Wednesday, September 26, 2012

#WordlessWednesday ~ Pet Peeve

 Courtesy of Hubby

Courtesy of Little One

I do not know why they do it.  To drive me absolutely bonkers, I suppose?  
What's your pet peeve?

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OrangeHeroMama said...

Tell me about it!!! It's drives me completely bonkers too!!

Kathryn Lavallee said...

What the heck were your hubby and daughter doing in my bathroom? Lol! I feel your pain all too keenly, my dear!

Deborah Coombs said...

I do believe they are in cahoots and it is an evil plot

Elizabeth FrugalMomEh said...

Omg! My OH does that too! Drives me crazy!

Paula Schuck said...

Lol. Falling on the floor. My kids do that. Husband usually puts it on the roll but I always somehow short sheet him. Omg he loses it. I do not do it on purpose. I swear. I just forget to replace with a new roll.

Brandi Yee said...

LOL YES! This bothers me too and happens often with my husband...tisk tisk ;)

Manager to Mom said...

LOL! Nope, can't say hubby does this. In fact, he's probably better about refilling the toilet roll (and yes, the "right" way) than I am! My pet peeve is the kitchen island getting totally cluttered with random objects; this doesn't bother him in the least and it drives me crazy!

Shayna said...

Yeah I'm more likely to do that then anyone else in our house I'm afraid...

Laura Cyra said...

I'm with you on this one, how hard is it to replace the toilet paper, takes what a couple extra seconds? That and the toilet seat left up, major peeve!

Erika Price said...

Drives me nuts too!

Parent Club said...

That - exactly - is my pet peeve!

mail4rosey said...

Your guys are related somehow to my guys, I just know it. :)

Good Girl Gone Green said...

LOL! I hate it when people put the toilet paper on top. Grrrrr

Cheryl Kids On A Plane said...

Hahahha...I'm laughing at what your husband did. Your DD - well I guess it's expected for her age as mine does the same thing

My husband takes the finished roll off but then doesn't put a new roll on even though he puts the spring thing back on. How long does it take to put a roll on it when the extra rolls are in a basket right under the TP holder? LOL

Melissa said...

Grr! That's right up there with not refilling the hand soap and putting the empty milk jug back in the fridge. Do they want to see us in straight jackets? Visiting you from Home of Ohm today.

Monica said...

My husband changes the roll but the grown kids just bring it in and sit it on the floor...why?????? Is it really that difficult to actually put it on the holder????
{You can probably tell this is my pet peeve too!}

Canadian Dad said...

I don't see the issue here? Everything looks normal to me... :P

MBA Mama said...

My middle two are constantly on refill patrol. Now, to get DH to put it on the holder the right way...

Christine McN said...

LOL! Never fails! EVERY single time.

Bwahahahahaha! Too funny! :)

I believe you are correct!! ;)

Christine McN said...

Frugal MomEh!
Tee hee! I don't know whether to be comforted or disturbed to hear that this takes place in many homes! LOL! Ohhh...We need a "Replace the toilet paper roll" revolution. ;)

Bwahahahahaha! Oh, Paula! I simply adore you! You always crack me up! BTW, I still cannot shake the image of you in the video singing in the store (were you at Costco?). Can't remember details, but you are so awesome!

Manager to Mom
Oh! The kitchen island getting cluttered. I hear ya! That happens here too :( lol

Haha! If you and I are sistas from another mista, I think our hubbies are brothas from anotha motha ;) xo

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