Sunday, December 27, 2009

Little One's First Christmas...At Home!!!

This is where we were last Christmas. Little One was in the NICU for the first two months of her life.

Her first Christmas was in the hospital, six hours away from home. It wasn't an awful Christmas though. Little One was healthy and thriving, and doing just great under the wonderful care of all the doctors and nurses at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Mommy had the support of all the staff, parents of other babies in the NICU, family and friends in Toronto (very special thanks to my Dad's sister and her family for being so good to us and letting me stay with them for those two months while Little One was in the NICU). The Linden Fund also helped make Christmas at Mount Sinai a happy one. There was some semblance of "normal" in a time that was most definitely not a normal one for us.

The Linden Fund put on a Christmas dinner for us and there were presents and Christmas stockings for all the babies.

This year was a very different year for us. Little One had her first Christmas AT HOME! She helped Mommy bake cookies for friends and family...

hung out with friends and family over the Holidays and enjoyed some Funeral Cake.
Okay, Little One didn't have any cake because Mommy is mean and will not let her have refined sugars, chocolate, or anything of that nature.

The funeral cake was delicious, by the way!
In case you missed the whole funeral cake post, a friend of mine made my birthday cake for my surprise birthday party. Her husband told her it looked like a funeral cake, so she made me a pink tractor cake instead. When we had them over for supper a few days later, she brought the funeral cake. We enjoyed it thoroughly. It was to die for. Mmmmkay, perhaps that wasn't the most appropriate thing to say.
Little One enjoyed opening Christmas presents. She enjoyed playing witht he wrapping paper more than playing with her new toys. Next year, I think I'll just get her a roll of paper.
On Christmas morning, Little One was a very busy girl (as always).
Trying to figure out just how much mess she can make before getting caught.

One of the best presents I received was the white hot chocolate from Second Cup and the white chocolate and cranberry cookies my friend baked. This said, the Dodge Caravan my husband got me scored pretty high!
I have to say that the very best present I received this Christmas was a happy, healthy, thriving baby girl who is HOME with us! Precious time spent with family and friends is also one of the greatest presents I could ask for.


Cherry said...

I still don't see why he thought it looked like a funeral cake... looks fun, festive and yummy to me!

I'm so happy for you guys. This sounds like it has been a wonderful holiday and seeing how mischievous Little One is is an added bonus. Check out how much she has changed in one year!

Anonymous said...

Agree with you that this year was one of the best, especially this last week.

Please have a wonderful Tuesday you all.
p.s.: nice to see that other kids to the same things as small Stefan ;)

hotmommy said...

oh she is such a busy girl! have fun with her and enjoy every minute! they grow fast!

caninecologne said...

hope you had a happy Christmas! looks like your daughter had loads of fun! :)

i can't believe there is such a thing as a funeral cake!

btw, we received your photo xmas card today! very nice! thanks! :)

word ver:

Charlotte said...

Came here through BlogHer--wow, your Little One is gorgeous! Looks like our girls are the same age: Little Miss Kickboxer was born Dec. 21.

They serve cakes at funerals? Must make a mental note of that.

J at said...

That totally doesn't look like a funeral cake. It's gorgeous.

Not as gorgeous as little one, though. :) I wonder if it was confusing to her, that you kept saying "no, no, no" to opening gifts and messing them up, and then the next day, you give them to her and say, "go for it!" I wonder what she thought of that?

I remember when the paper was more fun than the gifts. I also remember when Maya started getting gifts that were really exciting to her, and she really knew what was going on. I think it was her 2nd birthday. Or maybe I don't remember, because it might have been the Christmas before that, which was 3 months earlier. ;)

Maya used to like to play with the diapers, too. Funny kids.

Uncivil said... really sinks in as to how much difference a year can make when you have kids!
Happy New year!

Justagirl said...

OMG! She is so cute. I love the picture of her knocking out the diapers from the changing table. She's gotten so big!!! Happy New Year by the way.

Deb said...

tee hee. i love the pic of her pulling out all her diapers!

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