Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Funnies

*Disclaimer: Please be aware that this joke is not a "G" Rated joke and may be offensive to some. Please do not read any further if you are easily offended.*

One of my favourite Tweeps needed some laughs today, so I racked my brain for some jokes I could tell her. I'm the kind of person who has that "delayed reaction" thing going on whenever someone tells me a joke. Then I laugh about the punch line for days. I'm also the kind of person who messes up jokes whenever I try to retell them.

My friend, FunMommy told a bunch of us this joke at one of our International Dinner parties. I still laugh about this one. It only took me about ten minutes to finally "get it" (the joke, I mean)!

Here you go, Nugglemama!

Three very pregnant women are waiting to see their doctor.  The first says "I'm sure I'm having a boy this time, because my husband was on top, and I always have boys when he's on top."  The second one says "That's interesting. I guess I'll have a girl then, because I was on top."  The third woman begins to sob, and the other two ask her why she's crying. She says, "I think I'm having puppies!" 

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hotmommy said...

hahahahhahahahahahaa! omg that was so funny! thanks for the friday laughs girl! have a good one!

caninecologne said...

ha ha!!!!!! you dirty gurl!!!! :)

cute photos of your daughter by the way (with smeared paste on her face and on your oven!)

Nugglemama said...

Hahaha! Thanks! That was just the laugh I needed.

C said...

;) I don't normally tell those kinds of jokes. I think the funniest part was the fact that I didn't get it at first! LOL! THAT'S why I thought it was funny!

C said...


Oh, the smeared paste on the oven. Gah! The stuff is hard to remove! I am trying to take things lightly and not get upset. My stress level has been crazy lately. Plus, how can you get upset with someone so cute? LOL!

C said...

;) I wondered if you thought that joke was funnier than the termite joke!

J at said...

HA! Too funny.

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