Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alive by Five

A friend of mine always jokes that she worries whether her son will be alive by the age of five since he's a daredevil. He's a very active little guy who has no fear.

I often wonder if I'll be alive by the time Little One turns five.


The kid is so rambunctious, full of energy, and has no fear. Okay, she's two. According to most parents I have spoken to, toddlers at the age of two are much like Little One. She's always into everything, she's non-stop go-go-go, full of energy, etc, etc, etc.

How on earth do parents live past the toddler years? Turn your back for two seconds, and this kind of stuff happens...

Yup! Little One found her butt paste and smeared zinc oxide ALL OVER my kitchen, kitchen appliances, and HERSELF! Of course, this was after she had demolished my kitchen and turned it upside down.

I almost had a heart attack. I'm sure in a million years, I'll be able to look back at this moment and laugh. Again, how can you get mad at someone who looks this cute?

P.S. I have learned am learning that I need to take a chill pill every time Little One does something that stresses me out. I need to learn to laugh more and let things go. I need to remind myself that we are so blessed that she is here with us and can even do all those things that stress me out. She is our little miracle. I have to keep reminding myself of that...especially when she looks at me with a diaper cream covered face and butt paste smeared all over the fridge and stove.


thecatinthetree said...

Funny! The last picture is gorgeous, too. As my mom and I often joke, "It's a good thing they are so cute!"

My LO is a big fan of dumping things out. Salt, baking powder, cereal... she is a little engineer and always figures out how to open things.

Jan said...

When my children were two (long ago), I tried to rent them out.

Business was very slow.

C said...

Tee hee! So true! It *is* a good thing they are so cute!! ;) Love that your little one is an engineer! I keep telling myself not to *interfere* with Little One's creative process. When she dumps her water onto her food tray, she's simply trying to figure out how that whole "gravity" thing works. When she dumps her noodles into her glass of milk, she's merely trying to see how whole weight/displacement of liquids come into play. Ummm...yeah.

;) lol

C said...

Hahaha! I love that! You always make me laugh. I have been a truly delinquent blog friend!! I have lots of catching up to do! See you over at your spot in the blogosphere soon!! xoxo

Robyn said...

What a little butt head! (literally!)

Just laugh, my friend, that's all you can do or you will go insane!

When G does something like this I always laugh (but NEVER LET THE TODDLER SEE YOU or it becomes a game!). My husband gets upset, but it's just a moment in time - yes the clean up is time consuming but it makes for great pictures and great stories!

C said...

Thank you, my friend! You are so right. I really do need to laugh it off. It *was* kind of funny. You are right. If I don't laugh at these things, I *will* go insane. I'm so wrapped up in trying to make this crazy house look like a page out of a magazine or an IKEA catalogue, that it stresses me out when it doesn't. Of course, it doesn't look like a magazine cover 99% of the time. Ack!!! Yes, let go...breathe...


Dragonfly said...

LMAO!!! I'm so looking forward to the toddler years again! NOT!!!!!
When my youngest was 2ish (now 6) he always had bum rashes, and I used to put Vasaline on his bum and diaper, one day I found him with the Vasaline pot (brand new from Costco, so you can imagin the size) and a brand new bag of diapers... Guess what he had done! you got it! Opened the brand new bag of diapers and smeared Vasaline all over them, and himself in the process!!! Including everything he could get his hands on around him! WHAT A MESS! I think it took over a week of baths to get all the Vasaline out of his hair!!!!
LOL, and here I am soon to start all over again! HELP ME!!!!!

mi3pddldks said...

Reminds me of my 4yr old at that that age!! I would literally clean a room and he would have it destroyed by the afternoon but then you would find him fast asleep looking like a sweet angel! How could you get mad at that! He also loved vaseline...stuck a whole jar of it in his hair. I have a very active 18 month old who is going the same way but his fascination is with sugar!!By the way purex laundry soap in liquid form is the best I found to clean the stuff up!

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