Monday, September 27, 2010

Cell Phone Pics

A friend of mine recently told me that I am obsessed with taking photos. You know what? She's absolutely right!

I am obsessed with taking photos.

I take photos of Little One. In fact, I've got a zillion photos of her!

I take photos of food. I keep telling people "It's for the blog!" :)

I take photos of the places we've been to. I take photos of our visits with family and friends.

I take photos of everything.

In some ways, I feel the need to commit to memory every moment that I share with my husband and Little One. I don't want to forget a single event. I need to capture these moments. Even the everyday, boring, and seemingly trivial moments are important to me.Pic of our bed. Hubby asks, "What on earth does one need with SEVEN pillows?!?!"
Little One is such a clown! She's always trying to make people laugh with all the silly things she does. I was writing an article and she came up to me, looked at me, and waited for my reaction when I saw her with her sweater on her head! What a character!
The kid insisted on wearing her Halloween costume all day. She had a play date that day. Can you guess what she wore to her friend's house? Ummm hmmmm. Her chicken costume.
I just think the Boon Bug is the most awesome thing ever. Never again will Little One have her toys all over the place in the bathtub...and they drip dry!
Supper at My Thai Palace. Kids these days! They're texting at such a young age! When I was her age, we had rotary phones! Cell phones? What? Maybe a decade or two later, and they were still huge, honkin' things that only a few people had the privilege to carry around. They looked hideous!
Caught in Sudz, sporting her My Dandelion Wishes owl hat.


Cherry said...

My dear, I completely understand! I should do a similar post.

And the pillows are for the pretty! My hubby asked the same thing.

C said...

I think you really are my long lost sista! XOXOX :)

J at said...

HA! That picture of her with the phone, she totally looks like she knows what she's doing. You got a glance there at the future, when she's 14, ignoring you and txting her friends.

Frau Guten Tag said...

I am totally the same way, taking pics constantly! I also sooooo cherish old photos of my own childhood & even prior to my birth.

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