Saturday, January 19, 2013

Delicious #GlutenFree Snack ~ @CheeChaPuff

 Being part Filipina, it's in my culture to feed people.  If you are ever invited into a Filipino home, the first thing you'll notice is the hospitality.  You will always be offered food and drink. Lots of it.

I'm always concerned with making sure I have things to serve guests.  With food allergies being a big concern, I need to make sure I have something for everyone.

One of our nieces is Celiac, which means she is allergic to gluten. We've got friends with gluten intolerance and others who are giving it up by choice.  I try to make sure I have food options for everyone, so as to not let anyone feel left out.

When I was vegetarian for most of my young adult life, I often felt like the odd man out at parties when people would be eating mainly meat-based dishes and no veg.

Wow, how times have changed.

There are so many amazing alternatives. One I am most excited about is CheeCha Puffs!

I was first introduced to CheeCha Puffs on Twitter.  We started Tweeting with each other, and I really liked the brand without even having tried their products yet.  Shortly after, at the ShesConnected Conference in Toronto, we were given samples of CheeCha Puffs. My roomie, SoberJulie and I inhaled ours! They were SO good!
 CheeCha Puffs sent me a case of all of their flavours to share with my niece. Included were multiple bags of:

5 Great Gluten Free Flavours

  • Original
  • Sea Salt and Spiced Pepper
  • Sea Salt and Vinegar
  • Luscious Lime
  • Fiesta Salsa
Excited, I brought over the case of CheeCha Puffs to my teenaged niece.  She and her classmate were working on a school project, so snacks were the perfect touch! The girls had fun sampling and taste testing, and deciding on which they loved the best.

All CheeCha Puffs begin with wholesome potato flour and potato starch. They are then air puffed using to release the natural potato flavour, lightly misted with sunflower oil and sprinkled with the finest seasonings.
Gluten Free* • Nut Free • Cholesterol Free • Trans Fat Free • MSG Free • Non GMO • Dairy Free

My niece's favourites were the Sea Salt and Spiced Pepper, and the Sea Salt and Vinegar.  My favourites are the Original and Sea Salt and Vinegar!

These snacks are great to have on the go, at parties, as something to munch on when you're doing a school project with friends, or just to snack on anytime and anywhere.

I'm really glad I've been able to share these with my niece and with friends who are gluten-intolerant. They've told me that they buy them at the health food store and they actively search them out now! Love it!

CheeCha Puffs also come in Low Calorie Flavours and Snack Size as well. For more product information, click here.

Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook too!

P.S. This post is long overdue!  I had been wanting to write about this since last Fall! 

Disclosure - We received the above mentioned products for review purposes.  All the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own.


Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

I really liked the sample I got a SCCTO too. I must try to figure out where to get some locally. Thanks for the facebook link, I am going to see if I can find where to buy some from there.

mamawee said...

I haven't tried them out myself, but I really should. I have heard such wonderful things about the product!

Christine McN said...

I hope you can find them at a store near you! I have been pleasantly surprised to find CheeCha Puffs at a few stores I shop at! Two of my favourite local health food stores carries them!

Christine McN said...

Oh, yes! Do try them! Let me know hat you think if you do!

Monica said...

I haven't yet tried CheeCha Puffs but they look really good. I have been hearing great things about them and I'll have to look for them in our local grocery stores.

Brandi Yee said...

We all know I LOVE Chee Cha Puffs!! My favourite is the Dill Pickle, Sweet Cinnamon and Ketchup flavours...YUM!!! They're so light and tasty :)

Wendy S said...

Thanks for your review! We're always looking for snack ideas as one of the kids in our youth group eats gluten free.

Christine McN said...

:) Let me know if you try them! Would love to know what you think! I was SO excited that my niece was able to have a snack type food - Not fun when you're the only one out of your friends left out! These are great!

Christine McN said...

Dill pickle is my fave! I haven't tried the Sweet Cinnamon yet!

Christine McN said...

Oh, this would be great for youth group kid who eats gluten-free! :)

Tracey Cadrin said...

Thanks for the great post Christine! For all those looking for CheeCha Puffs they can be found at Bulk Barn and Walmart Supercentres ( in the Natural Organic section) across Canada. We can also be found at Sobeys, Safeway, Metro, Save On Foods, London Drugs, as well as lots of amazing Natural Food retailers :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to try these but I don't think we get them up here. The fiesta salsa sounds interesting!

Nicolthe pickle said...

The Fiesta Salsa are my favorite flavour. The only problem is I can only buy them if I drive for more than an hour.

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