Thursday, August 13, 2009

You Know You're A Beach Bum When...

...Your 9 month old daughter has a different bathing suit for each day of the week.Lime green and white polka dot tankini with Fuchsia and white polka dot trim from The Children's Place. Made with Lycra, this adorable tankini fits really well and is easy to put on and take off (which is great, since Little One hates the process of getting dressed).

Blue and fuchsia faux two piece bathing suit also from The Children's Place. I'm not sure whether this blue is "Robin egg blue", "Cerulean", or "Turquoise", "Aqua" or "Cyan". Anyway, it's one of my favourite colours. Little fabric flowers and tied ribbon at the shoulders add a touch of femininity and detail to the suit. It's also easy to put on and pull off...which is great for "bathroom mishaps". Also made with Lycra.
Adorable orange and fuchsia two piece bathing suit from Baby Gap. Thanks, Gadget Girl! What a great gift for Little One...especially since we're an outdoorsy beach going family. What I like about this bathing suit is that it has a lot of coverage.

Before I had Little One, I was guilty of sun worshiping. On weekends I'd hit the beach and stay there all day if I could. The students would study during the weekdays from 9AM to 4PM and we'd hit the beach. On weekends though, we'd be there from 10AM until whenever. Not very responsible on my part since the sun's rays are at their strongest between 11 AM and 3 PM.

Now with Little One, I make sure she's not exposed to the sun for too long and I make sure she's protected (UV filter on her stroller) or light blanket or sun umbrella when at the beach or in the garden.

The bathing suit from Baby Gap has excellent UV protection. The tag reads: "UPF 50+. LYCRA fiber + SolarMax fabric with UPF protection". Apparently, with its superior knitting technology and quality textiles, the suit guarantees maximum protection against the harmful effects of the sun by blocking 97.5% of UV rays.
Lime green bathing suit with blue, white, orange, green, and yellow stripes by Gagou Tagou. Cute little fish and flowers accent the suit. Lime green trim runs across the suit for more detail. Very cute. Little One seems to prefer this bathing suit to all the others. Perhaps it's because it's almost like she's not wearing anything at all. I'm not sure. All we know is that the kid prefers to go au naturel whenever she can! This is pretty close.

Little One only modeled a few of her bathing suits. I think she was getting kind of tired of the fashion show. All the bathing suits are in size 6-9 months (15-18 lbs/7-8 kg). It surprised me that all of the suits fit her perfectly, because she's a preemie and is technically only supposed to be the size of a 5 month old.
That's our girlie. Double fisting, kind of like her Mama back in her college and university days. *sigh* Although, it was more like a Smirnoff Ice in each hand and not a soother in each hand. Wow, those days seem so long ago.
Mmmm...Beach snacks! Perfect for HOT, sticky, muggy, icky, "I'm-cranky-and-sweaty-too-hot-to-cook-or-eat" days.


J at said...

I love all of those suits! The blue is a gorgeous color, and the yellowish stripy one is too cute for words. :)

And that fruit looks YUMMY. I'm on my way.

hotmommy said...

they all look so cute on her -she looks good in all those colors! the polkadot one is super adorable. i get most of our kids clothes at the childrens place. great clothes and great prices.

Barbara said...

Can she be any cuter?? Love the idea of havin a bathing suit for every day of the week. Enjoy these warm days before they slip away.


robert said...

Green as I know, represent the colour of hope. Hope that each day is filled with such happyness.
With the kid being now nearly two years of age, dressing has become no problem. Couldn't however understand back earlier, why most of the clothes would close on the back, when it is much easier for the parents to close them in front.
Please have a nice Friday.

caninecologne said...

hi c! she is just bursting with cuteness! so adorable - love the little bath suits on her!

Jinxy said...

Those bathing suits are so cute! And you did an amazing job of describing them.

jMo said...

Wow, she is stylin', a baby after my own hear.

louann said...

Oh my gosh C! She is soooooooooo full of cuteness! And yes, the bathing suits are also cute!!!

C said...

I love the blue one too! Blue is my fave colour!

Mmmmm...nothing beats fresh fruit on a hot summer day! I told Hubby that if I didn't have to cook for everyone else, I'd happily just have fruit for dinner! I was serious too!

C said...

Yes, we love The Children's Place! Luckily for us, there's one in the closest "big city" to us! Thanks for sending her that adorable outfit, btw! She wore it to a dinner party last week! She's a little socialite! LOL!

C said...

:) Thank you! You know, she's got more bathing suits than her mama does!

True about enjoying the warm days before they slip away. *sigh* I dread the thought of them slipping away so soon. It only JUST got hot here!

C said...

That is so true! It would be much easier if the buttons, snaps and zippers weren't at the back! Funny.

C said...

Thanks, amiga! BTW, she now wears all the outfits you guys sent her! She finally fits into them!

C said...

Thank you! How is your precious little Lily doing? Little One sends her hugs! XO

C said...

;) Hey, Hubby is looking forward to testing out the Drooble's gum! We must take pics! Oh, and I was shocked to see your name not being "Jeanna" as it always is on the envelope!!! SHOCKED! ;)

C said...

I remember when I was a kid, I used to spend my summers pretty much LIVING in my bathing suit!!!! Our girlie loves the outdoors. She sleeps so nicely when we're out! :) How are you and your three (ooops, I guess that would be FOUR) men??! :)

Karen MEG said...

Of course she needs so many suits!!! And each of them cuter than the next.

I'm so glad you're enjoying having a girlie, C. Just the sweetest thing, keep on enjoying!!!

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