Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's All About The Chocolate

I don't know why I have this song in my head. The first (and only) time I had ever heard it was when I was teaching in Japan. I was in a karaoke bar with some friends and co-workers, when one of the Japanese managers at the school I taught at sang this song.

As we (Hubby, The Student and I) sat around the dining room table sampling chocolate this evening, this song was in my head.

Anyway, since this week is The Student's last week with us before he goes back to university, I took him to the Chocolate Works. See how excited Little One was to be going to the Chocolate Works? Okay, she gets super excited every time we go for car rides.Is it just me, or does she look like she's grown a lot in the past week!?!

The Student dropped $50 on chocolate, which is not too difficult to do. He's very thoughtful. He bought lots of chocolate for his parents. Wonder if Little One will be as thoughtful when she gets older? Just kidding.His loot consisted of everything from Tiramisu hot chocolate (I didn't see that! I would have bought some if I had!) to Tickle Berries. In case you're wondering, Tickle Berries are chocolate covered cherries, raspberries, blueberries and cranberries! They are YUMMY!!!

Since it is my personal quest to try every single type of chocolate that the Chocolate Works makes, this week I present to you...
Almond Cranberry Bark (white chocolate), Almond Cranberry Bark (milk chocolate) and S'more Bark.First up is the white chocolate Almond Cranberry Bark. If you know me well, you'll know that I am a white chocolate lover. There's just something about that milky, sweet taste that reminds me of the white chocolate Easter bunnies I used to get as a kid at Easter. I guess I just love everything that reminds me of my childhood! White chocolate brings me back to those days of running around the backyard with my brothers and cousins, looking for Easter eggs on a nice, cool, crisp, sunny Spring day.

I just love this almond cranberry bark. The cranberry is really noticeable with the white chocolate. The almonds add a really nice crunch.I was kind of torn between which I liked better. It was a tough decision, because the milk chocolate almond cranberry bark was equally delicious. Subtle, smooth, silky, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate with the sweet yet tart cranberry and the crunchy almonds...who could resist that? I may like this bark better than the white chocolate bark, but for contrasting flavours, you can really notice the cranberries with the white chocolate bark. Last up is the S'more Bark. I got this one with Hubby in mind. When we had ESL students the summer before Little One was born, Hubby had a camp fire and made S'mores for the students from South Korea. S'mores remind me of being a kid and camping in my friend's backyard. S'mores are the quintessential childhood treats! My students were glad that they were introduced to S'mores.

The S'mores bark made me think of my husband, I brought some home for him.Yup! Just as delicious as the original S'mores treat! Silky milk chocolate covering mini marshmallows and graham cracker crumbles were absolutely divine! Two thumbs up for this one!

This evening was all about chocolate. If you happen to live near me, you'll be seeing me walking up and down our highway with Little One or doing some sort of manual labour in hopes of working off tonight's chocolate! ;)

It's all about the dum dum duh dee dum dum...


merinz said...

Ohhhh what a mouth watering post!

Cherry said...

That white chocolate bark sounds so perfect. I used to prefer white chocolate but I often find it too sweet now. But occasionally its a nice treat. I bet the tartness of the cranberries really break up the sweetness!

Sounds like a fun chocolate filled day.

t said...

On my way to work but just having my morning coffee and reading your blog! This post made my mouth water! I want to try the Smores one! you HAVE TO take me to that place when I come up to see you. You expecting many visitors for Thanksgiving? Maybe we can plan something. Miss u

Ellie said...

You lucky girlie! I spent lots of good quality time (and Money!) in that store while we were there a few years ago!!


wife-turned-farmer said...

Mmmmmm... Chocolate of any kind is good, but like you I do prefer white chocolate Easter Bunnies. Not such a big fan of dark chocolate though. This post definately had me craving chocolate anything... The cranberry bark looked quite tasty,and I like the idea of tart and sweet mixed together.
Hey, just to let you know, I have started a blog of my own just as a way of venting/ sharing my thoughts on my life. I find it somewhat therapeutic to get out the days happenings so it doesn't all build up in my head... Strange? maybe, but it works!
Take care. xoxo
Patti McK

C said...

I wonder how long it would take for a parcel to get from Canada to NZ? I wonder if chocolate would melt en route to NZ?

C said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly! I used to be a lover of white chocolate and it does remind me of my childhood, does seem a bit too sweet and a bit too rich for my taste buds now. Funny, that!

C said...

Awww! So sweet of you to have me on your morning reading list before heading to work! :) You betcha we'll go to the CW when you come visit. I think we may have family over for Thanksgiving, but as you know in true filipino style, mi casa tu casa! We'll all sleep in sleeping bags on the floor if we have to. There will always be room!

Dina said...

i love white chocolate too! and chocolate covered berries...wht could be better???

Don Mills Diva said...

The Smore bark! OMG THE SMORES BARK!!!

*wiping drool off keyboard*

Karen MEG said...

Oh C, that chocolate, my mouth is watering!!!

And yes, Little One is so adorable and growing so BIG! I love her beautiful eyes and lashes... lucky little girl. And I love the shot with her mama, just precious :).

C. K. said...

That looks like heaven...

You got my mouth salivating. Dang it!

J at said...

Sounds like a fun way to spend an evening, I must admit!

Do any of you drink alcohol? I love red wine with chocolate. Mmmm.

Jinxy said...

OMG that s'mores bark looks so yummy!

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