!

Having me some Orenji-Chuhai as I type.



Jackie said...

i go with they are only little once so enjoy every single minute of it!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

C - boo to them . Enjoy it nad enjoy nthis special closeness.
My boys slept in the same bed as we did or in the cot/side car bed in our room till they were almost two...
I had worries like you but not as valid as Little one being a premmie.
We then had a single bed in our room for them to share.
We moved them to their own bedroom at night just after two.
Every night they still come back to our bed one kid to each side ...
It is squishy but they won't do as much once they start school LOL we hope.

Jane - Mom Generations said...

So funny, C! Guess what? Last night I stayed over at Audrey's house. I stayed on their couch downstairs. Around 5:30 AM I went up to Audrey and Matt's room to tell Matt I was too tired to go on our planned bike ride. I had to step over two little boys (ages 3 & 4) sleeping on sleeping bags in the floor in Audrey and Matt's room. They just like to be there. No judgment here! :-)

Dina said...

so many people have their LO's in the room with them. We did it for 6weeks each time. I would have gone longer but DH insisted and then we were happy they were in their own rooms- but our room was very close by to their rooms. At least she isn't in the actual bed with you!
LOVE the quilt on your bed BTW!!

J at said...

We tried moving Maya to her own room when she was pretty young, but we couldn't hear her without the baby monitor, and it made too much noise and kept us awake, so we moved her back in with us. Then we moved, and our place had a perfect upstairs bedroom with a little loft off of the side of it. There was no door between them, but there was a corner, and it gave us a bit of privacy. She slept there for two years. Then we moved here, and she got her own room, which was close enough for us to hear her if she called us, but still her own room. She loved it.

I say, take things at your own pace. Don't do what anyone else says, do what is best for you and your family. Of course, if your husband isn't sleeping, it might be time to try her in her own room...

lisaschaos said...

Who could resist her! She looks so happy! That may be because of all that love and attention! :)

C said...

Thank you! You are so sweet! Oh! I was watching a video my uncle took of the baby's baptism! I'll have to show it to you sometime. You guys are in it!!!

I hear ya on the having trouble sleeping. I was like that too the other week. Between wolves, coy dogs, crickets, and what not, I just couldn't seem to sleep. Perhaps I had a lot on my mind too...

See you soon! Wow...Taylor starts school again soon, eh?

C said...

Funny! You're not the first to tell me that when you read my posts, it's almost as if I'm talking to you and telling you the story. My cousin's gf was laughing and saying that it's almost like I'm in the same room as her and telling her the story.

Yes, I'm going to *try* to not listen to the *advice* of people and do what I think is best for my baby and my family. I appreciate a lot of the advice I get, but sometimes it's just hard when people make me feel like I'm doing the wrong thing for LO.

Then again, these are people who believed that if you used tampons as a teenager, you were no longer a virgin...or if you went outside in the cold, you'd catch a cold.

C said...

:) Okay, I think my hubby likes you! ;) He smiled when he saw that you sympathized with him.

C said...

I have no idea what it is about the pillows!

LOL! Yes, Hubby goes into the nightly routine of removing and placing pillows. Too funny! I just sleep on the ones on my side of the bed. I use three for under my head and two beside me to cuddle. Hubby can't sleep if I cuddle him. He'll cuddle for a few minutes and sort of do that release and roll thing. Kind of like Ross did to Rachel in Friends.

louann said...

My Baby sleeps beside me. I know there are A LOT of issues about co sleeping but that's how I have done it since I had my eldest. And that's the way it's going to be =)

Jinxy said...

Lily sleeps in our room too. When she goes down at night I put her in her crib and when she wakes up to nurse I bring her to my bed and that's where she stays for the rest of the night. I wouldn't have it any other way and my hubby doesn't mind. But truthfully I don't think it would matter to me if he did mind. So no judging of you from me.

That is a lot of pillows you have. We have two, sometimes I could use one more, but really two is plenty for me.

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