Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why Do Work and Life Have to Get in the Way of Blogging?

There once was a time when I would diligently post several times a week. Now that I'm teaching again, it leaves very little time to get online as much as I would like to.

I have to be online for a bit when Little One is in bed, because that's when I get my freelance work done. I never imagined how difficult it would be to work, take care of a toddler, cook, clean, do all the household chores, and help my husband with his work. I have a deep respect for moms all over the world. Being a mom is a full time job. Being a mom and working is just insane! I'm starting to get into the swing of things and Little One loves hanging out with her grandparents during the day.

I just feel that when I get home, I'm exhausted. The house seems to suffer more now. The toddler seems to crave attention more too. Preparing lunches and suppers the night before and remembering everything else seems to be a huge task for me.

Little One is cutting her molars and is still having the occasional night when she's plagued by her night terrors. I find I need more sleep and every day, by 3PM I am exhausted.

I'm excited to be teaching ESL again. I really love the feeling when my students suddenly "get" superlatives, comparatives, gerunds, infinitives, and conditional clauses. Love it!

Oh! Before I forget...Check this out! Guess whose article is posted on The Canadian-Mom-Bloggers Daily?


Deb said...

hey! look at you big fancy article writer! congrats!

i'm not a mom and i totally respect all mothers who can do all their regularly required duties and plus some. so, more power to you. you are amazing. just keep doing what you're doing.

i can barely juggle posting to my blog and i only have a job to worry how sorry sad is that?!

J at said...

I think letting it go a bit, and accepting that it won't all get done just the way you want every day is one of the best lessons a toddler can teach you. Your house will be perfectly clean and dinners just how you want them when she's grown and gone. That will be wonderful too, in it's own way. You will rediscover dating your husband. But for now, I think it's better to succumb to this time of life, and enjoy as much as possible.

J at said...

And I hate that I used the wrong "it's" there. I meant, "its". Stupid grammar. I don't envy you, trying to teach that to kids from other lands, when people who live with it, who UNDERSTAND it, still make stupid mistakes.

Barbara said...

C, I know exactly how you feel, well not exactly as I was lucky enough to be home when my children were toddlers but working since they were in preschool has deepened my respect for all working Moms! Full time or part time; it makes no difference we all come home to the same pressures and work that must get done around the house. I think J gave the best advice! Just let it go. Some day your house will be spotless again but until then it is so much more important to have time with your family. Children won't remember how clean the house was when they were little but they will remember being played with and read to and enjoyed by their parents. Time goes by so quickly. In the blink of an eye little one will by 10 like my youngest and you'll wonder where the time went. Enjoy every second as much as you can my friend and know that you are not alone in your struggles!


jMo said...

Oh please, woman, you put us all to shame! So cool you're teaching, you must have been sorely missed.
Yeah? You? Will check it out, C.
I think you'll have LO making lunches for you all soon, lol. Really tho' I was so happy when I was finally big enough to make lunches and do some dinners for everyone. I might have been 9 or 10, but LO will be ahead of that curve.

C said...

:) Tee hee! Awww! Thanks! How have you been? I've missed ya!

Yeah, juggling is hard. I swear, I've come close to a few breakdowns in the past week. I never knew things could get so overwhelming.

Can't complain though. All is good. Tiring, but good! :)

C said...

I seriously need to save every one of your comments. No, seriously! You always make me see things differently. Thank you for that. Thanks for reminding me of the more important things in life. You are so right about everything you said.

C said...

P.S. I hear you on the grammar thing. I was actually telling my student that even people who speak English as their first language make mistakes with there/their, it's/its, whose/who's, and so on.

He's doing really well. We had a crazy week with grammar and I hope he isn't overwhelmed. He did really well with the gerunds and infinitives, but the comparatives and superlatives needed improvement.

Nimkee's Mum said... are such an awesome-super-star-Mom!

Having been a full-time Mom, and nanny for a bit between child 1 and child 2---I can tell you that without a shadow of a doubt children will never remember what the house looked like on a regular basis, but will always walk away with a warm tingle in their hearts remembering the precious time they got to spend with their loving parent(s--whatever the case may be).

I used to pride myself on having the cleanest, tidiest, most organized home of anyone I knew. My midwife told me to stop burning the candle at both ends and just enjoy the moments as they come. She's a very smart lady!

My eldest is now 24, and my youngest living child is now 7. Where does the time go??!!

One day my home will be tidy again, and I'll sit here and wish I had a toddler to play with, or rock to sleep again. Aw well, there's always

"Carpe Diem"

Love & Nimkee-Blessings to you all, Mxxoo

C said...

Nimkee's Mum:
Oh my gosh!! You just made me CRY! It was like a light suddenly lit and I realized how very right you are. My house is always a mess now and whenever I clean, Little One just destroys or undoes everything I've done. The burning the candle at both ends part hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm tired. I'm exhausted. I'm becoming more and more grumpy and short tempered. I don't want to be that way. Frustration and exhaustion = a very crabby Mommy. With a toddler with only two speeds (fast and faster!), it's really hard to keep up. Man, I cannot imagine how moms with multiple children do it! One is hard enough!

Ha! Someone asked me when #2 is coming. I laughed! LOL! :)

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