Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm So Excited...And I Just Can't Hide It!!!

Yesterday, we had to take Little One to "the city" for an audiology exam. Because of her prematurity and low birth weight, the infant hearing program conducts follow up visits just to make sure she is not at risk for hearing loss. Little One passed the test with flying colours! In fact, she can even pick up sounds that we can't!

We also got to do some shopping and meet up with some friends for lunch. Poor Hubby sat through lunch being the only male at the table. He had to listen to all the women talk (and talk, and talk!), but was such a good sport. Hubby was outnumbered by Maddy and Maddy's Mom (A Scrapping Mom), another friend of ours, Little One, and yours truly. When the bill arrived, Hubby disappeared and treated my two pregnant mommy friends to lunch too! Awwwww! I love my husband!!!

The other reason I'm so excited is that Little One had a photo shoot with PhotoCaptiva. Check out their website and admire their gorgeous work!

There was a time when I considered taking Little One to Sears, The Superstore, or even Walmart for her portraits. Then we became friends with the amazing duo from PhotoCaptiva and now we get them to do all our family portraits. Their photographs are works of art. They put so much care and thought into their shots. They capture life's most precious moments. A picture does speak a thousand words...and those generic photos at Sears that we used to take when we were kids just don't cut it. At least, not for me. Totally not knocking generic photo studios at all and not meaning to sound snotty, but I just love, love, LOVE the personal touch you get with PhotoCaptiva!!

Rosie and Jamie are so professional, fun, enthusiastic, and great with kids! The photo shoot we had on Friday was a blast!

Little One had a Cake Smash session. Since I didn't let her eat (or touch!) any of her birthday cake on her 1st Birthday (yes, what a mean Mommy!), she got to go to town and make a mess of the cake Rosie had especially made for the session! Little One didn't care for smashing the cake. She preferred to daintily pick off the decorative flowers and eat them!

There was fun fur...

and there were bubbles!!

Little One was even a little fairy for a while!

Little One went through FIVE costume changes and didn't even fuss! She had a blast and was a complete ham for the camera. Two hours of taking photos and she was a happy camper! Now, that has got to say something about how great these photographers are with even their tiniest and youngest subjects!!

I am ALWAYS 100% satisfied with the photos Rosie and Jamie take. There is a huge difference between "good" or "nice" photographs and professional photographs. Rosie and Jamie just bring out the very best in every beautiful frame and shot they take. They've got such vision and eye for detail. Their shots are unique and made to suit your character. I can't even begin to describe how talented these two are!!!


Christy said...

Those are the most BEAUTIFUL wonderful pictures EVER!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing them.

C said...

Jinxy (aka Christy):
Thanks! I am so thrilled with the photos! They took TONS!!! These are just the previews! Can't wait to see the rest! I'll share those with you too!

Aren't they truly talented photographers!?!

My friend, E asked me if those rosy cheeks were actually Little One's cheeks or if they were PhotoShopped to look that rosy. 100% Little One's cheeks! Teething's not so fun, but the rosy cheeks looked really cute in the fairy pics!! LOL!

Cherry said...

Seriously precious!
I keep bringing up the idea of pro photos with Eric and he keeps saying we can just take them. He doesn't get it.

I'm moving to Canada so I cam come hang out with you and use your photographer!!!!

C said...

Seriously! :) It must be a guy thing. My husband said that we could just get friends to take photos at our wedding and then we could just print everyone's shots. It's totally not the same as having beautiful, artistic, professional photos. It's not just the subject matter, but putting things together to make it "work". Know what I mean? It's the composition, the angles, the lighting...everything!

Hubby now knows what I mean. When he saw Little One during her photo shoot yesterday, he was in AWE!!! I think he even mentioned how much of a difference it makes when you have people who take photos for a living do your photos!

Hey, come on over ANY TIME and we can hang out...and you can get my friends to take your photos!!! :) Not joking, btw! xo

jan said...

Incredible photos. i'm sensing a little super model in the making,

BeachMama said...

Oh C, those photos are gorgeous. Of course having such a beautiful willing subject is easy to work with. Fabulous.

Rachie-Babe said...

It's been awhile since I stopped by. The photos are gorgeous!!!!

C said...

Awwww! Thank you! You're so sweet. My husband just had this worried look on his face and said that he thinks we're going to be in trouble with Little One! I don't think he's looking forward to the teen years! LOL!

C said...

Awww! Thanks!! How are you doing, btw? I have been thinking of you a lot lately! Okay, I'm heading over to yours now...

C said...

I know! Same here! I keep meaning to pop over to yours! I HAVE been thinking of you though! xo

J at said...

Oh, I so wish we had known someone like this when Maya was a baby and we were going to Sears. Maybe I should find someone local...she's getting her braces off in a few weeks! Yay!

C said...

I feel badly for saying I feel Sears, Walmart and Superstore photos are far less superior compared to photos that are taken by photographers like the ones at PhotoCaptiva. I feel awful for saying that and it makes me sound like such a snob! :( Really, I'm not. I'm just so excited about the pics and the fact that my friends took them! I think they are so unbelievably talented!

I have a great idea! You mentioned looking for someone local to take Maya's pics. I've got the perfect answer to that...

STARSHINE!!! Starshine takes fabulous pics and she's your friend...and you see each other sometimes! Wouldn't that be great!?! :)

J at said...

C, don't feel bad! Sears pictures are fine, but they are nothing special. The pictures you have are special. :)

And you're right, I should ask Starshine to do a photo shoot of Maya!

Calfkeeper said... adorable! Those are awesome pictures!

Deb said...

the little fairy costume is gorgeous on her!

captcha: bezze totally reminds me of a fairy buzzing around!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

C - Little one is so adorable, happy corrected 1 yr birthday too. The photos are magical.

Melissa said...

~What beautiful photos indeed! I took my little guys to a traveling photographer one time here in town and the photos I got were definitely not worth the money I paid. The photographer didn't have any patience and I ended up with pics of a teary-eyed baby with a runny-nose. I was furious!

I definitely believe that a photo-session with photographers is worth every penny. They are priceless and irreplaceable. I am so happy that you were able to receive such great preview pics and can't wait to see the rest!!

Love, Peace, & Nimkee Blessings,
Melissa xxoo

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