Saturday, September 18, 2010

International Cuisine Night #1

Some friends and I decided to have International Cuisine Nights every month. It's a great chance to get together and socialize, catch up, and enjoy some fabulous food!

Since I'm teaching ESL again (after being home with the baby...who isn't a baby anymore), we decided to kick start International Cuisine Night with dishes from South Korea. I also incorporated the evening into our curriculum. My ESL students have monthly presentations, and I thought it would be a great opportunity for my student to talk about Korean food and Korean culture in front of an audience who just happen to be educators as well.

The poor guy was so nervous that A) he had to speak English in front of anyone other than me, and B) the audience consisted of 1 high school principal, 2 high school teachers, 1 public school teacher, 1 kindergarten teacher, and 1 ESL teacher.

Regardless, he did a fantastic job.

Bulgogi (beef with veggies and Bulgogi sauce)

zzimdark/jimdark (My student didn't know how to spell it in English)
Chicken, potatoes, veggies in a mildly spicy sauce

jabchea (Potato noodles with veggies and beef)

karanmarlee (Korean egg roll)

Hobak buchimgea (Korean pancakes with zucchini and/or other veggies)

Donggrangdang (Little Korean pancakes made of pork, tofu, veggies)

Hobak jun (breaded zucchini)

Looking forward to the rest of our International Cuisine Nights. On the list: Mongolia, Switzerland, Mexico, Hungary, and the rest to be announced.


caninecologne said...

hi c! what a great idea! i'm sure your student did a fabulous job! he really put on quite the feast too. i wish i could have been there for that! i'm sure your audience enjoyed it as well!

it's interesting how spellings differ for foreign languages. i have always seen chapchae spelled this way instead of jabchae; i've also seen it as japchae. there's not really a standard way to spell things, even in English!

btw, i love those yam noodles - so nice and chewy!

C said...

I know, right?! Where was this student when you guys were visiting?!?! :) Just kidding. You're right about the difference in spelling though! I've also seen it as chaphae. My student insists that it's jabchae though! To me, phonetically it "sounds" like "chapchae" though! Anyway...

Oh, and those noodles! He told me they were potato noodles. The package read: sweet potato noodles. Are sweet potatoes the exact same thing as yams??? I've always been told that they're different. I wouldn't be able to tell them apart. I use them interchangeably! LOL!

Oh, one more thing and I thought YOU would like to hear this. My friends, Stephen and Elisabeth just had a baby boy. Henchel is a Henry and not a Rachel.

jMo said...

You are all looking soooo good, girl. Love the new header, how did you do that?
Moving my mom's blog to her own domain and going w/WordPress and of course linking you.
Man, you're cookin'!

C said...

Ohhh! Make sure your Mom sends me her new link! :) So happy she's enjoying blogging! That is so cool.

Thanks for the compliments :) The header was done with a bit of Photobucket-ing and Picnik-ing :)

We need to catch up soon! XOX

caninecologne said...

oops, i meant sweet potato not yam

and yay for s & e!!!

Maria said...

one question??? How come I wasn't invited???!! ;)

Valerie O'Leary said...

He did such a fabulous job! The food was delicious too!

Curiosity Killer said...

Wow!! Your blog is looking AWESOME, CHRISSY!! The food looks so yummy! It's about time you get someone else to cook for ya!! ;)


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