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So Many Reasons Why I Love @TELUS! #SCCTO

I've been a TELUS client since 2000.  Wow! That's twelve years! Twelve!  I have never switched over to any other provider because TELUS has been good to me. Really good.

When I left Japan after teaching there for two years, I was addicted to my cell phone.  Of course, returning to Canada, I was shocked at how much more advanced technology was in Asia. My cell phone in Japan was super sleek, light, thin, and tiny! Cell phone costs were pretty reasonable, and everyone in Japan had a cell phone. Yes, even grandmothers had cell phones!

I returned to Canada and researched several cell phone companies.  Of all the providers, TELUS seemed like the best in terms of customer service, deals, coverage, and prices.

Throughout the years, I've upgraded phones at the end of each three year contract.  I've always had fabulous service with TELUS and whenever I had any issues with billing or anything I wanted to question, I always called customer service and spoke to a rep.  I have to say that I love TELUS because of their service. Perhaps I've been lucky, but I have always had the kindest, most understanding, most patient, most helpful reps on the other end of the line.  I'd like to think this is standard, but I really am impressed.

When I moved to Manitoulin Island from Toronto, I contemplated giving up my cell phone because I was moving to the middle of nowhere.  Before I did anything rash, I went to the TELUS location at Scarborough Town Centre and asked to see a map displaying the coverage TELUS had in Northern Ontario. Sure enough, Manitoulin Island was covered.

To this day, people visiting us on the Island complain that their cell service is horrible. I always have my five bars! Signal is always strong! With the exception of a few dead zones, I've got perfect cell reception. If you're on Manitoulin Island, TELUS is fabulous! Five bars all the time, and I'm only on 3G!

I think the biggest reason I've stayed with TELUS is that back in 2008, I was sent by air ambulance to Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital because of my high risk pregnancy. For weeks prior to delivery, I was on strict hospital bed rest. My husband was on the Island (a 6 hour drive) and we chatted daily about baby's development, how I was doing, me being homesick, etc.

When Little One cannon-balled her way into the world, I texted Hubby to come down to the hospital. She was born at 28 weeks gestation and at 980 grams (just about 2 lbs, 3 oz).  What was supposed to be the happiest, most beautiful time of our lives had turned into the scariest, most emotional experience.  Multiple phone calls a day were made back and forth between Hubby and me. I'd call him if Little One was having a good day. I'd call him if she was having a bad day.

"Little One needs a spinal tap. Do you know if lumbar punctures are okay? What are the odds of something bad happening?"

"She's on 4CCs of breast milk."

"She's on low-flow."

"Little One might go off C-PAP in a few days."

"They said she might need a blood transfusion."

"I miss you. I don't want to do this alone anymore."

It was heart-wrenching.  To have to go through having a baby in the NICU for 70+ days is one thing, but to have to do it while your spouse is hours away and could only commute every other weekend? Brutal.

By the second month of being in the hospital, I received a phone call from TELUS. The rep told me that my bill was a whopping almost $2000! WHAT?! Prior to that, my bill rarely went over $35. We spoke. I cried. I said I had a long distance plan. I explained my situation. We had a sick baby in the hospital, my husband and I communicated via our cell phones, etc.

After speaking with several people, TELUS managed to knock down a huge chunk of the bill. Though I did have a long distance plan, we didn't take into consideration roaming fees and air-time. TELUS took the time to really chat with me and they were able to reduce the bill considerably.

Now, with social media, I've been able to connect with TELUS (mainly on Twitter because I'm a Twitter addict).  I love the interaction, the help, and the support TELUS gives their clients. The TELUS social media team is pretty great. I can attest to this because I was recently able to meet up with them at the ShesConnected Conference in Toronto on Oct. 19-20. They are just as fun, fabulous, and full of info as they are online!

I'm truly thankful for being able to chat in person. That's what I love the most about the ShesConnected Conference. For me, it's all about building relationships with people and cultivating those relationships.

Thank you TELUS! I'm a client for life.  Special thanks to the amazing @EmmaBMiller, for taking the time to chat with me about cell phones when I was asking about the best one for keeping up with all everything in the social media world. We've already established that I need something with a better camera too.

Thank you, @EmmaBMiller, @DonnaARamirez, @enapolano and the rest of the @TELUS social media team.

Disclosure - This is NOT a sponsored post. I received absolutely zero compensation. I am writing this post because TELUS has wowed me with their customer service.


Julia said...

I'm with you! I love Telus. I got my first phone from them back in 1996 or 97 (I took over a friends plan) and I have been with them ever since with no plans to switch! I love that they have now waived the activation fees. Was wonderful getting to know the faces behind Telus at ShesConnected!

Julia M. C-G said...

Ok, so you are totally convincing me to switch service providers, you realize...
I also need a better phone, and I would love some great customer service I can relie on...
Great post, Christine!

Christine McN said...

So true. Really great getting to know the faces behind the tweets!

I actually took over my aunt's Telus plan back in 96 (and then went to Japan in 98 to 2000). I remember my phone in 96 was a big, heavy Nokia flip phone!

Christine McN said...

Julia C-G:
:) Awww! Thanks! This is just an honest account of my experience with Telus. That's all :)

Do check them out. I love Telus. I wouldn't still be with them otherwise :) xo

Tammy inRdream said...

Great post! I love how you write from the heart in every post you do!

Just Us Girls said...

Telus FTW! I've been with Telus for about six years and I absolutely love their service!

Lee Fisher said...

I too love Telus. My dad has cancer and we had the same issue with the phone bills with all the day calls. They have always been so understanding and have helped us so much. Thanks for sharing your story.

Brandi Yee said...

Yay for Telus! How awesome that they've always been there for you, especially during such a needed time when Little One was born. Telus was the first service I was with years and years ago when I got my first cell phone. They're wonderful :)

NPC said...

Telus is always near and dear to me because they were the first company that I ever signed up with. My first CELL PHONE EVER. They were really great and even better to meet them IRL. :)

Christine McN said...

Awwww! *sniff* You make me want to cry! Thank you so much! You really are one of the sweetest, most genuine people I've ever met! Love you! So glad to have had the chance to meet up IRL! Hope to see you again soon!

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