Friday, October 26, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday - This Time Four Years Ago

While tweeting with my friend, @inkscrblr, I was reminded that this time four years ago, I was put on complete hospital bed rest.  Just thinking of what was going on four years ago brought tears to my eyes.  To be  honest, sometimes those memories are so far behind, locked in the deep recesses of my mind. Just a memory.  The fears and emotions were definitely real, but the end result is a happy, healthy, bright, active, busy, sometimes challenging and spirited little girl.

Most of the time, I forget that she was so premature and I try to put the past in the past.  Many times, those days, weeks, and months in the NICU seem so far away.  Sometimes they seem like they never happened.  If you see this vivacious, curious, strong Errr...Strong willed little girl, you may not believe we even went through any of that.

Seeing posts and tweets that remind us of those early days does make me cry a little.  They also serve as a reminder of the love, endurance, and strength we all have within us.  There were days I thought we would never survive, but here we are.


Julia said...


Paula Schuck said...

Sweetie: she is so beautiful. So glad she is okay and healthy and wonderful. I think I understand a bit of this. My girl was never that premature, but our life together came only after a whole lot if searching and that is bittersweet too. Hugs!!!

Christine McN said...

Thank you for being such a great friend over the years. Sitting with you at the airport last week and crying, laughing, chatting just made me so thankful for friends like you.

Christine McN said...

Thanks for your love and support. You've been such a great friend! xo

Janine said...

And what a gorgeous little one she's become! I'm so glad you're both okay and made it through. Hugs!!!

Christine McN said...

Thank you so much for this :) xoxoox

Sober Julie said...

Thank God that everything turned out well and that you've opened yourself up here to help others who are experience this....

Christine McN said...

Thank you, my friend! Wait until you meet her. She's a real firecracker! :)

Julia said...

But look how wonderful and amazing she is now! :) Somehow we get through it, and it feels like a different time, a different life. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but our preemie experience made us the moms we are today and our girls are survivors! xo

Christine McN said...

SO true! You are so right :) Very glad to have met you in person at SCCTO! Fellow preemie mama! xo

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