Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Sad Thing

...about living on an island far away from my family and friends is that Little One hardly ever gets to see our family and friends.
They don't get to see her grow up or see how funny she really is. She doesn't get to spend time with them or get to know what it's like living with lots of family around.
I feel like she is missing out on all our big family gatherings. She doesn't get to "know" or grow up with our loved ones. It honestly and truly makes me sad that she doesn't get to have that.

At least she has her grandparents here. She gets to spend time with them and she is very attached to them. We do have a great group of friends on the Island and I am thankful for that. We also have extended family here. The sad thing is that we see Hubby's sis and nieces as often as we see my family in Kingston, Toronto, and Montreal!

I know that we all get busy and wrapped up in our own lives. It isn't always easy to take time out and visit, write a letter/e-mail/card or make a phone call.

I don't know. I guess I'm just in a reflective mood today. I'm extremely happy with the life we have created. I love my little family, our home, our farming/country lifestyle, our friends, and the work we do.

I'm just sad that us being so far away, no one asks how Little One is doing or comes to visit. Then the thought occurred to me that even if we did live in Toronto, Kingston or Montreal, would we see our family more? Probably not. Life gets busy.

I am REALLY looking forward to spending Christmas in Kingston with my brother, sister-in-law, twin nieces and 3 year old nephew (and my parents and youngest brother). I'm so excited for Little One to spend Christmas with her cousins. I can't wait to spend time with my brothers. We'll be stopping by Montreal too to spend time with our family there.

I guess I just need a dose of my family in the city right now.


Cherry said...

Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh!
We're gonna be on the East Coast then! Only 5.5 hours away. how do we meet up? How How How?
I know that time is totally precious with family time and I don't know if I could pull myself away from the family we will be seeing who we haven't seen for 2 years, but we should think about it. Maybe meet somewhere?
Put brains on it.

C said...

REALLY!?!?!?! OMG! We HAVE TO make this happen!!! Where exactly will you be? Any chance of meeting up in Montreal?? I can give you guys a tour of my hometown! Well, we grew up in the 'burbs but we ca take you to Old Montreal or something! We MUST get together!!

Thanks for this :) I was feeling kinda bummed out, but now you made my day! XOXO

Kimberly said...

Giant hugs Momma. I can't even imagine being away from my family. We are all so close. When I moved out and to a different city that was 20 minutes away, I was sad...is that lame? LOL!

C said...

Not lame at all! I am totally with you on that! I now live 6 hrs from my family in Toronto and 9 hrs from my family in Montreal! :( With the internet (FB and the blog), I don't get tooooooooo homesick. Every now and then I need a good dose of family though. After that, I'm fine again. LOL!

Frau Guten Tag said...

The thing is: Little One doesn't know she's missing out on anything, it's just how she's growing up. We all grow up differently & don't know anything else. So it's not really sad, just different than what YOU are used to. Trust me, she will be happy no matter what. I grew up always alone, my brother & sister were much older & didn't have time for me, & so I've grown up very independant. And now Lil J is in the same boat, with a much older brother & sister that I doubt will ever take the time to be really close to him. But he's still happy & plays independantly just fine. He doesn't know any other way of life, so he's not sad about it at all. It just is what it is. Sometimes I think us parents need to lay aside our desires for our kids & just let them be who & what they are in the surroundings they are in.

C said...

You know what? You are absolutely right. I guess I was just in one of those moods and feeling a bit blah and homesick for family. I come from a very close-knit family and not having them all here makes me sad sometimes. You're right though. Little One will be fine. She's a very happy, easy going, cheerful, fun-loving kid. She will be fine.

Frau Guten Tag said...

I do understand, although I didnt come from a close-knit family. And I remember when hubby & I first married. I moved into hubby's house, which is 30 minutes away from my family. To me thats not far at all, but to my family it seems like I live out of state, LOL. Then right after we married hubby took a job with a 2 hour (often longer due to construction going on) & so he started looking at houses closer to his job. I remember paniccing, thinking I would NEVER see my family. (this was right after we married & I didnt know yet that the 30 minute drive was so far to them, but I did know that 2-3 hours away would be too far for them). Well hubby quit that job quickly & we never moved, but I learned that only 30 minutes away I almost never get to see my family, so now I dont care where we live, we could move across country & nothing would change, LOL

C said...

You are absolutely right. We live 4 min from Hubby's sis and her family (BIL and their 2 daughters). We almost NEVER see them! In fact, we see them just as much as we see my family who live 9 hrs away!! :( Guess that's what happens when everyone is too busy and has their own "stuff" going on. I'm used to seeing my family every weekend (when I lived in Montreal, I saw my family all the time).

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