Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What NOT To Do When Talking On The Phone

After having just fed the baby, I sat in the office and prepared to check my e-mail pay bills online waste time on Facebook. The phone rang. It was my friend, SuperAmazingMommy.

Me: Hello?

S.A.M.: Hey. How are you?

Me: Good. You?

S.A.M.: I forgot to tell you to bring indoor shoes, a pencil, and a bottle of water to rehearsal tonight.
What a great friend. She always looks out for me.

Me: Great! Thanks for reminding me! Putting those in my bag now. I am so excited about tonight!

S.A.M. says something to her youngest son. Something about candy canes and him wanting to do something by himself. I think.
Meanwhile, I'm trying to reply to an e-mail, comment on family members' Facebook photos and status updates, keep a watchful eye on Little One (who looks like she wants to tear apart my bamboo plant and pull all the DVDs off the shelf)...AND as all this is going on, I also try to groom my eyebrows.

S.A.M.: What are you doing?

Me: Oh. Trying to groom my eyebrows. Oh, crap!

S.A.M.: What?

Me: Urgh. Guess tweezing one's eyebrows while on the phone and on the computer is not such a great idea. Shoot! Pretty soon I'm not going to have any eyebrows left!

S.A.M.: That's why I say to not bother! God gave you eyebrows for a reason!

Me: Yeah, well...Nothing irks me more than messy, unruly brows. I can't stand thick, caterpillar-like, messy-looking brows. Those strays! Argh! If I don't groom them, my eyebrows will look like...

S.A.M.: If I don't occasionally groom mine, they look like my Dad's.

We both laugh.

Me: I know, right?

S.A.M.: Well, they're supposed to look like eyebrows! STOP plucking them! Stop it, now!

Me: Well, they're not perfectly symmetrical! If I fix one side, the other one needs to be fixed.

S.A.M.: That has nothing to do with you being OCD at all.

Me: Hey, you'll be proud of me. Remember when your boys put Little One's play mat back NOT in alphabetical order? Well, I just left it like that!

S.A.M.: Good for you! You're learning to let go.

Me: Crap.


Me: Okay, if you see me at rehearsal tonight and I don't have eyebrows, you'll know why.
Ladies, we can change a diaper, talk on the phone, write notes and To-Do lists, AND think about what to make for supper pretty much in one go, but...

Do not (I repeat, DO NOT!) groom your eyebrows AND go about doing other things at the same time. Not a good idea.

In case you were wondering, this is what we are rehearsing for:


Curiosity Killer said...

Too funny, Chrissy. Hahahahaha. I need complete privacy and concentration whenever I tweeze my eyebrows.

C said...

Tee hee! I like your brows, btw!
Miss you, girlfriend! xo

E said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!I can totally imagine this conversation with you and SAM. I might have had a few conversations like that with her myself!

C said...

When you read our "conversation", could you *hear* her saying those words? Haha! As I wrote this post, I could almost hear her! She's so funny!

C said...

P.S. I managed to salvage some eyebrow. Did you notice I still had some last night? Tee hee!

E said...

I really did hear her. Mostly because we might have had very close to the same conversation! Ha! And, to be honest, your eyebrows must be absolutely fine, because I didn't notice that you were missing one last night.

hotmommy said...

you've always had the nicest groomed brows i've seen! beauty comes with it's price! [[[[[[[[[[[[[lol]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
and i'm sure you still have eyebrows! crazy girl!

Cherry said...

I'm curious if after I have a baby if I'll take the time to do my eye brows. I assume so... I mean I don't ever actually put the tweezers away since I am always taking care of those little buggers. The tweezer's home is sitting on the little back splash ledge of the vanity so they are always visible and handy.

I hope Eric lets me continue to trim his! ;-) They are so distracting when they get unwieldy. I don't tweeze his, they just need a trim to keep the wacky old man brows at bay. I'd much rather look into his eyes then find myself staring at his brows (and yes, that has happened.... more than once).

Anonymous said...

To be honest, until tonight, I can't really understand (see a reason) why women are doing this.
Maybe only a personal opinion, but feel as they are beautiful enough the way they are.

Please have you all a wonderful weekend.

C said...

I had sooooo much fun at rehearsal! Looking forward to the next rehearsal! So, we're not wearing those tutus!??! ;)

C said...

Haha! Thanks! You are too funny! Do you still get yours threaded?! Waxed?

C said...

Cherry: busy as it gets with a baby around, I treasure my alone time in the bathroom so I can do my brows! LOL!

HAHA! Does Eric know you're sharing this info? :) I have to say that I TOTALLY relate! I've had those moments that you've just described with my husband too! He doesn't really like it that I groom his brows, but he doesn't resist too much! LOL!

C said...

You are so right. It really should not be an issue. You're right about people being beautiful just the way they are. I don't know what the obsession I have with eyebrows is all about. ;)

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