Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Maddie's Mom (aka A Scrapping Mom) and I took our girls swimming today. When one sets foot off Island, one revels in simple joys like treating oneself to things one does not get on the Island. Don't get me wrong. We LOVE the Island. We love that there are no huge corporations like McDonald's, KFC, Wendy's, Dairy Queen, or Tim Hortons. This said, when we go to the city, it's nice to have a treat once in a while.

Maddie's Mom and I had been craving a breakfast sandwich at our trusty 'ol Tim Hortons. I purposefully didn't eat breakfast so I could have a breakfast sandwich. *drool*

Last time we took the girls swimming, we popped over to the Tim Hortons "drive-thru" in Stinkynola and anxiously awaited our turn so we could set our hands on the much coveted breakfast sandwich. Maddie's Mom placed our order and we were stunned at the response. STUNNED!

"Breakfast is now over" was what we heard via the static-filled speaker.


"What do you mean breakfast is over?"

"It's after 11."

"Ummm...But, it's only 10 after 11!"

"That's right. Breakfast ends at 11."

"Oh, come on. You can't tell us that there are absolutely no more breakfast sandwiches. It's ten minutes after 11!"

"Do you still want to order anything?"

"No thanks."

Disappointed, we drove away. We were starving though. Incidentally, Maddie's Mom is pregnant. She needed something to eat. We ended up getting a bagel or something. Grrrrr.

Fast forward to today.

Maddie's Mom: This time, we are getting breakfast sandwiches!!!
Me: Yes! Let's leave the Island a little earlier so we can make sure we get there before breakfast is over!

Tim Hortons is exactly 74 minutes by car from my house. Door to door. Pathetic, but I've actually timed it.

Anyhow, we made it to Stinkynola at exactly 11AM. We pulled into the drive-thru and...

Tim Hortons lady: May I take your order?
Maddie's Mom: Yes. Could we have two breakfast sandwiches, a French Vanilla, and an apple juice, please?
Tim Hortons lady: Breakfast is now over.
MM: What? Oh, come on! Seriously?
THL: Breakfast is over at 11.
MM: Wow. It's 11:01! You mean to say that as of a minute ago, there are no more breakfast sandwiches?!?!
THL: Yes. Do you want anything else?
MM: No.
THL: Would you like a bagel BLT instead?
MM: No.

Maddie's Mom ended up getting a bagel with light cream cheese and a French Vanilla. I ended up getting a bagel BLT and an apple juice. Once again, our hopes were crushed and we were left disappointed.

Tim Hortons
, you know we love you. We do. Your Iced Cappuccinos and your French Vanillas are the best. Hubby loves your Tim Bits and Crullers. Your chili and sandwiches are also first rate, but COME ON!!! What's with the no more breakfast sandwiches ONE MINUTE after 11?!?! We are sooooo unimpressed. Seriously? ONE MINUTE after 11?!?!

**Maddie's Mom's alternate blog name, "A Scrapping Mom" is derived not from the fact that she likes to get into lots of scraps with people. She's not like that at all. Her name comes from the fact that she loves scrapbooking! :) **


caninecologne said...

Hi C - why can't Tim Horton's have breakfast all day like IHOP or Denny's? How frustrating!

btw - there are no Tim Horton's in California. :(

word ver:

Cherry said...

OH that's just AWFUL!

My first eating out experience while pregnant was oddly at McD's, and we had breakfast. Eric decided he wanted another hashbrown (as I sat there with my two happily), so he went to get another just as they were switching the menus over to lunch. It was a good 10 minutes after "breakfast is over" but the guy still dropped another hashbrown in the fryer for him. :-)

C said...

I know. Seriously, eh? I mean, they sell coffee and donuts!!! Why can't they sell breakfast sandwiches and hashbrowns all day too!?! Grrr! LOL! I cannot tell you how MAD my friend and I were! LOL! It was one minute after 11! This was our second attempt at getting our breakfast sandwiches! Maybe next week. LOL!

C said...

Ohhhhh! Eric is soooooo lucky!!! That was really nice of the McD's guy to get him another hashbrown.

I was thinking...If the breakfast menu ends at 11 AM and we pulled into the drive thru at 11:01, do they mean to say that they immediately stop making breakfast at EXACTLY 11 AM!?!? There were absolutely no more breakfast sandwiches available? Come on. That is ridiculous. LOL! ;)

C said...

You know, I had no idea that there were Tim Hortons franchises in the States!!! I thought we only had them in Canada.

For some reason, I love my Timmie's (iced caps, hot chocolate, etc) better than Starbucks. I *must* be Canadian. LOL!


caninecologne said...

hi c - there are NO tim horton's over here. i'd never even heard of them until i read your post.

those tim hortons workers are such pedantic tools...c'mon, it's one second after 11 and they wouldn't sell you a breakfast sandwich? boo!

word ver:


pancit made be men?

C said...

I KNOW! Crazy, eh?
I laughed so hard when I read the comment you made about "mencit"!!!

My word ver is "unding"! LOL!

hotmommy said...

hehehehehhehehe! that's such a great post- too funny! bastards for not giving you guys a breakfast sandwich though. it wasn't like it was half an hr after breakfast or anyting.

t said...

Ha ha! Funny post Chris! Im on my way to work and gonna pass by Tim's for my morning cofee and after reading this I want a breakfast sandwich! The reason you guys don'y make it for breakfast is because R-A only wakes up at 9:30! You need to leave earlier! Says the girl with no kids! ;o)

Jackie said...

oohh, that is horrible... i need my tim coffee after my swim every time. bummer about the breakie though.

next time show up at 10:30 and tell them you are going to order at 10;59!

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