Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting Ready for #SCCTO - Part 1

If you haven't attended a social media conference before, they are exciting, fun, informative, and also a little dizzying because of how fast paced everything is.  There is so much information you will want to pack in as well as so many things to see and do, and people to chat with.  I absolutely love attending events like the ShesConnected Conference.

I flew in the night before the conference, in time to have dinner with the other #SCCTO Ambassadors as well as the Canadian Beef team and #loveCDNbeef Ambassadors.

My flight with Porter Airlines was an enjoyable one, as always. To date, my flight experiences with Porter have always been stellar. The cabin crew and the service are first rate. What I love the most is that the flight is from Sudbury to Toronto is only 45 minutes. By the time I finish my drink, it's time to land! If you  haven't tried the Terra chips they serve on the flight, you simply have to try them next time!
Terra Chips - wholesome gourmet snack made with a mix of exotic vegetables like taro, yuca, batata, parsnip, sweet potato, etc. Mmmm...delicious!

Getting to Toronto with Porter was a breeze. Getting to the hotel from the airport took longer than it took to fly to Toronto! Instead of taking the FREE shuttle service, I took a taxi. BIG mistake. Before we even left the parking lot, I had racked up an $8.00 taxi fee...and we hadn't even moved! Then we got stuck in traffic. Next time I need to make sure that A) I don't arrive when it's rush hour and B) I take the shuttle service. That's fine. Lesson learned.

Checking in at The Renaissance Hotel, I was greeted by my friend, @Gingermommy. I was so happy that she was the first face I saw! The hotel service was great, the staff was welcoming and our room was very inviting. Okay, anything is inviting when you don't have toys, clothes, storybooks, and the chaos of home for a few nights. Not that I didn't miss my family, but having a bed to myself and no mess to pick up was heavenly.

Dinner was at Lone Star Texas Grill, which happens to be where my younger brother moonlights. It was funny chatting to the staff and finding out they all know my brother.

When dining with Canadian Beef, one orders...BEEF! The burrito was SO good!
I love you Texas Lone Star Grill!  I had the hankerin' for a beef burrito. Mmm!


A 12-inch flour tortilla filled with Mexi-beef, Mexican rice, refried beans and Con Queso. Topped with our own Ranchero sauce and Jack & Cheddar cheese, served with guacamole, sour cream and Pico de Gallo.

Here are some of my #loveCDNbeef tweeps!

 @AlexaClark - fab Beef Ambassador
My gal @nugglemama - another amazing Beef Ambassador

This was just the beginning of our ShesConnected adventures. Stay tuned for more!


Kathryn Lavallee said...

Christine, meeting you in real life was beyond amazing and I absolutely loved experiencing your joyous personality in real life after falling in love with it online. I cannot WAIT to see you again!

Christine McN said...

Okay, this comment made me want to cry! Thank you SO much for your kind words! It was lovely meeting you as well! See you soon! :)

Sny Med said...

Christine, I loved meeting you at SCCTO! I always love your images, especially of food! That steak dinner is really calling my name, especially because I had a very little lunch.


Nicole said...

Great post, Christine! The burrito sounds fabulous. I've seen it on the menu at Lone Star, but have never tried it. Maybe I'll switch things up on my next visit it and give 'er a whirl.

Mom vs. the boys said...

hehehe I can't imagine you ordering anything else! lol it was a yummy dinner

Kristen said...

I am so out of the loop about SCCTO, so I will have to follow your posts to see what it is all about. Maybe next year, I'll check it out.

Denise G said...

Great post!! I have't been to Lone Star in years!!! Was great meeting you - you are a lovely lady!

Little Miss Kate said...

I love flying porter too, and those chips are soooo good.

It ws so great to see you at SCCTO, love being able to get together with so many of my favorite people

Cheryl L said...

I've never flown Porter yet but have heard about all the yummy snacks and food they have!

Love your pics of food - what can I say (I love to eat!)

So glad we could talk in person but didn't have enough time to actually talk talk. Next time! :)

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