Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The World Is Her Oyster

A week ago, I was e-mailing back and forth with a friend of mine and we touched upon a whole slew of things we were going through and what was going on in our lives. One of the last things she said was: "Enjoy this time with [Little One], when she's so adorable and fun and sweet, and no one has hurt her feelings yet, and she still thinks the world is her oyster. I wish it could always be so, for all of our children."

I thought about what my friend said and I couldn't sleep for the next few nights. Okay, I cried about it for over a week!!! It's just so hard to think about how innocent Little One is and how life is so wonderful for her right now...and how she doesn't know any of the hardships, tough decisions, peer pressure, and hurtful situations that she will have to face in the future.

As a mom, I look at my baby girl and see her innocence, trust, sweetness and I just wish I could keep things that way forever. I wish she never has to know that the world outside the one she knows can sometimes be a harsh place to live in. I wish she never gets her feelings hurt. I wish she never feels like she needs to be someone that she's not.

Of course, I know that she will have her feelings hurt and she will be put in situations that aren't so pleasant. I wish we could protect her from all of those things, but I think the best thing we can do is to prepare her for the outside world the best we can...and hope that she becomes a strong enough person to make the right decisions for herself.

Wow! This parenting thing is a lot harder than I thought it would ever be.


Hubby said...

I totally concur.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Oh Chrissy, it's so much harder than I thought it would be. But also, so much more wonderful than I ever thought it could be. So maybe there's some balance there, too. You've been through so much with your Little One already...hopefully that's her share, and you won't have any more. My husband likes to say that I'm so darned healthy because I was premature and wasn't expected to live, so I got all of that out early on.

I'm sorry that my comment made you cry for a week. Sorry that it caused you worry. Sorry that it's true, that any of us have to worry...and sorry that life is hard for our children. I agree that our job is to get them ready for life, but that we wish we could protect them. Sigh.

I love the pics of her and the snow.

C said...

You are a man of few words...except when you get talking with the guys! ;)

C said...

Ohhhh...Don't be sorry. You just opened my eyes to a whole new side of parenting. It just hit me though. I hadn't really thought of that part. It just makes me so sad because you're right...right now the world IS her oyster. She has nooooo idea about what is in store for her and what kind of hardships she will face. She has no idea that people in the real world can be horrible sometimes or that they're not like Mommy and Daddy. I know it's something all kids will eventually have to see.

I just love this time of her life right now. Everything is so perfect for her and life is good :)

merinz said...

It sure is a hard one. And one that tugs at the heart strings for ever.

Your Little One is growing so fast - thank you for sharing her progress with us!

jMo said...

She's off to a great start. Wish I remembered that oyster feeling. Now you've made me hungry for oysters! Did you get any storm photos? I think ours will stay like this and freeze over.
I'm going to have to start baking, maybe today (happily sipping schnapps).

C said...

Thank you for that :) She sure is growing fast! It's so true what you said. It does tug at the heart strings.

C said...

I wish I remembered that oyster feeling too!!

I tried to get some storm photos, but wasn't brave enough to go out in the blizzard! LOL! I went out AFTER the storm subsided. Pics on FB. Lots of snow!

Awwww! I haven't had Schnapps in AGES!!

jMo said...

Ah, I'll check them out. I was driving around in it all yesterday. Almost smashed up poor Cha Cha a few times.

humpsNbump said...

Love this post.

hotmommy said...

i have three kids and you know they all have to learn sometime. your a great mom and she's lucky your her mommy. you have far more patience than i do. i think she's so calm and sweet because of you and john -my kids are hellions. ha ha

Dina said...

well said Christine. I think about things like that all the time. I just want to always protect my babies and keep them safe from anyone who may be mean to them! It is really hard but so amazing being a mom sometimes!

C said...

Ohhh! Poor Cha Cha!!! Hey, I baked 10 dozen Christmas cookies for the goody bags I'm putting together for family and friends. Shortbread, Sugar Cookies, and Ginger Snaps...and I think I'm going to make one more type. Any recommendations/suggestions?

C said...

Thank you. Give Baby a big squeeze for us. You know, sometimes I just hug Little One and never want to let go...

C said...

LOL! Your kids aren't hellions! ;p They're just very...active! :)

C said...

So true. Being a parent isn't easy. From teething, not knowing how to help them or make them feel better when they're sick, and then when they have nightmares, sleepless nights, and now thinking about protecting them and them entering the world outside of the one they know now. I know that everyone has to go through this, and learn on their own, but right now her life is so good. She's happy, secure, loved...and this is what she knows.

jMo said...

You amaze me, I bow in your general direction (I said "bow", okay, which is hard to do because that would be up.)
I can tell you the easiest on my list: My mother's Melted Moments (rolled in a ball with ground walnuts in the batter, rolled in powdered sugar while still warm, tastes a lot like Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies, calls for a cherry and Hershey's Kiss).
The most popular I make are close to your Sugar Cookies, only cut out cookies and decorated, and then simple Peanut Butter Cookies.
You could also turn your ginger snaps into Gingerbread Men.
New this year is Turtle Popcorn, caramel corn with chocolate, pecans, and extra caramel.

Cherry said...

When I read this post I immediately thought about J. Funny it was her you were emailing with.

For years my thoughts on parenting have been mainly about logistics, and for the first time they are turning to how on earth am I going to prepare this little wiggly person for the emotional side to this world. I'm not even ready for it yet!

Deb said...

This about made me cry. At the same time, I'm hopeful you and hubby will be great parents and teachers!

t said...

OK- you officially made me cry and that is not an easy thing to do!

Karen MEG said...

Parenting is the hardest job, but also the most rewarding. At least that's my take on it 9.5 years and two kids later. I know there will be challenges coming up, as they become more independent, thinking individuals... I sometimes wish I could just cuddle with them in Little G's bed, under her princess net, and cocoon us from the rest of the world. But you can't, that's just the growing process, for ALL of us.

You're doing an amazing job, and I have no doubt at ALL that this will continue to be the case. And Little One will just grow and propsper and bring so much to the world around her too.

Frau Guten Tag said...

I'm probably completely nuts, but sometimes I stop & think of someone hurting (physically or emotionally) my little boy & it makes me feel a feeling that I can't even describe in words.

Early on after he was born when I did grocery shopping I felt much more vulnerable while loading up the car--because it takes so much longer & I am guarding my son with my life from pediphiles, etc. I felt capable of protecting him, but I kept worrying about if someone was to kidnap me--what would happen to my little boy?? I kept picturing him sitting in his car seat or still in the grocery cart screaming his head off, terrified. Again, I can't even put that emotion into words.

Shortly after that I bought myself a canister of pepper spray that goes on my keychain. I feel much safer with that & I try to avoid thinking bad thoughts as much as possible.

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