Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Special Occasions with Lavish Dream

Having a fabulous hairstyle is just as important as having an amazing outfit.  When your hair looks awesome, you feel awesome.  Am I right?

With all the occasions and events coming up, I've been dabbling with different styles and ways to wear my hair.  I'm really excited to be a Lavish Dream blogger so I can test out the extensions I was sent as part of the program.  I was surprised to see how popular extensions have gotten recently.  A lot of the high school students (including Little One's babysitter) wear hair extensions.  Ha! I never even knew!  They look so natural.  Here I was being super jealous of Little One's babysitter's gorgeous locks! She's got them in all sorts of funky shades too.  One time, she was sporting a few hot pink extensions interspersed among her naturally blonde hair. The look was really cool and edgy.

While I am not a teenager anymore, I've opted for a more subtle and subdued shade (as close to my natural colour as possible), but the extensions provide length and volume to my just above shoulder length hair.

I'm attending the ShesConnected social media conference in Toronto this October and I've been dabbling with hairstyles.  We're having a big party that weekend, and I want to look and feel great amongst my peers.  I love any occasion where I get to dress up and feel pretty.  I know a woman should dress up and feel pretty every day, but with a young child, hectic life, and very little sleep, I do not always feel my best. 

At first, the extensions took some getting used to.  I initially felt it a little awkward to insert on my own. I would love to have my own personal hairdresser do my hair every morning.  No, I'm not kidding!  However, after a few tries, I became more and more comfortable using the extensions and it became easier to create the looks I wanted. 

Thanks to the instructional videos that Lavish Dream provides, you can see how to take care of your Lavish Dream hair, how to style your hair, blend it, do different hairstyles, etc.  The following video was really helpful:
I should have watched the above video before attempting to use the extensions!  Honestly, it makes things so much easier!

One of my best friends came over and I happened to be wearing my Lavish Dream extensions.  She's an art teacher and is into fashion and loves accessories and hair styling. She even organized and put on a fashion show last year. She was very impressed (and very excited!) about the hair!  She was amazed at how natural it looked and how it totally changed the way I looked.

Just so you can see the dramatic change, this is a photo of what my hair currently looks like (below).  I've got really fine, mousy, uncooperative hair.
I am looking forward to continuing to test out my Lavish Dream extensions and experimenting a bit more with them!  My next post will include a video and some hairstyles I've tried out and worn at events! Stay tuned!

Disclosure - As a Lavish Dream blogger, I have received products from Lavish Dream.  Though affiliated with Lavish Dream, all the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own.


Multi-Testing Mommy said... look good girl!

Insane Mamacita said...

Your hair looks amazing Christine!

Just Us Girls said...

I love the look, you look gorgeous! I'll have to look these up, my niece loves wearing extensions, these seem awesome!

Tammy inRdream said...

I am a wee bit jealous... I have always wanted to try those! You look stunning! Your hair looks beautiful! So happy for you and this amazing opportunity!!! thanks for sharing!

Tammy @inRdream

Christine McN said...

Crazy, huh? :) I would never be able to grow my hair that long! LOL! It would weigh down my hair too much. In the past few years, I've been keeping it quite short!

Christine McN said...

Insane Mamacita:
Awww! Thanks so much! I can always count on you to make me smile :)

Annie Brown said...

Looks great!

Christine McN said...

I was always curious about them. My husband came in while I was inserting them and said, "Oh! You have a hair WEAVE!?!?" :P LOL! Thanks! I'm surprised to see just how many people wear extensions...and on a regular basis!

Christine McN said...

Aww! Thanks! Makes me feel like a completely different person, actually. Glad I got to try them, because it's something I was curious about, but never ended up trying until now.

Christine McN said...

Cheers! I've always wanted long hair, but the weight of long hair just doesn't work with me (and my hair type).

Mama Ash said...


caninecologne said...

ooh, sexy long hair there! whip that hair around girl!

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

Beautiful! Have you ever had your hair long? Because it looks fantastic on you.

shashers Life said...

I wanted to do this with them but life was too busy at the time. I'd love to have the versatility that extensions offer you. I think you look amazing!!

Denise said...

Your extensions look great I just chopped my hair recently to my shoulders

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