Thursday, January 10, 2013

Girls & Boys ~ KINDER® has Something for Everyone! @KinderCanada #Barbie #HotWheels #KinderMom

Our Kinder Canada box arrived, and to my surprise, it contained forty-eight Kinder Surprise eggs! FORTY-EIGHT! 24 KINDER® Barbie and 24 KINDER® Hot Wheels eggs! How eggciting!

Before I begin, I have to say that we tried to raise Little One in a non-girlie fashion. When I found out I was pregnant, I opted for all gender-neutral items and wanted nothing pink or blue. When Little One was born, everyone kept giving us pink items! PINK!

As much as I resisted and boycotted, and didn't want Little One to grow up a total girlie girl, things sort of turned out that way. Even though Hubby and I never encouraged or thrust upon her all things girlie, she has developed a love for frilly, frou-frou, blingy, sparkly, PINK things. Though in our house, we never introduced her to Dora, Barbie, or Hello Kitty, princess, fairies, Little One is obsessed with all of the above.

To say Little One is a girlie girl is indeed a huge understatement. Take a look for yourselves:
A friend gave Little One her first Barbie last year for her 3rd Birthday, and all of a sudden, they multiplied! She now has six Barbies and two Kens! Ken has changed since I was a little girl. He sort of looks like Justin Bieber now, don't you think?

Anyway, when we found out about KINDER® Canada's Barbie and Hot Wheels eggs, the excitement could not be contained. Curious about Kinder for Girls? Click here for more details.

Little One instantly gravitated towards the Barbie box, but she was also interested in the Hot Wheels, saying that she can't wait to share them with her friends. She does like cars, and plays racing games with her friends.

Though we love the classic Kinder Surprise eggs, Little One is pretty excited about the Barbie and Hot Wheels ones! I did let her have one Kinder Surprise after school the other day as a treat for doing a great job practicing getting in and out of her snow pants and coat --something she is having difficulty doing on her own at school. She says her zipper sticks. She did well when we practiced, so I let her have an egg. When she got the little Barbie inside, she was elated! I can see how these Kinder toys will add to her playtime fun. She is using her little Kinder Barbie as one of her other Barbies' babies! She said "Barbie and Ken had a baby. This is Baby Barbie!"

Have I mentioned how much she loves playing house and cooking? She was cooking for her Barbie and Ken dolls, saying they were her children and that Arthur is her husband. Ummm...Apparently, Little One thinks she's going to marry Arthur. Arthur the aardvark from the cartoon series! Oy!

To kick off this amazing launch of these new Kinder Surprise Barbie and Hot Wheels eggs, Kinder Canada is giving away 40 Kinder Barbie and Kinder Hot Wheels Prize Packs!

As of January 10th, for 4 weeks, you can participate in the Kinder Canada Barbie and Hot Wheels contest simply by becoming a fan of Kinder Canada on Facebook and following the contest rules!

Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Erin D said...

I was a firm believer in nurture versus nature until I had a girl. I now have two boys and one girl...they were all offered the exact same toys, yet the boys love foam swords, cars, explosions, and wrestling. The girl likes sewing, reading, and at your daughter's age, all things pink and/or Barbie. I am convinced they're born like that now. :)

Christine McN said...

That is SO interesting! Like you, I was a firm believer in nurture vs. nature...until I had a girl. As much as we didn't sway her decisions regarding preferences, she loves all things pink and girly. She loves playing house and loves ballet. She is the epitome of the girly girl. Mind you, she also likes to play in the dirt and play with cars and Transformers, and play pirates with the boys...all the while wearing a pink tutu though!

Brandi Yee said...

My daughter is also a true girly her own choice lol. It's so funny how opposite my son and daughter are. My son immediately went for Hot Wheels & my daughter was tickled "pink" by the Barbie Kinder eggs lol.

OrangeHeroMama said... eggs. I want a barbie one! :)

And as for the nature vs of my daughters was originally rather girly, and she is very much NOT now..she's rather tomboy/manga loving/skater-ish..I have no idea how it happened! lol.

Shayna Murray said...

I've seen these in stores but haven't tried them yet. My little one is only 2 1/2 so the "toys" are rather small for her. She did get one for Christmas (from someone else) and I was little surprised when we opened the egg to find a little plastic bird with sharp metal teeth in it. It was a ribbon shredder. Think we will hold off a little longer before these become a more regular treat in our house.

Little Miss Kate said...

My little guy is just starting to get into cars, I bet he will love the Hot wheels!

Kyla @ Mommys Weird said...

This is too weird. I also just finished a BARBIE blog post :)
My daughter LOVES Kinder!

Mommy_Jennof3 said...

My kids love kinder! The gender special ones are a cool idea unless "Santa" messes up and picks up a pink one for her BOY! oops! :)

Torviewtoronto said...

i like this kinder theme :) I can't wait to open all the pink chocolates :) with the kids #kindermom

Christine McN said...

It's so odd how we didn't specifically 'raise' Little One to be a girly girl, but she instantly gravitated toward the pink eggs! I was wondering how she became conditioned to go for the pink and Barbie stuff. We didn't teach her that?

Christine McN said...

I guess one can never really predict how a person will turn out? Likes and dislikes change too. Right?

Christine McN said...

Oh my gosh! A ribbon shredder?!?!?! Wow! I've never heard of that being in a Kinder egg! My friends in the US want us to send them some because they're banned in the States! Ummm...I don't think I can send them illegal items! LOL! I'm such a goody goody/law-abiding citizen that the thought of sending over banned chocolate eggs with tiny parts for toys in them makes me nervous! I'm glad in Canada we can have them! We love Kinder eggs in our house!

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