Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me That Being A Mom Would Be So Hard?

For 23 months I have lived in false security that Little One was the pillar of health. Some of Little One's buddies from the NICU have had a few setbacks with respiratory issues and whatnot. I counted my blessings each day that passed when Little One didn't get sick.

For 23 months she has been warded off influenza, RSV, and other ickies.

Until now.

We've all been sick for the past few weeks. Little One just never recovered. My gut feeling told me to take her to the hospital. Some people told me that it's just something her little system needs to go through herself. All kids get sick and just have to let their immune systems work it out. I totally agree with that. I do.

At the same time, Little One was a preemie and all I could hear in my head were the talks we had with doctors about how sometimes preemies have respiratory issues or if they get sick, they sometimes have a hard time bouncing back. My gut feeling told me to take her to the ER.

After three hours of being in the ER with her and her being under observation after being given an inhaler, we finally got to go home. The ER doc said to come back first thing in the morning for a chest x-ray and a visit with the ER doc again.

After yet another sleepless night (for Hubby, Little One and myself), I took Little One to the hospital again. There's just something so wrong about a toddler coughing so hard that it sounds like she's going to cough up a lung. It's painful to watch and to see.

The chest x-rays showed that Little One has pneumonia. She's on some strong meds and hopefully she'll be back to her normal, spunky, full of energy self again.

There's nothing more difficult than seeing your little toddler so sick and helpless. Wow. No one could have prepared me enough for this parenting thing! It's so much harder than I could have ever imagined.

My poor monkey. :(


Anonymous said...

Aww sorry LO is sick. I am sure she will be back to herself in no time.

Annie said...

I hope Little One is feeling better soon...that is one of the hardest parts of being a mom.......You can't always take away the owies for them.

Justagirl said...

I hope that Little One gets better real soon and that the medicine kicks in fast. Liam was carried to full term and still has respiratory issues. My advice is to always take the baby to the ER, Urgent care or doctor immediately. It will not get better on it's own and it can turn from bad to worse in as little as 3 hours. Liam had pneumonia in August. Since then he has been placed on a daily preventative. (We have asthma in the family.) He's responding really well (knock on wood) and he's been really well ever since. Always listen to that little's there in us mother's for a reason! Hugs for Little One and for you mama...

Barbara said...

If they told us how hard both marriage and parenthood are we may have chosen a different path!

I'm sorry to hear that little one and the rest of the family has been sick. Good thing that you listened to your inner voice! Pneumonia is a tough thing for any one to manage never mind a very young child. I hope the meds act quickly and give you all some needed relief!


tawna6988 said...

Aw so sorry, sick kids is so sad. We have had a sick house for a week but so sorry to here about your little one!

Stopping by from Canadian Moms, and am your newest follower. Hope to see you by my blog too.
I have 4 blogs, you can follow all 4 or pick the one(s) that best suits you.
Twitter: tawna6988


J at said...

You're right. Parenting is SO much harder than I ever imagined. And I don't know if you ever get past that. I asked my dad once what the hardest age was, and he said, 20. Because my sister looked like she was going to marry a real freak when she was 20, and it scared him more than our many hospitalizations combined. Sigh.

The good news is, that while you are currently being terrorized by this fear and worry, she won't remember any of it, and isn't NEARLY as scared as you are. She's scared about not being at home. You're scared about what could happen. That's the problem of being an adult. Esp a parent.

Don't worry, though. She'll be fine. And remember what Maya's karate/stranger danger taught her when she was 5 or 6. Trust your gut. If your gut says something's wrong, trust it, even if you look stupid and even if you hurt someone's feelings. Your gut knows. As a parent, that's harder, because our brain tries to talk us out of our worry. My brain has thrown me off many a time.

J at said...

That's karate or Stranger Danger TEACHER, btw. :-)

Tracy said...

I'm so glad you listened to your gut! Go Mommy!

I hope she's back to good health soon!

merinz said...

Oh dear, have just read your last few posts. So sorry to hear that Little One has been sick. It is so so scary to have a sick child. No wonder you are missing family! I do hope that she is recovering now and that you are all getting a good nights sleep.

Do you still hear from Ms Mamma - Heidi? I notice that she hasn't posted in a while.

caninecologne said...

i hope your daughter is feeling better and gets well soon! i'm actually taking today off because tc is sick. her temp was 100.7 but she seems okay. i didn't want to chance it by sending her to school though.

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